Server CPU Intel Itanium 9300 officially presented

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Intel introduced the Itanium processor 9300 series, previously codenamed Tukwila, which offer 2-4 times more performance than previous generation processors, massive scalability and new features to protect against accidents. Servers with processors Intel Itanium, designed for mission-critical tasks, using 80% of the companies included in the rating of Global 100.

Intel Itanium processor 9300 designed taking into account the needs of companies in powerful servers with the possibility of expansion. They contain twice as many cores as compared to the previous generation (four versus two) and a larger cache. As the producer, the rate of exchange of data between cores on 800% faster speed with the RAM increased by 500%, supported by 700% times the amount of RAM DDR3. The series includes models with clock speeds ranging from 1.33 GHz to 1.73 GHz, up to 24 MB cache and a TDP of 130 to 185 Tues

In addition to the flexible architecture, Intel Itanium 9300 offer new opportunities to improve the reliability, availability and serviceability. These features are designed to meet the processor design, including realized it technology Intel QuickPath Interconnect, and the memory subsystem. The processor architecture monitors and controls the behavior of the system to errors in hardware, firmware and operating system, significantly reducing the likelihood of data corruption and helping to rebuild the system when errors occur that can not be corrected. 9300 Itanium processor technology support Intel Virtualization Technology of the second generation with a high capacity and performance data. Chipset Intel 7500 while working with virtual machines is able to assign I / O device information directly, increasing the efficiency of the system.

As promised manufacturer, Intel Itanium next generation, code-named Poulson will have improved multi-core architecture, advanced instruction set, with new features to improve reliability, the ability to handle multiple data streams simultaneously. Poulson and other future processors Intel Itanium, now under development, are designed in such a way as to ensure compatibility with existing software and hardware, including CPU slot for Intel Itanium 9300. Thus, users can increase the productivity of existing systems for solving problems of critical importance by updating the components without recompiling.

Family Itanium 9300, as processors Nehalem EX, expected in the near future, using the same components of the platform Intel QuickPath Interconnect, Intel Scalable Memory Interconnect, Intel 7500 Scalable Memory Buffer (in order to obtain the benefits that the standard is DD3), and total controller I / O (Intel 7500). Common elements can help reduce development costs and production, and accelerate progress. In addition, they allow customers to use the same tools for virtualization, management and control power consumption and heat on both architectures.

Enhanced Demand-Based Switching (DBS) reduces the consumption of electrical energy at a low startup. Technology Intel Turbo Boost Technology automatically increases the CPU performance when needed, and lowers when it is not necessary to reduce power consumption.

ASUS Eee Top ET1610PT - the first computer company's "all-in-one" based on the Pine Trail

According to the resource Netbook Italia, the company ASUSTeK Computer introduced a new computer all-in-one "called Eee Top ET1610PT. Its already available in several European online stores. New notable for being the first computer from ASUSTeK form factor all-in-one processor based on the latest generation of Intel Atom (platform Pine Trail). "The computer in the monitor" ASUS Eee Top ET1610PT built on a chip, Intel Atom D410 and uses an integrated Intel GMA 3150 graphics.

Screen at the ASUS Eee Top ET1610PT 15,6-inch touchscreen, with a resolution of 1600x900 pixels. Also on board the desktop-candy-bar 1 or 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD and wireless module and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n. Interestingly, the device is not running the newest operating system, Windows 7, and comes with Windows XP. Cost ASUS Eee Top ET1610PT is 400 euros.

Hard disks for desktop PCs with a capacity of 2.5 TB can occur before the end of the year

The Japanese company TDK, known as a supplier of heads for different hard drives in its roadmap predicts a further increase capacity HDD drives during the current year. For example, in the near future should wait for a wafer capacity of 640 GB. Recall now the maximum amount of plates for size 3.5-inch hard drives of 500 GB.

Application of new plates should begin next month, and their implementation by all the leading manufacturers of hard drives is expected to be held by November. Naturally, increasing capacity of each plate with 500 to 640 GB and have a positive impact on the characteristics of 3.5-inch drives, allowing companies to issue and sell the HDD with a volume of 2.5 terabytes (four plates) or even 3 TB (five plates ).

With regard to the hard drive form factor 2.5-inch, used mainly in notebook computers, are expected introduction of plates with a capacity of 375 GB. At present, the maximum capacity of 2.5-inch wafers, we recall, is equal to 320 GB. Certain companies will be able to start production of such plates as early as this month, which will increase the capacity of hard drives for notebooks up to 750 GB (using two plates).

The introduction of plates with a capacity of 375 GB in the production of 2.5-inch hard drive needs to happen quickly enough, and all producers should have them in stock in October. Thus, in the pre-New Year season in 2010 we can expect to see 3.5-inch hard drives 2.5 terabytes of capacity and 2.5-inch hard drives with a capacity of 750 GB, respectively, intended for the segment of desktop PCs and notebooks. True, the cost of these products, as all new items, will surely be costly

MacBook Pro based on Intel Core i5/i7 - today

French resource Nowhere Else said that just a few days or even today will be presented new laptop models Apple MacBook Pro. Told an unnamed source close to Apple. Obviously, we are talking about the new MacBook Pro, which we have already mentioned in the news. One of the models is denoted by 6.1, it is based on the processor Intel Core i7-620M with a frequency of 2.66 GHz and runs on an operating system Mac OS X 10.6.2 (assembly of 10C3067). This firmware, incidentally, has not yet released. Perhaps the new MacBook Pro in the other models will be built on other chips newest line of Intel Arrandale, say, Core i5.

While the new MacBook Pro laptop nothing more is known. One need only mention the fact that the above model has been tested and the results are impressive. The new MacBook Pro was able to score 5260 points, while the existing versions of these laptops received only 3700-4000 points. While it is not known whether today or tomorrow will be the announcement of new MacBook Pro based on Intel Core i7, is still waiting for news from Apple.

Google is developing a voice translator for mobile devices

Google is developing a voice translator for mobile devices. He will be able to translate words or phrases, spoken voice, and "verbalize" their equivalent in another language. Moreover, the system itself will be able to recognize a foreign language and provide translation into your native language, and vice versa. Apparently, in the long term, the translation will be automatically carried out during a telephone conversation. At the moment, Google already has a computer word translator with support for 52 languages, which is constantly updated.

Apparently, the existing operating time will help Google create and voice translator. Although, in comparison with the automatic translation of text, this is a difficult task, especially when it comes to real-time. According to Franz Oka (Franz Och), which oversees the department of translation services to Google, mobile voice translator that will work well enough, planned for the next few years. And then, when it is used, it will be improved. No specific software platforms Ok not mentioned, apparently, over time, this software will be available for all major mobile operating systems.

Gesture Cube - the user interface of the future

Only started to get used to a touch screen, as developers offer us new types of user interfaces. IDENT Technology Company is offering a new technology for the implementation of a new generation of user interfaces.

Technology GestIC allows you to manage devices, determining the position of the hands and fingers in the electromagnetic field around devaysa. His vision of the implementation of this technology, they demonstrated on the example of Gesture Cube - media cube, each side of which has its own functions (listening to music, view messages, Internet access, etc.).

For a more natural communication with gadgets, the company also offers technology Ultra Low Power Proximity (ULPP), which allows you to automatically activate the device, if you take it in your hands, for example, or go into standby mode in an inactive state.

Familiarize themselves with the technology company IDENT Technology will be at the exhibition Mobile World Congress-2010 (Sector Innovation Zone (7MIZ20)).

It would be generally interesting and useful if it were possible to calibrate the interface methods to gymnastics or boxing :-)

Better acquainted with the wonders of technology "can Watch the video below.

Fujitsu F-04B - modular phone into two parts, stayed for magnets

Industry mobile devices in Japan is one of the advanced in the world. From time to time, engineers from Japan are pleased with us an interesting solution. Recently there an update on the Fujitsu F-04B - modular phone with a new industry for the form factor.

This phone, which went on LG Versa in modular telefonostroenii, consists of two parts, which are held together with magnets.

The base unit includes a 3.4-inch touch screen, 12.2 (!) Megapixel camera, second camera for video calls, an accelerometer, an interface for connecting Blu-ray recorder, support for working with the electronic purse. Another part, also with an accelerometer on board, can work as digital keyboard, or as a QWERTY-keyboard.

The two modules interact with each other via Bluetooth. Fujitsu F-04B has another pair of interesting features: because the microphone and speaker are located in both modules, you can talk on the "keyboard", as part of the phone with a camera placed in his other hand for more convenient use of function of the video calls. Or you can tachksrinom module (there is a transceiver) put in place a better reception, for example, on the sill, and at the same time to go to another part of the apartment, so to chat.

Despite the fact that the phone all the time using Bluetooth, with the words Fujitsu, the phone can handle up to 2000 hours in standby and 500 minutes of talk time.

Buy Fujitsu F-04B can be in the network NTT DoCoMo, beginning with the month of March this year and costs 660 dollars. The rest of the world remains "smoking nervously on the sidelines" as the phone outside of Japan probably will not apply ...

Gigabyte showed M1405 laptop at Taipei Game Show

Two months ago, when submitting a laptop M1305, the company demonstrated Gigabyte and concept laptop with an additional graphics card. The idea was that the ultra-mobile PC user enjoys all the advantages of compactness of the device, and when the need arises - it connects to the docking station (called Booktop), which, in addition to extra USB, HDMI and DVI ports, there is a graphics card Nvidia GeForce GT220 and DDR3 RAM: 1 GB.

The solution suggested for those who have the need for and the game and the business notebook. The model M1305, worth about $ 1200 c dock, goes on sale in Singapore next month. Prior to the model on the market Gigabyte introduced and M1405, which is characterized by a thin shell and 14-inch screen. Moreover, in addition to the regular 6-cell battery can be attached 3-cell battery module, which will increase battery life.

Canon EOS 550D (EOS Rebel T2i) - amateur "DSLRs with semi opportunities

Canon has officially announced its new digital SLR camera Canon EOS 550D (the North American market will be sold under the symbol EOS Rebel T2i) relating to the amateur level, but which, from the words of the manufacturer, is expanding the boundaries of this segment, equipping its new product of a number of features that were previously were available only semi-professional cameras.

EOS 550D "zaimela" at its disposal a 18 megapixel CMOS (CMOS) sensor size APS-C, a new corporate image processor DIGIC 4 and the ability to filming in the settlement of Full HD.

New functionality will allow owners to put in the EOS 550D camera settings ISO range of values within 100 - 6400 (expandable to 12800), which, combined with an improved system noise, improved image quality made in the conditions with low illumination. A 14-bit system postoobrabotki, is designed to ensure natural color reproduction and smooth transitions when the image is displayed on the LCD screen and print them.

For quick and accurate focusing is used 9-point AF system with super-sensitive cross-type sensor located in the center. Complementing the picture - high-speed consecutive shooting mode, offering a rate of 3.7 frames / sec.

Among the innovations that have affected a segment of digital SLR cameras entry-level, was used in the EOS 550D the new system of measurement, first applied in such models as the EOS 7D. In addition, there is an opportunity to set an upper limit of the ISO, which can be selected by the camera in automatic mode, and also a first for an entry-level cameras, it became accessible to select the limits of exposure compensation Bracketing range from plus five to minus two units.

As noted above, this camera allows for Full-HD video footage in (1920x1080p) at 30, 25 or 24 frames per second, and in the resolution of 720p - a rate of 60 or 50 frames / sec., A process which can be monitored at the built-in 3 -inch LCD screen (3:2 format), and viewed on an external screen, by connecting through HDMI interface.

Home sales in Europe Canon EOS 550D is scheduled for 24 February, while sales in the U.S. EOS Rebel T2i - next month for $ 799.99 without a lens and $ 899.99 bundled with the lens EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS.

2.1 speaker system from Philips: a stylish addition to your laptop

Philips has introduced new models of multimedia speakers SPA2360 and SPA4310, which focused on the use of a laptop, PC or MP3-player.

Dynamic Bass SPA2360 output of 44 W increases bass line with the volume settings: from the lowest to the highest. Moreover, the system SPA2360 draws attention to its design. Philips SPA4310 has a dynamic bass power of 60 W and with maximum gain without distortion at high volume. If planned a romantic dinner, the new speaker systems will also help create the right atmosphere, as they provide high-quality reproduction of the bottom of the range of frequencies at low volumes. As the producer, at any volume deep surround sound creates a sense of musical instruments at different distances from the listener.

Suggested retail price of multimedia speaker system Philips SPA2360 and Philips SPA4310 is 2,190 and 2,790 rubles respectively.

Samsung Monte S5620: sensor control, road design and tight integration with social networks

South Korean company Samsung Electronics has officially announced a new model of mobile phone with touch controls - Samsung Monte, also known under the symbol S5620.

This model, with the words producer, is the center of multimedia entertainment with the performance and appearance of top models, but at an affordable price. Samsung Monte prompts the user to take advantage of an intuitive touch user interface user TouchWiz 2.0 Plus, close integration with social networks, including Facebook and MySpace and with the help of advanced Twitter and Bebo widgets, and also functions to simultaneously support multiple systems for the rapid exchange of messages - allows you to communicate with friends and acquaintances in real time. In addition, built-in Internet browser, thanks accelerometer to automatically change the orientation of pages, depending on how the current point in time the phone is rotated.

Another advantage of the new items presented in terms of its integration with social networking sites is the presence of pre-applications from Google with a GPS navigation - Google Locator (Google Latitude), where it is possible to view the location of their friends and tell them about his. Availability of support allows you to use GPS to geotag photos, thus indicating the geographical position of shots taken. Among other functions, also noted the possibility of Samsung Monte operate in Wi-Fi networks, as well as the use of postal services such as Exchange ActiveSync and Google Sync.

Well, to demonstrate all these features the phone has a large widescreen 3-inch LCD display, which also can be controlled and the process of photo / video capture built 3.2 megapixel camera.

LG Mini (LG GD880): a small phone with big features

South Korean company LG Electronics announced a new mobile phone LG GD880, or how she still calls, LG Mini, whose main purpose - to emphasize the trend in fashion, while remaining highly functional devices.

As stated manufacturer, LG Mini is the smallest and most delicate mobile phone in the world with 3.2-inch LCD, making it, according to the company, ideal for the category of people who have a modern functional set and not be at the same time overloaded in the literal sense of the word, as the size and weight.

This model, in addition to widescreen (16:9) screen, offers a wide range of functions for accessing social networks and communication, rapid and user-friendly touch control, navigation on the Internet, as well as the close integration of social networks (including Facebook and Twitter) the phone, including phone book.

Of the additional features GD880 indicated the presence of 5 MP camera, integrated FM-radio, support for high-speed data transmission technology HSDPA (7.2 Mbps), wireless Wi-Fi networks, and GPS navigation in real time.

Home sales LG Mini (LG GD880) are scheduled by next month, where the price will vary depending on the country.

LG GT350: phone with touch screen and sliding QWERTY keyboard for users of social networks

South Korean company LG Electronics announced a new mobile phone model with a sliding QWERTY keyboard, a large 3-inch touchscreen LCD display - GT350, which is the successor to this model as KS360, and is designed with the words producer, primarily for communication, which also has a number of applications for access to popular social networks and services.

Differences GT350 from its predecessor are a number of improvements that raised the first modernization of applications for instant messaging, as well as applications for access to social networks. In addition, the improvement has been subjected to and the keyboard, which, instead of three rows of keys represented by four. Unlike some touch-sensitive controls in the KS360, a new unit is fully equipped with touch control on a widescreen 3-inch display in the GT350.

However, the greatest strength of GT350 is a "social" - his entire interface is optimized for social networks, offering full integration with sites like Facebook and Twitter, where all the information from them grouped and displayed on one screen. This allows easier tracking of the online status of friends and promptly respond to messages received. For access to social networks in the GT350 is a separate button, as well as for e-mail, Internet browser and instant messaging programs.

Home sales LG GT350, which will be available in six different colors, is scheduled for April manufacturer in Europe with subsequent expansion of the market.

Canon PowerShot SX210 IS: stylish design and performance of premium-class

The Japanese company Canon once again, a few days, will announce new models of digital cameras, including present and this 14.1 megapixel model, as the PowerShot SX210 IS, presented in an elegant, compact metal body, where there is a place with modern features, including which lens with a 14-fold optical zoom. In accordance with his taste, you can choose the camera in one of three colors - golden, purple or black.

This model has replaced the well-known PowerShot SX200 IS and is designed, from the words of the company, for the category of users who need high performance coupled with a compact housing, as well as a wide range of advanced technologies and customizable controls.

Model PowerShot SX210 IS is equipped with original wide-angle Canon lens with a 14-fold increase, 14.1-megapixel matrix and image processor DIGIC 4. In addition, the new ability to record movies with stereo sound in the resolution of 1280x720 pixels, a process which can be monitored on a widescreen LCD screen PureColor II G with 3-inch (7.6 cm). Due to the coating of tempered glass LCD screen PureColor II G is particularly strength and subtlety of its design causes the increase of contrast and sharpness in shooting and playback. All these features are implemented in an elegant metal case that fits easily in your pocket.

Canon PowerShot SX210 IS Features:

  • 14-fold zoom, 28 mm wide angle lens from Canon;
  • Matrix 14.1-megapixel, compact metal chassis in one of three color-making;
  • 4-stop optical Image Stabilizer Canon's dynamic stabilization;
  • LCD screen PureColor II G High strength and high-definition with a diagonal 7.6 cm (3.0 inches);
  • movies in HD (1280x720 pixels), optical zoom, stereo sound, HDMI;
  • ease of use by Smart Auto mode and face recognition functions, as well as on-screen prompts;
  • function of intellectual exposure when using flash (Smart Flash Exposure) and the intellectual correction contrast (i-Contrast);
  • ultra-fast response and high quality images thanks to DIGIC 4 processor and a system of continuous auto focus / AE (Servo AF / AE);
  • Modes "manual», «Av» and «Tv», providing creative control;
    shooting modes, including Smart Shutter, Low Light, Fish-eye and Miniature Effect.

Canon PowerShot SX210 IS will appear on the European markets next month and costs £ 359 / € 399, whereas the North American market for it they want $ 349.99.

Inbrics introduce Android-smartphone MID M1 next week

Company Inbrics announced that it will present its smartphone MID M1 at Mobile World Congress. Recall, this event starts next week in Barcelona. Android-smartphone Inbrics MID M1 also demonstrated at CES 2010 in January. This device is equipped with a 3.7-inch touch screen, performed on Technology AMOLED, and sliding QWERTY-keyboard.

In general, the characteristics of this phone (which the manufacturer for some reason called the MID), is quite decent. For example, the benefits can be noted a large amount of internal memory - 16 GB, which can be further expanded with cards microSD. And among wireless modules - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and even WiMAX. At the manufacturer's web site already has a full list of the characteristics of this model. A release Inbrics MID M1 in Europe scheduled for 2010 or the beginning of 2011.

Inbrics MID M1 Features:

  • Operating System: Android
  • Wireless: 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WiMAX
  • Processor: Samsung S5PC100
  • Display: 3.7-inch touchscreen, AMOLED
  • Camera: 3-megapixel, VGA
  • Memory: 16 GB of ROM, 512 MB RAM
  • GPS-receiver
  • microSD-slot
  • TDMB-receiver
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, approximations
  • 3.5-mm connector
  • Mini USB
  • Battery: 1550 mAh Li-Polymer
  • Dimensions: 137,4 х61, 4h13 mm

LG GX200: mobile phone that supports two SIM cards at an affordable price

Company LG Electronics unveiled a new market in Russia affordable phone GX200, supporting the work of two sim-cards.

As the South Korean manufacturer, usually phones with two sim-cards have a large thickness, but the GX200 - thin, with only 13 mm, which distinguishes this apparatus from the other models on the market. In addition, the phone - ergonomic, has a large convenient buttons, 2-inch display resolutions QCIF, slot Micro SD (up to 4 GB) memory card, headphone and micro USB, 1.3 megapixel camera. Above, the front panel contains LED indicators.

Well continiously GX200 provides the battery capacity of 1500 mA / h.

Other LG GX200 specifications:

  • Support communications standards: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Dimensions: 109x48x13mm
  • Display: 2-inch QCIF resolution
  • Camera: 1.3 megapixel with support for video in VGA resolution
  • Memory: 80 MB, expandable with microSD memory cards
  • Supporting Bluetooth v2.0 wireless technology
  • Audio formats: MP3, AAC, WAV
  • Supported video formats: MPEG4, H.263
  • Built-in FM-radio with support for recording programs
  • Java MIDP 2.0

Nokia prepares for a ten-India mobile phone

As reported Indian newspaper Economic Times, the company Nokia is preparing for this market ultrabyudzhetnye mobile phones. They will cost less than $ 20 or even about $ 10. Logically, these devices will have a limited set of characteristics. Most likely, it will be classic monoblocks with a monochrome display, numeric keypad and function, sufficient, mostly just to make calls on cellular networks. But they will maintain service Nokia Life Tools, providing users the needed information, especially relevant for rural areas.

After all, inhabitants of remote rural areas in developing countries, least of all provided with cellular communication. For example, in India is still more than 500 million people have mobile phones. It is worth noting that Nokia already have a budget model. For example, it is the cheapest mobile phone Nokia 1280 is worth $ 30. Apparently, a ten-model for India will be even more simple, say it may lose its MP3-player and FM-radio.

Canon IXUS 210: images touch

Today, Canon announced the release of its newest and most advanced in its series cameras IXUS models under the symbol IXUS 210, having a touch screen. Its metal body is made in black, gold, silver or pink. IXUS 210 is equipped with 14.1 megapixel matrix and the brand 24 mm wide angle lens. According to the manufacturer, the touch screen with prompts new items maximally simplifies the creation, viewing and distributing images.

The presence of a touch screen in the IXUS 210 has given rise to it features such as touch-AF (Touch AF), allowing Focus on an object by a simple "touch" to it on the screen. If the object moves, an integrated continuous AF / AE (Servo AF / AE) performs its automatic tracking of preserving accurate focusing and exposure.

In addition, users can move your finger across the screen, and depending on the speed of the movement to change the speed camera will display images. Managing images with the help of Action (Touch Action) allows to relate the action on screen with frequently used functions - for example, mark the "elite" image, delete, rotate, protect your photo collection.

In the model IXUS 210 also features a function Smart Flash Exposure, allowing to effectively manage the work of the flash in different situations. In addition, the users of the camera IXUS 210 may conduct filming in HD resolution (1280x720), but because the download function on the website YouTube, which is contained in the software package CameraWindow, those who have already registered for this resource, can enter upload videos from your PC touch of a button. This novelty is also equipped with a built-in HDMI-port.

Canon IXUS 210 Features:

  • stylish metal body IXUS, performed in one of four colors;
  • 14.1-megapixel sensor and wide-angle lens Canon 24 mm with a 5-fold zoom lens and optical image stabilizer;
  • widescreen LCD dislpey PureColor II with a diagonal of 3.5 inches (8.8 cm) and sensor controls;
  • autofocus sensor, individually configurable circuit arrangement of icons and control via touch;
  • ease of use by Smart Auto mode and face recognition functions, as well as on-screen prompts;
  • video recording in HD resolution (1280x720 pixels) and HDMI interface;
  • intellectual function of exposure at a smile (Smart Shutter with Smile), with winking self-timer timer (Wink Self-Timer) and Timer timer about new faces in the frame (FaceSelf-Timer);
  • function of intellectual exposure when using flash (Smart Flash Exposure) and the intellectual correction contrast (i-Contrast);
  • ultra-fast response and high quality images thanks to DIGIC 4 processor and a system of continuous auto focus / AE (Servo AF / AE);
  • shooting modes, including Low Light ( «Low light»), Fish-eye ( «Fisheye»), Miniature ( «Thumbnail") and Creative Light Effect ( «artistic lighting effects").

Canon IXUS 210 will be on European markets next month, costs 349 / € 389, whereas the North American market (under the symbol PowerShot SD3500 IS) it will appear later this month for $ 329.99.

NVIDIA Optimus - new technology for notebooks

NVIDIA Corporation today introduced its new technology NVIDIA Optimus, designed for notebooks, which selects the best graphics processor for the current application and automatically shifts the burden either on the discrete GPU NVIDIA, either integrated graphics, ensuring high performance with maximum battery life.

The meaning of this technology, the company presents the following key: "Just as hybrid cars choose between gasoline and electric motor technology NVIDIA Optimus selects between GPUs. Technology NVIDIA Optimus instantly transfers the load to the optimal processor, increasing the battery life of up to two times (eg R840 consumes about 8 watts in standby mode + FB - 9.6 watts total 17.6 Вт. Optimus CULV + GT215 consumes only 8 watts, while GT215 off altogether. 8 watts, compared with 17.6 W - is energy savings of more than 2 times compared to similar systems with a discrete GPU). For 3D gaming, video and computing on the GPU using a high-performance discrete processor NVIDIA. For basic applications, such as browsing or mail, using integrated graphics. The result - long battery life without sacrificing performance devices.

Notebooks with NVIDIA Optimus technology will soon be on the market, the early warnings will model Asus UL50Vf, N61Jv, N71Jv, N82Jv and U30Jc.