Stylish Android smartphones Lumigon T1 and S1 and mysterious E1

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The company immediately announced Lumigon three smartphone operating system Android - T1, S1 and E1. The first two models are built on Freescale i.MX51 processors and running the operating system, Android 2.1 interface Lumigon P-GUI. Both smartphone equipped with a capacitive touch screen and the difference is only in the fact that S1 is also retractable down numeric keypad. Among the characteristics of the manufacturer also cited 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, an accelerometer, GPS receiver with A-GPS modules and wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In addition, the devices are equipped with 3.5 mm jack for headphones, still quite rare in the devices of this type of output HDMI 720p, FM receiver and transmitter.

Lumigon T1 and S1 will be available in Europe in the second quarter of this year, judging by the pictures, quite stylish devices. On the third new product, which will appear later - closer to the end of the year - details yet very little. Company is very intriguing reported that Lumigon E1 possesses a unique navigation system and a very attractive appearance, combined with the form, which had never before been used in mobile phones.

New Video Projector JVC DLA-HD550, DLA-HD950 and DLA-HD990 for home theater

Company JVC and "Digital Systems" conducted a joint presentation of new models of projectors premium home theater - in the JVC DLA-HD550, DLA-HD950 and DLA-HD990.

Projector DLA-HD550, DLA-HD950 and DLA-HD990 with Full HD resolution is a continuation line, based on the original technology D-ILA from JVC (Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier). Models have high contrast (30 000:1, 50 000:1, 70 000:1, respectively), high-quality color and demonstrate a clear image. Key features of the models is high natural contrast, achieved through the use of advanced optical segment and matrices Full HD JVC. The projector uses a high-quality lens with a twofold increase and motorized focus, made on the basis of all-glass lens of large diameter from 17 elements in 15 groups (with 2 lenses from low-dispersion (ED) glass). Among other advantages: the video processor HQV Reon-VX, developed by Silicon Optix for superior image reproduction with accurate conversion of I / P and scaling.

In addition, the new models embody the virtues of the previous ones, they also acquired new functions: processing technology of moving objects Clear Motion Drive (provides smoother dynamic frames), Screen Correction (corrects the image for your type of screen) and improved mode " cinema.

OmniVision OV5647 - compact and sensitive 5 megapixel sensor for mobile with support for RAW

Company OmniVision Technologies has announced a new 1/4-dyuymovy 5 megapixel RAW CMOS sensor OV5647. This compact solution is designed for use in mobile phones and laptops. This sensor has a small size - 8,5 x8, 5x5 mm and allows a compact camera module for portable devices. Especially good small thickness sensor. In addition, OmniVision claims that it provides best-in-class sensitivity when shooting in dark conditions. Moreover, OV5647 can shoot 720p HD video at 60 frames per second and 1080p at 30 frames per second.

Sensor OV5647 uses a backlight OmniBSI, which allows to get clearer and brighter images compared to using technology frontal illumination (FSI). It also allows you to save photos in format RAW RGB, and all the necessary settings (exposure, white balance, black level calibration, and so on) are done automatically. OmniVision has already provided samples of the new sensor, and its mass production will start in July.

Processor Core 2 Duo E8500 overcomes milestone in 6.5 GHz on liquid nitrogen

It is known that at the beginning of this year, Intel has released new desktop processors Clarkdale, immediately became favorites among overclockers and PC enthusiasts. Indeed, thanks to the 32 nm process technology, according to the norms of which they are created, as well as some special features of these CPU proved to be very inclined to work at higher frequencies.

But let's not forget about the previous generation of Intel chips for the mass market, outside the line of Core 2 Duo E8hhh. These dual core processor, manufactured on 45 nm core Wolfdale, are still very popular with ordinary consumers, despite the fact that they appeared about two years ago, and during that time the market was replaced by several generations of processors.

Another proof of the continuing relevance of chips series Core 2 Duo E8hhh was a new record for overclocking, the established model of Core 2 Duo E8500. This CPU core with a frequency of 3.17 GHz used in time-deserved popularity, but now this "old man" is capable of much. For example, in the hands of the Japanese overclocker under the nickname DAKARA, member of the team Team KATANA, Core 2 Duo E8500 was able to conquer the frontier in the discipline of 6,5 GHz CPU-Z.

From now on record the frequency for the chip Core 2 Duo E8500 is 6506 MHz. To achieve this result, exceeding the previous world to achieve 136 MHz, help system based on the motherboard Biostar TP45 HP with Intel P45 chipset and DDR2 PC9600 RAM from A-Data. During cooling of the test system responded liquid nitrogen.

ASUS M4A89GTD Pro and M4A89GTD Pro USB3 - motherboards based on AMD 890GX chipset

Taiwanese company ASUSTeK Computer, apparently preparing to become one of the first motherboard manufacturers reporting to the market model based on chipset AMD 890GX. In any case, have recently become aware of the details of two of these motherboards - M4A89GTD Pro and M4A89GTD Pro USB3, moreover, the latter supports high-speed interface USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed USB).

Interestingly, the version of the motherboards that were then in the initial stage of development, visitors can explore the exhibition CES 2010, held in early January. Both models support the interaction with future AMD processors in the performance AM3 and a TDP of 140 watts, and equipped with a 10 +2 phase power system. In addition, motherboards ASUS M4A89GTD Pro and M4A89GTD Pro USB3 have four slots for DDR3 DIMM memory modules and integrated graphics processor supporting DirectX 10.1.

AMD SB800 Southbridge supports six ports SATA 6.0 Gbps, but an additional JMicron controller provides an interface from the IDE. As the number of expansion slots include two slots PCIe x16, two PCI slot and one slot PCIe x1 and PCIe x4. In addition, the present connector Gigabit Ethernet, FireWire port and video output DVI, D-Sub and HDMI, as well as built audiochip with optical port S / PDIF. Release Motherboard ASUS M4A89GTD Pro and M4A89GTD Pro USB3 expected shortly before the market introduction of new six-core processors Phenom II X6.

Kingmax Super Stick Star - handmade USB flash drive with Swarovski crystals

In February, begins a succession of holidays, they need gifts for loved ones, and not very people - friends, colleagues and so on. USB flash drive Kingmax Super Stick Star handmade with Swarovski crystals may be a suitable option for the role of a pleasant and useful a present.

As the company Kingmax, each element of the metal case is processed and verified by hand to prevent it scratches and fingerprints. For these models shown in metal and crystals only the highest quality. The drive comes with a small elegant pocket made from soft leather. Compact size and the opening of the drive system guarantees the protection and long life.

Flash drive Kingmax Star has two colors - chrome and gold, with a storage capacity of 4 to 32 GB. Gold model ( "Socialite Gold") issued a limited edition. All Kingmax products are certified CE and FCC, meet the requirements of EU ROHS, support Windows Ready Boost and are compatible with Windows 7 from Microsoft.

Microsoft Pure Smartphones and Turtle are based on NVIDIA Tegra and inexpensive

The network has some details about the mobile devices Pure and Turtle. According to rumors, these models will be sold under the brand Microsoft. Even suggest that their official announcement will take place at the exhibition MWC 2010, which is taking place now in Barcelona, but so far has not happened. The network is already at a picture of Pure and Turtle, is also considered that they have been certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Turtle - a slider rounded shape with a downward sliding QWERTY keyboard, and Pure - the usual side-slider with QWERTY.

We have additional data emerged from the firmware of these devices. So, Turtle screen resolution is 320x240 pixels, and Pure - 480x320 pixels. In addition, they are built on the chipset NVIDIA Tegra, although it is not clear, the ground or have a new - Tegra 250. There are some assumptions and on the operating system, it is based on Windows CE 6 and uses Silverlight. That is, it is not Windows Phone 7, and Windows Mobile version 6 or some new platform with Windows CE 6 at the base. However, Pure and Turtle - a GSM version of the device, and modify them to support CDMA networks will be called Lion and Pride. Apparently, the devices will be inexpensive.

FairPlay returns - Apple revive DRM protection in e-books for the iPad

According to the authoritative newspaper The Los Angeles Times, Apple has plans to revive the digital rights management technology (Digital Rights Management, DRM), known as FairPlay, for use in electronic copies of books intended for planshetnika iPad. Recall, this Tablet PC, announced in late January, is positioned, including, and as a device for reading electronic versions of books and periodicals, which can be purchased in the online store iBookStore.

Protection of FairPlay DRM technology is already familiar to longtime users of the service iTunes Store, where it protects the acquisition of musical compositions from illegal copying. In other words, the files are protected by technology, FairPlay, can not be an arbitrary number of times copied to other computers, which naturally raises many questions and complaints from users. It is no accident Apple a year ago, partially removed DRM protection and now sells as normal, musical compositions, which can be disposed of at their discretion, and protected files. However, not all songs are available without DRM protection, in addition, some protected files will cost consumers less. Among other things, technology FairPlay still stands guard acquired from the iTunes Store TV shows and movies.

According to sources in the publishing industry, many publishers seek to benefit from the protection of FairPlay DRM to combat piracy, rightly fearing that purchase electronic copies of popular books and publications will immediately become the property of the general public through various file-sharing services. At the same time, the company O'Reilly Media, known as a publisher of technical literature and an open critic of DRM, probably, abstain from the introduction of such protection in their books. Apple itself has remained silent on the subject, although it is clear that the use of FairPlay DRM protection in selling books for iPad is a very welcome step for most publishers.

Windows Phone 7 Series - "from scratch", but without a full multi-tasking

The new mobile operating system is Windows Phone 7 Series, Announced by Microsoft to the Congress Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona remains one of the hottest topics on websites and forums, one way or another connected with the provider. Let's try briefly to see what's new willing to offer us the developers in Redmond, and whether Windows Phone 7 Series expect to succeed in the mass consumer.

First of all, the operating system Windows Phone 7 Series is a completely new software platform for mobile devices, actually written "from scratch". This means that applications for existing versions of Windows Mobile simply will not work on it without appropriate emulators. In other words, developers will have to re-rewrite their programs using the new tools and a different set of API.

In addition, Windows Phone 7 Series is a set of so-called hubs (hub), each of which combines the functionality of some sort - for example, music, contacts, work with social networks, and images and so on. At the same time in the new mobile operating system appears support service Xbox LIVE, as well as music and video Zune. Start screen consists of dynamic elements (live tiles), updated over time.

Among other things, Windows Phone 7 Series will get its own application store called the Marketplace, allows you to easily search and download the needed programs to the communicator (including games). At the same time, new development, Microsoft, most likely not receive a full multi-tasking, what many consumers expected. It will embody the principle, familiar to users of iPhone, when only native applications can run in the background, but she Windows Phone 7 Series will notify the user about a particular event through the notification system. How exactly will be the work of third-party applications will be known later, perhaps at the upcoming conference MIX.

Microsoft Zune music / video services going wherever Windows Phone 7 Series goes

Good news came for those who wants to buy a digital media player Zune HD, but beware doing so by the fact that music and video services associated with this interesting device, available in most countries. In the near future, promise to Microsoft, Zune services will, wherever will officially attend communicator with Windows Phone 7 Series on the board.

As stated Kazei McGee (Casey McGee), serving in Microsoft's senior marketing manager (Senior Marketing Manager), music and videoervisy Zune will be available in all countries, which will be delivered communicators operating system Windows Phone 7 Series. However, the list of these countries have not yet provided.

Recall, a software platform Windows Phone 7 Series, recently announced at Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, brings the ability to integrate music and video Zune, a device based on it should be available by year's end. So, given step Microsoft Zune for the withdrawal of services on the international arena is quite logical and reasonable. In addition, the Redmond corporation said that some Xbox games will run on devices running Windows Phone 7 Series.

Compact player Digma insomnia2mini with a color TFT-screen

TM Digma introduced a new model in the line of media players insomnia. Insomnia2mini - tiny player with playback of audio, video, photo and text files. This is the smallest player series with a color TFT-screen, displaying up to 262K colors (the size of 1,8 inches, resolution 128 x 160 pixels). insomnia2mini is a miniature of the older models insomnia2 and offers similar opportunities. Navigation on the menus by using 4-way joystick.

MP3-player supports most of the currently available audio formats (MP3 / WMA / FLAC / APE / WAV). To play videos you want to use a special converter to receive the final file with avi and resolution, corresponding to the type of the screen. You can also use other built-in functions: voice recorder, FM-receiver with the ability to record, view photos, read text, the game. Like all model series, insomnia2mini also available in two colors: black and white. Provision versions with 2, 4 and 8 GB of internal memory. Dimensions player are 77 x 39 x 8,5 mm, and weight - 38 grams.

Phone Sagem Cosyphone for the older generation with the support of NFC

The company Sagem Wireless announced Cosyphone - a simple piece for users aged 50 years. It has a large display with clear symbols and numeric keypad with large buttons. The Company is not told in detail about the characteristics of Cosyphone. However, we know that this device is one important feature: it supports contactless technology, NFC. According to Sagem, this will simplify the handling of the phone for older people.

Assumed that it will be possible to create multiple cards with the most frequently used contacts or services. And instead of every time you want to search contacts or function in the menu, the user can bring to card to the phone and get quick access to the necessary content. Cards can be both standard and customized by the user. Obviously, they will be sold together with Cosyphone. It is not clear when and where the model goes on sale and how much it will cost. We only know that Sagem Cosyphone be sold through the operators.

Fly DS185 and Fly SL 140DS: slider and a candy bar that supports two SIM-cards

Fly unveiled two new models of phones with support for two SIM-cards in standby mode - monoblock Fly DS185 and slider Fly SL 140DS. Light Fly DS185 has a total weight of 77.6 grams and is a piece in the classic black case. The phone has a built-in FM-receiver and player, able to continuously play up to 10 hours of music. The player supports most popular file formats, including MP3, WAV, MIDI, AMR. 2.2-inch display (176x220 pixels, 65K colors) is convenient for the user. Integrated 2-megapixel camera will take photos that can be stored in the phone memory and microSD cards up to 16 GB. Among other useful features new items Fly DS185 noteworthy built camera, web-camera, flashlight, voice recorder, a standard organizer, Bluetooth. Internet access via GPRS and WAP. Fly DS185 will be available in mid-February, the recommended price of 3390 rubles.

For those who prefer sliders, Fly offers Fly SL 140DS (94x48h14, 1 mm) in a dark gray color with coal-black inserts. The phone has a built-in camera, audio and video player, FM-receiver, organizer, phonebook memory of 1000 cells, support for microSDHC memory cards up to 2 GB. This model is able to work in talk mode up to 3 hours and standby up to 180 hours. Always be in touch with friends and send them photos and videos, you can use MMS and EMS. To access the Internet in a model of Fly SL 140DS protocol is used GPRS and WAP 2.0. Phone Fly SL 140DS will be available in early March. Its recommended price of 2,890 rubles.

Electronic Book Explay TXT.Book.B62

Explay introduced e-book TXT.Book.B62. The model has received e-ink display measuring 6 inches and a resolution of 800x600, built-in memory capacity of 2 gigabytes and a fast processor Rock Chip. According to the description of the company, in an e-book Explay TXT.Book.B62 realized touch control and auto-change screen orientation (G-sensor). Expandable memory e-book can be developed using memory slot format SD. Electronic Book TXT.Book.B62 compact size and weight, the rear cover is made of metal, which increases the overall durability of the device. Additional mechanical page turning buttons are located on the rear panel allows you to manage e-book with one hand, which is convenient to travel to ground transportation and the metro.

Explay TXT.Book.B62 Features:
  • Display: e-ink 800x600, 6 inches, 4 grayscale
  • Processor: ROCKCHIP 27hh
  • Connecting to a PC USB 2.0
  • Auto change screen orientation (G-sensor)
  • Touch screen controls + additional mechanical button
  • Support languages: Russian, English
  • Audio: MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, OGG
  • Text: TXT, PDF, FB2, HTML
  • Photo: JPG, BMP
  • Built-in Memory: 2 GB, SD expansion by up to 8 GB with SDHC support
  • Power: Li-Polymer battery 1000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 160h116h10 mm
  • Weight: 152 grams

STC introduced new smartphones and advanced interface HTC Sense

HTC has officially announced at the show in Barcelona Android-Smartphones HTC Legend and HTC Desire, as well as an updated version of the user interface HTC Sense. As stated at the press conference the head of the company, phone - the most personal thing in modern humans, and the design interface and smart phones is designed to help express their individuality.

Interface Sense now focuses on three main points of the phone: "Do it my", "Stay in touch" and "opening up» (Make It Mine, Stay Close and Discover the Unexpected). Such an approach should help the user to simplify the communication with the apparatus. At the same time in an updated interface, you can create a social contact group, to work with social networks, has improved browser, email client, as well as a new application to work with newspapers and the corresponding widget.

Smartphone HTC Legend runs on Android 2.1, has a 3.2-inch AMOLED touch-screen with HVGA resolution. The model has a compact housing made of polished aluminum, and the traditional trackball has been replaced with an optical joystick.

The flagship model of HTC Desire also received high-quality aluminum housing and OS Android 2.1. She also has a touchscreen AMOLED screen, but its 3.7-inch diagonal and a resolution - WVGA. This unit was built based on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and ready to use Adobe Flash 10.1. The model also has an optical joystick.

HTC Legend and HTC Desire go on sale early in the second quarter in Europe and Asia, and an updated interface HTC Sense will be available as a free upgrade to all users of smartphones HTC Hero.

HTC HD2 Mini - a compact version of HTC HD2

The company HTC, which released last year HD2 communicator with a diagonal screen 4.3-inch, at the Mobile World Congress, taking place in Barcelona, presented his version of the compact. The device, called HTC HD2 Mini, has a stylish design, repeating some way shape high-end model. The main difference are markedly reduced the size: 103,8 x 57,7 x 11,7 mm and a screen diagonal of which is "only" 3.2 inches (resolution of 320 x 480 pixels).

One of the differences between the apparatus are touch buttons on the front panel and the original design of the battery cover. Camera remained the same - 5-megapixel with autofocus. But the processor has 600-MHz memory has decreased slightly: the operational and fleshevoy 384 MB - 512 MB. Memory card slot supports up to 32 GB. Like other models presented at the MWC 2010, communicator HTC HD2 Mini received an updated interface HTC Sense, which it works with Windows Mobile 6.5.

In the sale of Asian and European markets this communicator arrive in early April, but its value has not been named.

SanDisk introduced the 64-GB of memory for phones

For those who find that 32 GB of internal memory in the phone is too small, there is good news from MWC 2010. SanDisk has announced that it succeeded in doubling the NAND memory for mobile phones. The product, which is called iNAND, has a memory capacity is 64 GB, while the chip is inscribed in a form factor with dimensions of 16 x 20 x 1.4 mm and a standard BGA-interface. In the manufacture of memory chips used eight advanced 32-nm memory SanDisk X3.

The memory module iNAND capacity of 64 GB can be used to boot the system, storage system code, and, of course, in the role of the disk to store information. This will use the chip in the smart phones to be installed on its operating system, applications, and viewing videos. According to the developers, the new memory module combines system code and user data into a single unit that saves space and simplifies design. Also claimed to reduce power consumption and simplification of design in comparison with models that require separate storage of information.

First LTE netbook from Samsung

Samsung has already introduced to the market its model Samsung N150, which supports data transfer protocol HSPA. Today, however, was demonstrated by its improved version, which received the module LTE communication. Allegedly, the South Korean manufacturer is the first in the world who have demonstrated a working module LTE in netbooks. However, the demonstration does not mean immediate income on the market for this only indicates that the device will go on sale as the technical readiness and the emergence of demand.

To equip the netbook Samsung N150 was used several non-standard solution: the model was integrated home LTE-modem Kalmia, which for this has been reduced. The pavilion at the exhibition in Barcelona demonstrated on-line video circulating on the internal network Samsung. The negative impact of current availability of LTE-modem netbook is only on the battery: If the standard model N150 battery life of up to 12 hours, then the N150 LTE can work only 8,5. About the price positioning of new items have not been announced.

ICQ mobile application is available for Java-enabled phones

ICQ ICQ introduced a free application for phones supporting Java. Mobile application ICQ, which is already available for iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry and platforms Windows Mobile, is available for Nokia and Sony Ericsson and other phones supporting Java (J2ME).

Annex ICQ for Java-enabled phones provides a full range of features: from changing the status to the management of contact lists. Using a mobile ICQ will reduce the cost of SMS. Application for ICQ mobile phones supporting Java (J2ME) and Windows Mobile is available for free download. Annex ICQ for iPhone and iPod Touch is available for free download at Apple Store, and ICQ for BlackBerry application is available for free download on the BlackBerry Apps store.

New application ICQ for Java-enabled phones available in English, German, Russian, Czech and Hebrew. New application ICQ for mobile phones with J2ME support makes ICQ phone lines available for Nokia (E51, E66, N73, N85, N95, N95 (8G), N96, 5800, Navigator 6210), Sony Ericsson (C510, C510a, C905, K530i, K550i, K800i, K850i, W850i, W890i, W910i, W995, Yari) and others.

Samsung Wave S8500 - first communicator on OS Bada

In addition to three mobile devices i8520 (Halo), Ch @ t B3410W and E2370, Samsung also introduced its first communicator for OS Bada - Samsung Wave S8500.

Wave S8500 Specifications include: 3.3-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display with 480 x 800 pixels, with a 1GHz processor, HSPA, WiFi 802.11n, GPS, access to the database of Samsung Apps, Bluetooth 3.0, player DivX / Xvid, FM radio, 5Mp autofocus camera with recording HD-video (like Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro), 2, or 8GB of internal memory and battery 1500mAch.

And, as already mentioned, the communicator Samsung Wave S8500 is running its own operating system company - Bada OS. In addition, Wave S8500 uses a user interface TouchWiz 3.0 and allows you to store your device up to 10 "home screens" at once. Also a new feature: «Social Hub», through which you can access all known services email, online chats, SMS, etc.

On assurances of the company, Samsung Wave S8500 will be available starting in April of this year. The price of the communicator the company has not yet made public.