FCC approved Nokia C6

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has certified the wireless device from Nokia with marking RM-612. According to one of the documents found at Nokia, this model will get the commercial name C6. On the FCC site information about the device a bit. Among the characteristics mentioned only cellular network GSM (4 band) and WCDMA (range 3), as well as wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g. Photos of the model were not published, there is only a sketch showing the location of the label FCC.

Earlier in the network already appeared rumors about the smartphone Nokia C6. True, there are diametrically opposing views on what kind of device. Some sources believe that this QWERTY-piece middle class, and according to another hypothesis - is the cheapest model with a touchscreen and no keyboard. Judging by the image, a more realistic second choice. In any case, is either wait for the official announcement, no leakage of information with lots of detail.

New GPS-navigators teXet TN-501 and TN-501B equipped with a new map AVTOSPUTNIK Russia

teXet TN-501 and TN-501BT - navigators average price range with a 4.3-inch display. Modification of the TN-501BT supplemented with FM-transmitter and Bluetooth-module with handsfree profiles and DUN-GPRS, allowing use antiprobochny service, online monitoring and other online services AVTOSPUTNIK.

Navigators run on the latest version of Windows CE 6.0. With GPS-receiver SiRF 3i + with 64 receiving channels and new technology SiRF InstantFixII fast start and positioning devices are protected against errors in the signal in terms of poor reception due to dense building, complex terrain, clouds. For the convenience of working with files, models are equipped with 2 GB of internal memory and interface USB 2.0.

Included with the device first map of Russia comes from Geocentre-Consulting for AVTOSPUTNIK with 6 months of free updates. Mainstreaming maps are produced weekly, including prohibitions driveways, one-way traffic, the new road. Actively take into account the comments provided by users of the program AVTOSPUTNIK. Coverage maps (release of December 2009) consists of 30 regional cities with detail to the house number, more than 30 areas with detailed coverage, other regions in the scale 1:1 000 000. Map Geocentre-Consulting supports Yandeks.Probki, online updates.

Samsung WB2000: high-speed camera with support for high-definition video

Samsung Digital Imaging Company announced at the show PMA 2010 camera WB2000, can take 10-megapixel photos and high definition video with 1080p resolution. Novelty has a high level of performance: The camera can shoot video at 1000 frames / s, and in the mode of serial photography can do 10 shots per second at full resolution. In addition, WB2000 has improved panoramic mode with the function of tracking the object and makes it possible to do a 10-megapixel still photo during video recording.

In addition to high speed, WB2000 has a 24mm wide-angle lens with a 5-fold optical zoom, three-inch AMOLED-display with high color and contrast ratio, which is not "blind" even in bright sunlight. Compared to conventional LCD screen camera WB2000 has significantly lower power consumption, allowing you to shoot more frames, without recharging the battery.

Thanks to technology Smart Auto 2.0 user need not worry about that shot can of spoiled, too dark or out of focus. Algorithm for Smart Auto analyzes the key characteristics of the stage and, depending on the results automatically selects the optimal shooting settings.

However, for users who prefer to personally oversee the entire process of shooting, WB2000 offers the possibility of shooting in RAW format and a manual mode that allows to experiment with long shutter speeds, depth of field and focus.

Brief specifications of Samsung WB2000:

  • Sensor: 10.2 MP
  • Lens: Schneider KREUZNACH, 5-fold optical zoom
  • Display: 3-inch, resolution VGA (640 thousand points), AMOLED
  • Supports HD (1080p) video; HDMI connector
  • High-speed movie recording mode with a frequency of 1000 frames / sec.; Serial photography of up to 10 images per second at full resolution
  • Support RAW
  • Recognition technology to 20 faces in the frame

Three platforms for Windows Phone 7

Concept of the operating system for smartphones was presented by Microsoft at the MWC 2010 show last week. Thus, in the hands of the representatives of the company had a prototype phone, which worked under the control of the OS. However, no details as to that of a given model is, say no. Defines neither the manufacturer nor indicative capacity apparatus. Now, from informal sources it became known that the Windows Phone 7 prepares three platforms at once. This is the first primary, and two others made "in reserve" and their implementation as a commercial product may not take place.

The first platform, according to Mary-Jo Fuli (Mary-Jo Foley), is a smartphone with a large touchscreen and a processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz. Whether Snapdragon, is not yet clear, but it is quite possible. This device receives a separate graphics card and will be 100% represented in the pre-New Year period of 2010.

Platform number 2 is described as similar to Palm Treo phone. In this model, we can expect side-sliding QWERTY-keyboard, touch screen and the possibility of receiving podcasts. Concerning the third model, the information is much less. Apparently, its characteristics are not fully clear, but it is expected that this will be a candy bar. Also refuted earlier informed that that Microsoft has refused to open the operating system. Currently, a limited number of development dictated by the fact that the corporation is engaged in self-development unit. In the future, a significant number of applications created by third-party developers.

Viliv S10 Blade: more on the characteristics

We have already reported the news about planshetnyke Viliv S7, we now know about the existence of his "elder brother" netbook-transformer Viliv S10 Blade. At the moment the device is listed as available for pre-order and became known for its technical details. In the basic configuration model is running Windows XP, has a 60 GB hard drive and is based on Atom Z530 processor with a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz. In this configuration, the device does not support multitouch input, since its support is not in the OS. But there are also more expensive versions of the operating system Windows 7 and solid-state storage capacity of 32 or 64 GB. Screen in all versions of the same - 10.1-inch touchscreen.

Additional options include a more powerful Atom Z550 processor with 2 GHz and an increase in 1 GB of RAM. Communication capabilities are standard WiFi b / g and Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR in basic komplektatsii.Na some models can be installed HSPA modem. There is also a set of 3 USB ports (one for connection netbook Viliv S10 Blade to the computer), VGA connector and TV output.

The battery capacity. 4300 mAh should be enough for 10 hours or 7 o'clock watching the video. Rather small dimensions: 260 x 185 x 17-26 mm. Unfortunately at the moment nothing is known about the cost.

Samsung begins to release 40-nm, 4 GB DDR3 memory

Samsung has announced the introduction of the world's first DDR3 memory chip capacity of 4 GB, made by the norms of 40-nm process. These modules will be different not only in large volume, but also to improve the energy efficiency of servers and high-performance notebooks. The plans for the production of data memory company first announced in July last year. New, "Green Memory" will ensure lower energy consumption to 35% of what has been achieved by doubling the density.

In the first 40-nm, 4 GB DDR3 memory is designed for servers, which currently are usually six slots for RAM, which corresponds to the maximum volume of 96 GB. This DDR2 memory module density 1-gigabit made on standards of 60 nm, consumes 210 Watts, DDR3 density of 2 Gbit, manufactured to standards of 40 nm, consumes 55 watts, and power consumption of 4 GB DDR3 from Samsung was 36 Tues What is only 17% of DDR2 on cell density of 1 Gbit, made by rules 60 nm.

For notebook users the introduction of new memory means a doubling of the maximum amount of RAM - for SO-DIMM module, this means up to 8 GB. In the near future the company Samsung plans to move to 40-nm process up to 90% of the total output of DDR memory.

Lanner LEC-7020: Nettop module 3G

The development of mobile and network devices is not stopping with this one device is followed in the wake of others. For example, overlapping in their ability netbook and nettop. The first of them has long been "mastered» 3G modem as an integrated device, but the producers of the second to a similar "not smart enough. Device LEC-7020 from Lanner company corrects this "misunderstanding". The model was built based on Intel Atom N270 processor and GMA 950 graphics adapter, has 2 GB of RAM and an integrated module of 3G and GPS.

Although the company has positioned as a compact model integrates the device, the holder will not depend on the availability of coverage Wi-Fi or wired Internet - Lanner LEC-7020 can connect to mobile networks, second and third generation. However, the wired communications, it also did not forget: there are ports of Ethernet, USB 2.0, VGA, COM, and DIO. Wi-Fi connections are also supported. The device can work with 2.5-inch hard drives and has a built-in card reader. The operating system may be running Windows XP or Linux kernel 2.6.16. The thickness of the model - 46 mm.

Although the cost of the gadget is not called, he obviously will cost more than regular nettop.

LG Sweet - Mobile "candy" from South Korea

South Korean company LG Electronics in their homeland has announced a new folding model of mobile phone LG-KH3400, which will be sold as LG Sweet, which literally translates as "sweet". This phone has double the color - the upper and lower halves of the phone are different, and apparently this fact and considered a manufacturer as a "common ground" with candies.

This two-tone case has a slim build, and on its outer side there is a LED display, showing in addition to performance information - a variety of icons. From the technical characteristics of new items worth noting the presence in its 2-megapixel camera, large-format 2.8-inch QVGA screen, and the functions of mobile banking.

Other specifications of LG Sweet (LG-KH3400):

  • Dimensions: 107h52h13, 9 mm
  • Display: 2.8-inch, TFT, resolution of 240х400 pixels
  • Camera: 2 MP
  • Memory: 40 MB internal, expandable through microSD memory cards up to 16 GB
  • Battery: capacity of 800 mAh

Ekho MWC2010 - Game MID Moblic E7 "Mobius" to support WiMAX

Usually at various exhibitions all jumped on the "hot" news and information, and then another, and savor chewed for some time. A lot of worthy and interesting devaysov and remain unnoticed or "float" after some time. So it happened with MID E7 "Mobius" new company MOBLIC.

Game MID is the first device company and was represented at the exhibition MWC2010. E7 has a 600 MHz processor, a sliding QWERTY-keyboard, gaming control keys, chetyrehdyuymovy touchscreen WVGA-screen, 8GB of flash memory slot for memory cards microSD, 256MB RAM, Lithium-Ion battery 2000 mAh, the modules of WiMAX and WiFi b / g .

Price and possible exit MID E7 "Mobius" is not yet known.

Viliv S10 Blade - pretty tablet with a rotating display

In fact, that a large seller of mobile technology Dynamism has posted a form for pre-order ten-netbook with a swivel display Viliv S10 Blade, we can conclude that there will soon be waiting for the official announcement of the device.

The base model is equipped with 10.1-inch display with a resolution of 1366x768, 60GB HDD, 1GB RAM, Intel Atom Z530 processor 1.6GHz frequency and is running Windows XP. Optionally available: the installation of Windows 7 Home Premium as the OS, more powerful processor Atom Z550 frequency of 2GHz and SSD to 32GB or 64GB. You can also manned Viliv S10 Blade 3G HSPA modem.

According to Dynamism without recharging netbook runs up to 10 hours.

With the price of the base model $ 699, S10 Blade has turned one of the most expensive models among the tablets of the processor and Atom with a rotating screen. Same Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t worth up to $ 549, and soon will have one competitor - Asus Eee PC T101MT.

Philips GoGear Connect - Media Player for Android 2.1

Philips has introduced its Android 2.1 Media Player GoGear Connect and informed that the device will hit the market in July 2010.

GoGear Connect has a similar design to the previously announced player GoGear Muse, and will be equipped with GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi modules, 3.2-inch HVGA tactile touch display, 8GB internal memory, slot for memory cards microSD, TV-output, with an accelerometer.

The player will have full access to database applications, Android Market.

FSL F718 - Chinese MID with Windows XP

Chinese manufacturer of all kinds of gadgets FSL will soon launch into the Chinese market MID F718, running Microsoft Windows XP. F718 carries on board a VIA C7 processor with a frequency of 1.2GHz, a seven-inch touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and support for recognition of information entered by hand stylus, 1GB RAM, 32GB SSD, Wi-Fi, 3G, webcam 1.3 megapikskelya and battery with a resource work without charge up to 5 hours. Dimensions MID: 195 x 127 x 21mm, weight - 700gramm. The stated price for FSL F718 MID - 586 dollars.