Treelogic TL-4305BG - new GPS navigator to help avoid traffic jams

Monday, February 22, 2010

Company Treelogic introduced a new GPS navigator Treelogic TL-4305BG. As the producer, Treelogic TL-4305BG is currently the most affordable model with the support of congestion in the new line of navigation devices of the company. Bright 4.3-inch TFT display with antiglare coating provides a comfortable viewing navigation information, and support for information on traffic allows real-time monitor the situation on the road and choose the best route.

Among the multimedia features - play music tracks, view photos and video, support for electronic books and built-in games. With a thickness of 13 mm and a weight of 136 grams of TL-4305BG fit even in a small pocket and can be used not only in the car, but also on the walk. Standard 3.5 mm jack lets you connect headphones and use a favorite navigator as a media player and built-in rechargeable battery lets you play content more than 5 hours.

An additional feature of the car navigator Treelogic TL-4305BG is embedded Bluetooth module, allowing to use the device as a phone headset hands-free. The user can make and receive calls using the built-in microphone and automatic response to import phone book of a mobile phone, dial the number you want directly from the browser to receive SMS and store call history. In the model Treelogic TL-4305BG also added a wireless connection to a mobile phone to get information about traffic jams and Internet access (via Bluetooth DUN).

In addition, the novelty is equipped with Mediatek 3351 processor clocked at 468 MHz, and a highly sensitive 66-channel GPS-receiver. According to the company, positioning accuracy under optimal conditions of signal reception from satellites is less than 3 meters, but even under adverse conditions, it will not exceed 10 meters away.

Treelogic TL-4305BG equipped with navigation systems last generation - Navitel Navigator 3, CityGuide 3.3 or AVTOSPUTNIK 3.2. The complete set includes maps of more than 200 cities in Russia. In addition to the preloaded navigation software and maps, the user can add yourself to the SD card devices up to 4 navigation software, purchased separately (Navitel, CityGuide, AVTOSPUTNIK, iGO, Ozi Explorer, etc.) and choose what program to use in a given region. Included with each device comes with a microSD memory card adapter, as well as the power adapter from an automobile cigarette lighter holder on the windscreen, headphones, USB cable, stylus and case for carrying.

Samsung Introduces digital cameras ST5500 and 5000

Russia's division of Samsung Electronics has introduced new tsifrovyeh Camera Samsung ST5500 and ST5000. As the producer, the construction of ST5500 and ST5000 designed to suit consumer preferences, so the camera body and the shutter release button is located under an inclination of 7 degrees, which makes the process more convenient self-portrait. That is, if you put a camera, for example, on the table, then its lens is designed just for the person removed.

Samsung ST5500 has a bright 3.7-inch WVGA touchscreen display, made by technology AMOLED, as well as the powerful high-quality lens with a 7-fold zoom. In both devices installed 14.2-megapixel. To prevent blurring of images in the cells established a proprietary system of double stabilization Samsung Dual Image Stabilization, which consists of optical and digital stabilization systems designed to eliminate the effect of shaky hands. Along with the proprietary technology autodetect of shooting conditions Samsung Smart Auto 2.0, new models of digital cameras can achieve results without much effort.

With the ability to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi and DLNA digital camera ST5500 allows consumers to use the onscreen keyboard, send photos directly to such well-known services as Facebook, Picasa, YouTube, as well as corporate photohosting

Interface Smart Gesture works in tandem with position, it makes it possible control the camera simply by tilting it or using a hand gestures: can flip through photos, touching a finger touch screen, or slightly tilting the camera in different directions. You can also remove images from the library, drawing his finger on the screen of the letter "X" or flip the image, drawing the letter "O". Smart Gesture allows you to include such useful modes, as object tracking (tracking of the object) and one-touch auto-focus. Object tracking enables the camera to focus on a particular object, just holding your finger across the screen to select the desired area. When the subject is selected, the camera locks the focus and will follow your subject, even if it gets out of the frame. Models ST5500 and ST5000 are presented in three different colors: black, gray and terracotta orange. Samsung ST5500 will be available in April at an estimated cost of 12 thousand rubles, and ST5000 - in February at a price of 9 thousand rubles.

Samsung ST5500 and ST5000 Features:

* 14.2 megapixel 1 / 2, 3 "CCD matrix
* Lens Schneider-KREUZNACH with 7-fold optical zoom
* ST5500 - 3,7 "touchscreen AMOLED display with a resolution WVGA
* ST5000 - 3,5-inch touch screen TFT display
* Shooting video - 720p HD/30 fps, H.264 codec
* Additional features ST5500 - Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi
* Integrated support for HDMI
* Size - 103,7 x58, 3x19, 4mm

HS700, TM700 and SD700 - camcorder high definition Panasonic 3MOS

Panasonic has unveiled three high-definition camcorder 3MOS with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 - HS700, TM700, SD700. As the producer, these models differ realistic memorable image: resolution video 1080/50p (Full-HD 1920 x 1080 progressive video/50) provides the clarity, natural dyes, preserving all the details and seal the traditional interlaced 1080i. Video format Full-HD 1920 x 1080p, recorded with a video camera HS700, TM700 or SD700, you can view on any TV VIERA, supports playback of resolving 1080p, simply connect it to your camcorder.

Hybrid model HS700 provides recording to hard drive capacity 240 GB and a memory card SDXC, SDHC or SD. Camcorder TM700 allows you to record on the built-in flash memory capacity of 32 GB and a memory card SDXC, SDHC or SD. SD700 Camcorder with the ability to record only on the SD memory card has a high degree of protection from external influences (due to lack of drivers) and compact size, and therefore suited for shooting on the move.

Highly 3MOS system maintains the quality of the image due to high resolution - 7.59 million effective pixels (2.53 megapixels x 3). This allows you to take a photo at 14.2 megapixels in the "static image" and still images with a resolution of 13.3 megapixels to the recorded video. New large-diameter F1.5 lens has a 12-fold optical zoom. All new models have wide-angle lens 35 mm, which is suitable for work in a variety of conditions, such as self-portraits and group photos in the room and landscape personnel in nature. Through the lens of large-diameter F1.5, and a new system 3MOS Crystal Engine Pro processor to increase the concentration of light rays and half decreased noise. Users can record memorable videos of saturated color with minimal noise even in low light conditions.

Models have a ring for manual adjustment and may be of interest not only beginners, but experienced photographers who do not want to rely on the automatic settings. With this large comfortable rings professionals can independently control the shooting plan, focus, aperture, shutter speed and white balance. At the same time at their disposal a microphone and EVF terminal.

New option "suppressor Wind" has been developed on the basis of earlier technologies, not acoustic noise: it automatically registers and suppresses wind noise, while preserving natural sound environment. With touch screen diagonal of 3.0 inches camcorder user can easily take advantage of a number of functions, without distracting from the subject. New items will be available in March for the recommended prices HS700 - 1399 euro, TM700 - Euro 1199 and the SD700 - 999 Euro.

Europeans will be able to choose the browser in Windows next week

Microsoft has announced at next week's program, which provides the right choice for European users of the browser Windows. We have already reported that under a broad agreement between Microsoft and the Commission made last fall, Redmond company has committed to embed a copy of Windows, sold in the European market, a special selection screen (Ballot Screen).

This screen appears after installing the operating system, Windows 7 and offers a choice list of several browsers. In addition, the same option will be implemented and to update the software platforms for Windows XP and Windows Vista. Thus, European Windows users can at the very beginning of work to choose a browser to taste and convenience.

Of course, users are able to put yourself on the computer that the browser, which they like. However, many prefer not to search is as good, and use the browser installed in the Windows operating system by default (currently Internet Explorer). In addition, the corporate law of many companies prohibit the installation of an independent third-party software on the working machines. Thus, IE now enjoys virtually a monopoly on Windows PC, which aroused dissatisfaction with European regulators.

However, as early as next week, Microsoft began testing an expanded selection function browser in Windows, and the European launch of technology Ballot Screen to take place around March 1. In this selection screen will be presented to all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. According to statistics from Statcounter, IE now has 45.5 per cent of the European browser market, Firefox - 39,2 percent, Chrome - 6,3 percent, Opera - 4,3 percent, and Safari - 3,7 percent.

VTech has released a children's entertainment-based training system MobiGo

The company introduced the child VTech game system MobiGo. The device is a portable animated system designed for children aged three to seven years. The system is equipped with 4.3-inch color touch screen, a built-in dictionary and moved up QWERTY keyboard.

When using the device, children can explore many topics, such as the names of fish and plants, and also be able to learn to draw and play. In general, as the manufacturer, the device is able to develop children's intelligence. Device will be delivered in several colors: pink, purple, yellow and blue.

Game system MobiGo also contains a wide assortment of games, including Ben Ten Ultimate Alien, Disney / Pixar 's Cars, Disney Fairies, Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Shrek and others. It is expected that the device will be available in August 2010. VTech MobiGo Cost is $ 59.99.

Kingston has begun shipping high-speed SDHC memory card Class 10

Company Kingston Digital, a division of Kingston Technology on the development of flash memory, today announced a new SDHC memory card Class 10. New memory card, which will begin deliveries of 26 February 2010, have a capacity of 16 GB and 32 GB. These memory cards are fully compliant with the specifications of Class Performance 10. They provide a reading speed of up to 22 MB / sec and write speed 18 MB / sec.

Memory Cards Kingston SDHC Class Performance 10 are designed in such a way as to meet the requirements of the specification SD Association Specification 3.00 with a guaranteed minimum data transfer rate of 10 MB / sec. The new memory cards are a suitable solution for use in the latest camcorders and cameras. However, Kingston recommends that customers use a special tool Kingston Memory Search to check compatibility with digital devices. At Kingston SDHC memory card Class Performance 10 is a lifetime warranty and round the clock technical support.

Android at Ferrari - Acer will "racing" smartphone in March

Acer and Scuderia Ferrari over seven years, producing products under the joint brand name, and now the story of their collaboration was the next sequel. The first smartphone Acer, created in collaboration with Ferrari, will be presented to the world in March 2010

Thus the corporation Acer announced the extension of sponsorship and licensing agreement with Ferrari team for another three years (2010 - 2012). As promised a manufacturer, a new smartphone should be a worthy continuation of the line of exclusive products of Acer, its unique characteristics, decorated in a "racing" style. Recall that in a series of Acer Ferrari already have a PDA, a series of notebooks and monitors.

Of the features of a smartphone Acer Ferrari company has only mentioned about the elegant design, power and speed, as well as the new operating system, Android 2.1 Eclair. We can only wait for the March announcement, when Acer will reveal all the details about this new product.

First communicators based on Windows Phone 7 Series will appear in October

We have already reported on last Monday, the announcement of the new mobile operating system from Microsoft named Windows Phone 7 Series. At the same time there was an information that the first devices based on this software platform must be submitted prior to the season of Christmas sales this year.

And now become known over the exact date of release communicator with Windows Phone 7 Series on the board. A senior Microsoft Alfredo Patron (Alfredo Patron) told in a recent interview that the first such devices should appear on store shelves in October-December. This means that we can probably buy them already eight months.

In addition, Alfredo Patron talked about some interesting features of the mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7 Series. His words confirm the previously published information to support devices running Windows Phone 7 Series is certain games Xbox LIVE, and that developers will have to completely rewrite their applications to ensure their compatibility with the new platform.

AMD Now Shipping 12-core processors, Magny-Cours

We have already reported the appearance of server processors Magny-Cours on the world's largest online auction site eBay. And we now know that AMD has already started shipping to market limited edition of these powerful 12-nuclear chips within the corporate family of Opteron.

It is reported that the official release of the 12-core processors, Magny-Cours to take place as scheduled, that is, until the end of the current quarter. These server CPU designed to interact with the connector Socket G34 and essentially represent a six-core chip MCM version of Lisbon, in turn, is an improved version of shestiyadernika Istanbul.

In addition, Magny-Cours processors will be included in a series Opteron 6000 and will have a TDP of 85 to 140 watts, while their clock speeds range from 1,7 to 2,4 GHz. Although nowadays such frequency response does not capture the imagination, but even the 2.4 GHz to 12 cores can provide chips Magny-Cours sufficiently high performance.

At the same time, the main rival AMD in the microprocessor market, Intel is preparing its powerful solutions designed for server systems. One of them, 32 nm shestiyadernike Gulftown with support of 12 computing threads, we have repeatedly reported the news. In addition, Intel is developing 8-core chips Beckton with 16 processing threads, representing MCM version of 45 nm processors Lynnfield and executed as the structural LGA 1567.

Case Antec NSK 6582 - Silent and functional

The company has released a new case Antec NSK series 6582/6582V New Solution. As the producer, is a versatile, roomy and quiet building, on the basis of which you can collect a powerful vehicle for any purpose, because the body NSK 6582/6582V from Antec, do not have to choose between silence and performance.

Computer Corps NSK 6582/6582B combines decisions, such as a removable rack for 3,5 "HDD with 5 detachable trays for hard drives, manufactured by technology Quiet Computing, and PSU EarthWatts 430D Green, Certified 80 PLUS Bronze. Curved ducts on the front panel and silicone shock absorbers to reduce hard drive noise to a minimum and stylish design makes the model NSK 6582/6582B a good complement to the office of the interior. The body is made of 0.8-mm cold rolled steel sheets. This model will soon appear on the Russia market.

Antec NSK 6582 features:

* Power Supply EarthWatts 430D Green 430 W, certificate 80PLUS Bronze means saving energy and reducing fees on electricity bills
* Cooling System - 1 rear 120-mm 3-speed fan TriCool, 2 front jacks for an additional 92-mm fans, 1 Superior duct in the chassis with a jack for an additional 80-mm fan, ventilation VGA cards
* 9 SATA drive bays - accessible from the front panel: 4 x 5,25 "(one with adapter 5,25" -3,5 "), inner: 5 x 3,5" removable hard drive trays with silicone shock absorbers in the removable compartments to isolate the vibration of hard disk
* 7 expansion slots
* Front ports - 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x IEEE 1394 (FireWire, i.Link), audio input and output (compatible with the standards of HDA and AC'97)
* Form Factor - Mini-ITX, microATX, Standard ATX
* Dimensions - 465 x 215 x 472 mm
* Weight - 11,6 kg

Sony unveils conceptual camera Alpha EVIL and reflex camera with the function of shooting HD video

On exhibition PMA 2010, opened in the U.S., Sony Corporation has brought a lot of new products. Among the exhibits submitted noteworthy conceptual camera in the line of Alpha called EVIL. This device combines compact dimensions with the presence of an electronic viewfinder and an interchangeable lens and, no doubt, is an attempt to enter the Japanese manufacturer in the segment systems Micro Four Thirds, which are already present models from Olympus and Panasonic.

It is noteworthy that the camera Alpha EVIL is equipped with built-in pop-up flash and APS-C matrix and resembles a hybrid model of Samsung NX10. In addition, Sony has demonstrated a mirror cell of the middle class with Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor and support functions of shooting high definition video recording of a qualitative format AVCHD (H.264). No more information about this camera is not represented, but it can be assumed that the SLR should replace the model Alpha A700.

In addition to the new cameras, Sony introduced at PMA 2010 a couple of new lenses. One of them is entitled 500mm F4 G was the first real telephoto lens from Sony in the category of Super Telephoto Lens, designed for Alpha SLR cameras and has "outstanding in its class" performance. Regarding the second model, it represents a wide-angle lens Distagon T 24mm F2 ZA SSM, which can be used for landscapes, but in certain cases - for portrait photography.

Panasonic HS60, TM60 and SD60 - video cameras to capture Full-HD with optical zoom 25h

Panasonic has announced details and prices for new cameras Panasonic HS60, TM60 and SD60. Three new models of cameras have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 Full-HD. All models are recording on a memory card SDXC, SDHC or SD; in addition, a hybrid model HS60 provides entry to the hard drive capacity of 120 GB, and a video camera with dual memory TM60 writes data to internal memory capacity of 16 GB.

Despite its compact size, all models have a powerful 25 x optical, and the Panasonic Intelligent Zoom function provides snapshots of a 35-fold increase. As promised producer, advanced optical stabilizer to five times better than traditional systems corrects image defects resulting from the low-frequency vibration (shaking hands), and especially noticeable when shooting close-ups. Previously, to achieve this was very difficult. Additional active mode minimizes blur and allows you to shoot on the move.

Wide-angle lens 35.7 mm new cameras suitable for working in a variety of settings, such as self-portraits and group photos in the room and landscaped open-air staff. Image sensor and processor coupled with the lens gives a higher resolution (1.3 times) than the usual whole system: the number of effective pixels for video signal reaches 2.1 million, but the resolution - 1800 rows. With Intelligent Zoom technology, all three models can make 5-megapixel resolution static images.

The popular "Intelligent Auto mode (iA) control 6 functions: an improved optical image stabilizer, auto focus / tracking automatic focus (AF / AE), intelligent shooting scene selector, intelligent contrast control, function and detection of new face recognition feature. All three new items will be available in mid-March. Approximate prices are 29 999 rubles for Panasonic HS60, 24 999 rubles for the TM60 and 21 999 rubles for the SD60.

Origin Eon18 - 18-inch "mobile" gaming system

Company Origin, for which there are well-known former leaders Alienware, introduced a notebook Eon18, which is positioned as a gaming system. Notebook features 18.4-inch widescreen LCD display with a resolution of Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9. The model comes in different models. The maximal acquisition hearts gaming notebook is a quad-core Intel Core i7-920XM Extreme Edition with a frequency of 2.0 GHz and Graphics Nvidia GeForce GTX 285M with 1 GB of video memory. Memory size can reach 4 to 8 GB.

Works Eon18 operating system Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit). In the notebook drives are Blu-Ray and DVD, and HDMI port for connecting to an external monitor. Also, users are able to supply up to three hard drives, which together provide up to 2 terabytes of memory or up to three solid state disk capacity of 250 GB each.

In addition to all available TV tuner card, multiformat memory card reader 7-in-1 (supports MMC / RSMMC / MS / MS Pro / MS Duo / SD / Mini-SD), as well as four built-in speaker. For convenience, a laptop equipped with a full-size keyboard. Communication possibilities include the availability of computer Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / g, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.

However, the time of the 12-cell Li-ion battery mode games not too long and is just 45 minutes. On the computer company offers a lifetime warranty. Dimensions computer are 432 × 294 × 43 mm, and weight - 5,670 grams. With this combination of size / weight / battery life device only can be called "mobile". Buy game station Origin Eon18 can now. The cost of the computer starts from $ 2070.

Nettop 3Q Qoo! Tower ION and Tower SIS - budget PC with support for Full HD

3Q The company announced the expansion of the model number series nettop 3Q Qoo. Due to small size and support Full HD, nettop 3Q Qoo! can be used as a media player that plays any video formats. Model 3Q Qoo! Tower ION based on an advanced chipset for ultra-compact computers - NVIDIA ION. Integrated Video GeForce 9400 can not only run the game and play HD video with a resolution of 1080p, but more than 10 times the speed performance of routine tasks through technology NVIDA CUDA. Flexible configuration options enable to purchase rig 3Q Qoo! Tower ION under him, choosing the desired amount of memory, hard drive and operating system. Advanced users can opt out of these options and purchase Nettop as a platform for further self-assembly.

Model 3Q Qoo! Tower SIS outwardly similar to the senior representative of the ruler. It is based on the chipset from the company SIS, the system provides sufficient performance for a wide range of household tasks: web surfing, work in text and spreadsheet editors, photo and video viewing. 3Q Qoo! Tower SIS, as well as the older model, equipped with a VESA mount, which allows secure Nettop the back side of the monitor to save space on your desktop. Set of possible configurations Tower SIS not less extensive, and the cost is more democratic. Nettop 3Q Qoo! models Tower ION and Tower SIS already available on the Russia market. Cost 3Q Qoo! Tower ION starts from 7320 rubles, and Tower SIS - from 5440 rubles.

3Q Qoo! Tower ION and Tower SIS Features:

* Processor Intel Atom N230, 1,6 GHz
Chipset NVIDIA ION (Tower ION); SIS672 + SIS968 (Tower SIS)
* Video GeForce 9400, 1 GB, DVI-I connector or a D-sub, support video up to 1080p (Tower ION); SIS307DV, connector D-sub, support video up to 720p (Tower SIS)
* Memory - 1 to 3 GB of DDR2 667/800 MHz (Tower ION); from 1 to 2 GB of DDR2 533/667 MHz (Tower SIS)
* Winchester 2,5 "Serial ATA 160 to 640 GB
* Audio Realtek ALC622
* Network 1 Gbit / s Ethernet Realtek RTL8211CL (Tower ION); Realtek RLT8111DL (Tower SIS)
* Interface - 6xUSB 2.0
* Operating System - DOS, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7 (Tower ION); DOS, Microsoft Windows XP (Tower SIS)
* Dimension - 170x150x20 mm, volume 0,5 liter

Servers and storage DEPO with 2 TB hard drives

Company DEPO Somputers reported the appearance of new modifications of the storage DEPO Storage 2000 and 3000 series and multi-disk server DEPO Storm 3300S3 with hard drives capacity of 2 TB each. They differ from similar models of the doubling in the disk subsystem - up to 48 terabytes in a single system that allows their use as an alternative to set "server + SAN JBOD", thus saving up to 25% of its value at purchase.

Server DEPO Storm 3300C3 with support for Intel Xeon processor 5500 has a height of 3U and can be installed in a 19-inch rack. Disk subsystem server may include up to 16 hard drives SATA / SAS with hot-swappable and combining them into a RAID-arrays of different levels.

Storage Systems DEPO Storage Server 3000 Series drives are SATA or SAS, and are intended for use as network-attached storage NAS. They can be expanded at the expense of storage DEPO Storage JBOD Series 2000. When using, for example, a SAN DEPO Storage Server 3124, and four SAN DEPO Storage JBOD 2024 disk 2 TB total capacity of the NAS can reach 192 terabytes.

All new versions are very reliable and trouble-free operation by means of duplication and redundancy of all critical components and capabilities to consolidate large amounts of information, providing high speed access to them.

Dell OptiPlex XE - a specialized, adaptable PC

DELL announced a highly adaptable desktop PC for OEM manufacturers and retailers OptiPlex XE. PCs designed to work in harsh conditions such as high fever, severe dust and clock operation. As promised manufacturer, the system is easily integrated into solutions for medical carts, video rental kiosks, shops and other special conditions that require a simple remote control and long-term reliable operation.

Among the main features of the product include:

* Operating temperature up to +55 ° C - set for additional ventilation and the possibility of "almost universal installation" making the product suitable for use indoors, while the standard ports are protected from dust the special cover, and an additional filter helps to reduce system downtime during remove dust.
* Durability and stability of the system - 3,5-year cycle of life and managed the transition easier maintaining a coherent system environment when planning future upgrades.
* Support for operating systems Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, and POSReady (added after the release) and Ubuntu Linux (only in China).
* Wide range of supported peripherals - Built-in support for PS / 2, serial (RS-232), VGA and up to seven connections USB, including USB and serial interface with power supply.
* Capacity at a comfortable, serviced without tools hull structure; optional services available to Dell ProSupport for IT Fast Track Dispatch with quick access to spare parts and service, remote control systems Broadcom TruManage and built-in monitoring to reduce downtime.
* Ability to ensure security and data protection - such as full disk encryption, the probe penetration into the body, but also supports RAID 1 - help organizations protect their assets and data.
* Environmentally friendly power with an efficiency of 88%, system settings supply Dell Energy Smart (choice of configurations) and compliance with standards of Energy Star 5. 0 and EPEAT Gold.

Through its OEM, Dell offers OEM partner solutions from the complete customization and resale OptiPlex XE under its own brand to the integration of the factory, as well as personalized service and support worldwide. In addition, the range of additional integrated solutions Dell Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) extends from the customer-centric technologies to the automated trading systems, data storage administration. Dell OptiPlex XE can be ordered at a price of $ 709.

Graphics Card GeForce GTX 480 is only slightly faster than Radeon HD 5870

It seems that rumors about the fantastic performance of NVIDIA-based architecture Fermi, which supposedly should make up for so long, their expectation, were greatly exaggerated. In any case, it is such a conclusion is, after familiarization with the data published resource SemiAccurate. According to the information provided, the performance graphics card GeForce GTX 480 performed on the basis of the chip GF100 (Fermi), at higher resolutions, only 5 per cent greater than those of rival adapter AMD Radeon HD 5870. Earlier data showed much more significant advantage of 60 percent.

It should be noted that the debut of the video card GeForce GTX 480 is expected only in late March, while the graphics accelerator Radeon HD 5870 have long been available on the market, and production costs of its production will certainly lower than in the case of a product NVIDIA.

As for the second of its planned release of NVIDIA video cards based on the Fermi, known as the GeForce GTX 470, although its performance and not judged in this test, it is likely to be even lower than the Radeon HD 5870. Of course, the architecture Fermi, used in the chip GF100, has its advantages, especially when performing tessellation when use all 512 available shader (they stream) processors.

For example, in benchmark Unigine Heaven graphics card GeForce GTX 470 Radeon HD 5870 exceeded twice the number of points. However, it should be borne in mind that the performance in real conditions, as a rule, differs from the results shown in the synthetic tests. However, one undeniable plus in the upcoming appearance on the market adapters GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470 available. After all, they must be among the first decisions of the NVIDIA technology to support DirectX 11.

Wireless Mouse Canyon CNR-MSOPTW7 - accurate and convenient

Canyon Company introduced a new wireless mouse Canyon CNR-MSOPTW7. High-precision optical sensor used in the CNR-MSOPTW7, has two modes, switching of a key. You can choose between the 1600 and 800 dpi, depending on the type of application. In addition, the mouse is equipped with a standard set of keys and a convenient scroll wheel.

As promised manufacturer, the mouse CNR-MSOPTW7 handy as a strong man, and in an elegant female hand. Of special note note grooved surface, assigned by placing the thumb of his right hand. Use non-slip material allows better capture manipulator, which ultimately affects the accuracy of control and comfort when working. In the decoration applied the classic combination of contrasting colors. The main surface of the hull, combined with the keys, painted in gray, while the side surfaces are made in the style of "piano lacquer".

New Wireless Mouse Canyon CNR-MSOPTW7 connects to a computer using a miniature 2.4 GHz wireless receiver. Thanks for USB 2.0, a mouse can be connected to any modern computer. Mouse Canyon CNR-MSOPTW7 go on sale in the next three weeks, its retail price will be announced a little later.

Bluetooth Headset Jabra EXTREME with enhanced noise-canceling

Company GN Netcom (brand Jabra) introduced a new Bluetooth headset Jabra EXTREME. This device provides high-quality and natural voice in extreme outdoor conditions. New noise reduction technology Noise Blackout Extreme helps the user to maintain a conversation in the noisiest public places. This additional adjustment will not need sound - headset supports auto-adjust the volume. The interviewer also will hear only recognizable voice - without the extraneous noise and distortion.

In 2008, GN Netcom introduced the system of "intelligent noise reduction» Noise Blackout, first tested its know-how in the headset for mobile phones. The system uses a pair of microphones that recognize voice of the user and translates it, "cleansing" of the background noise. Moreover, the technology eliminates the characteristic metallic rustling, which often occur with noise-canceling devices. Noise Blackout Extreme - a new generation of technology, based on the work of powerful silicon MEMS microphones. The system removes background sounds volume to 24 dB, whereas the previous generation Noise Blackout managed to deal with noise to 12 dB.

With Noise Blackout Extreme Headset "recognizes" the voice of the owner in the noise of the crowd or a busy highway during rush hour, adjust the volume to the desired level and translates the other person. DSP provides high quality digital audio, and technology eSCO improves voice quality of mobile phone headsets. Moreover, Jabra EXTREME protects the user from the high acoustic loads, "cutting off" loud and sharp sound on the telephone line.

Due to the technology through A2DP headset, you can listen to mono MP3-player, iPod, computer and any other media resources, supports Bluetooth, alone or with a Bluetooth adapter. If while listening to music on mobile phone receive a call, playing the audio file is automatically suspended, and after the conversation - resumes. With the help of technology Multiuse headset Jabra EXTREME can simultaneously connect to two devaysa maintaining Profile Bluetooth, for example, to the phone and laptop. The set includes two BTE bow and car charger. Bluetooth Headset Jabra EXTREME will be available in Russia in April. Recommended market price of devices - 3490 rubles.

Jabra EXTREME Specifications:

* Support for Bluetooth 2.1 EDR (enhanced data rated) and eSCO
* Technology Noise Blackout Extreme with two microphones
* Technology Multiuse: pairing with two devices at once
* Technology of Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) for listening to audio files
* Automatically adjusts the sound level
* Protecting the user from the high acoustic load
* Slider to turn on / off device
* Two ways to mount - in the ear by using ear inserts Ultimate-Fit Eargels; two flexible BTE bow
* Opening hours without recharging - talk time 5.5 hours, standby 10.5 days
* Dimensions - 47 x 18,5 x 27,5 mm
* Weight - 10 grams