BenQ C1250 - 12 megapixel compact camera for everyday shooting

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Company BenQ introduced on the European market a digital camera DSC C1250. This is a 12 megapixel model with a 2.7-inch display and 3-fold optical zoom. It probably can be attributed to the average level. It is unlikely that the novelty will be very expensive. BenQ DSC C1250 is powered by two AA batteries. This compact camera, which is offered in black and silver color.

From the support functions for new items included activation of a smile and blink recognition, through which you can get great portraits - with smiles and open eyes. This also promotes and Beauty Enhancer - image editing, smoothing skin tone and makes it possible to smooth out a few flaws. In addition, the camera has several scene modes to suit different conditions. BenQ DSC C1250 will go on sale in April, the price is not reported.

BenQ DSC C1250 Characteristics:

* 12 megapixel 1 / 2 ,3-inch CCD sensor
* 3 x optical and 5 x digital zoom
* Focal length - 6,3 - 18,9 mm (35,5 - 106,5 mm in 35 mm film equivalent)
* Focus range in standard mode - from 80 cm to infinity
* Focus range in macro mode - from 10 to 100 cm
* Shutter speed - from 1 / 2000 to 1 second
* Sensitivity - ISO 50/100/200/400/800/1600/3200 (3 megapixel and below) / 6400 (VGA and HD 16:9)
* Shooting video - 720h400 pixels at 30 frames per second
* 2.7-inch display with 230 000 pixels
* 21.4 MB of internal memory
* Support for SD memory card
* Power - 2 AA batteries
* Dimensions - 92h60, 5h23, 8 mm
* Weight - 110 grams

Nokia and the Australian university to create a mobile application that can "see through walls"

Scientists of the Australian University University of South Australia in conjunction with Nokia have developed an application that enables mobile phones to "see through walls. This is one of the realizations of the so-called supplemented reality (augmented reality). The application is available in three versions - X-ray Vision, Meltvision and Distortvision. The meaning of the application in that it will show the objects that are in reality invisible to the user, for example, are hidden around the corner or blocked by a wall. It will use three-dimensional terrain models.

Regarding the three versions of the application, they actually differ in the way "to cope" with hindering the review sites. Thus, X-ray Vision makes them transparent, Meltvision makes "melt" and Distortvision distorts the image so that you can see objects invisible to the reality. It is possible that after some time (unlikely soon) support this technology will have mobile phones Nokia.

Six-core processor Core i7-980X Extreme Edition - details from Intel

In passing now in the San Francisco developer conference Videogame (Game Developers Conference, GDC), Intel shared details of its new six-core processor Core i7-980X Extreme Edition, whose debut was to take place before the end of March. It also demonstrates a few applications optimized for the new platform, including games Napoleon Total War from Sega and RUSE from Ubisoft, as well as programs Geomerics Enlighten and Cakewalk Sonar.

We have previously reported that the six-core processor Core i7-980X Extreme Edition will clock speed of 3.33 GHz and technology support HyperThreading. According to Intel, this CPU will be the first shestiyadernikom manufactured on 32 nm process technology standards and support 12 computing threads. Compared with existing quad-core models with similar frequency characteristics of the new flagship chip Intel gets more cache in the third level (12 MB instead of 8 MB), and its a TDP of 130 watts.

Concerning the release date and cost of six-core processor Core i7-980X Extreme Edition, the platform also known under the codename Gulftown, information is still there. Assumed only that the debut of a new flagship in the line of consumer models Intel may take place during the third or fourth week of March, and its value in bulk lots to make $ 999, which is characteristic of "extreme" chips this manufacturer.

Full support for Flash will appear in Windows Phone 7 Series, but not in Windows Mobile 6.x

According to Mike Chambers (Mike Chambers) of the development team of the company Adobe, she is currently working with Microsoft to create versions of Flash Player 10.1 for Internet Explorer Mobile browser, the new operating system Windows Phone 7 Series. Previously, Adobe has already mentioned its plans to add support for Flash features Windows Phone 7 Series, but now it is almost an official confirmation. However, as she noted earlier, for previous versions of OS - Windows Mobile 6.x - full Flash technology provides will not, although they already subscribe to its "lite" version of Flash Lite.

Chambers did not disclose the specific terms of issuance of Flash-player for the new mobile operating system, Microsoft. Maybe some details will have on the Microsoft MIX conference next week. It is, Microsoft has promised to provide more information for developers. With regard to the issuance of the first devices based on Windows Phone 7 Series, it is expected this autumn. Probably the first model will come on the market in September and October. It is possible, support for Flash will have them originally.

Toshiba will release a series of tablets in the end of the year

As the Head of the American division of company laptops Toshiba Jeff Barney (Jeff Barney), it develops tablets in the same category as the iPad. A whole line of such devices will be released at the end of this - early next year. He was not told about them more specifically, it is not clear how the model will be called and what are their characteristics. Barney said only that the company intends to act quickly to get ahead of competitors. He also said that the earlier class of devices such as tablets, was erroneously underestimated.

It is worth noting that at the end of last year in Europe came the mobile internet device (MID) Journe Touch 7-inch touch screen. It can be used to play media files and Internet surfing. Quite possibly, the new Toshiba tablets are similar to the device. Not yet clear is what operating system it decides to use, it is likely that this will be Windows 7, although in this case would require processors with architecture x86.

Motherboard MSI 890GXM-G65 is available for sale

We have already reported the official release of the motherboard MSI 890GXM-G65, which became the first product of the Taiwanese manufacturer, which was built on the basis of chipset AMD 890GX. And we now know that this mainboard targeted for use in a home theater PC (HTPC), finally reached the retail shelves.

Recall motherboard MSI 890GXM-G65 is made in the form-factor micro-ATX and supports collaboration with AMD in the performance of AM3. In addition, it has four slots for DDR3 memory modules 2133, integrated graphics Radeon HD 4290 in a pair with 128 megabytes of memory SidePort DDR3 1333, as well as two expansion slots for PCI-Express x16 with support for regimes Hybrid CrossFire and CrossFireX

There are five ports SATA 6.0 Gbps ports and two USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet connectors and eSATA, as well as a built-in 7.1-channel audiochip and video outputs D-Sub, DVI and HDMI. Note support for Active Phase Switching technology and multimedia standards DirectX 10.1 and UVD 2.0. The cost of the motherboard MSI 890GXM-G65 in Europe is 119,90 Euro and the U.S. market it can be purchased for $ 124.99.

HTML5 vs Flash - a direct comparison of performance

It is known that now for the implementation of streaming video and audio content on web pages and other matters related to vector animation and interactive graphics, most commonly used multimedia platform Adobe Flash. At the same time gaining popularity Standard HTML5, which implements virtually the same functionality.

For example, the popular World broadcasts YouTube has already launched a test version of its service with support for HTML5, avoids the installation of Adobe Flash Player and similar additional applications. In addition, after YouTube like functionality and got a large video service Vimeo.

Moreover, the company Adobe has recently been heavily criticized by the head of Apple's Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs), upreknuvshego her laziness for failing to implement support for Flash technology in the "apple" computers and mobile devices. But is it really good standard for HTML5, compared with the already familiar Flash?

The answer to this question have tried to give expert Jan Ozer (Jan Ozer) with resource Streaming Learning Center, spent a direct comparative testing of two technologies. Although his tests were not distinguished scientific precision, they give some idea can. They found, for example, that although the HTML5 ahead of Flash Player 10, or 10.1 in many aspects, for example, the performance in Safari on a Mac, but the advantages of the new standard does not seem quite so obvious.

For example, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox differences in performance between HTML5 and Flash is not so noticeable. On the other hand, when tested on a PC running the Windows operating system much better than it has proven platform Adobe Flash. Suffice it to say that Flash Player 10.1 when tested in the Windows version of Google Chrome was 58 percent more efficient than HTML5.

One of the main reasons for this advantage is the fact that Flash in Windows systems takes advantage of hardware acceleration using the GPU. According to Jan Lake, the differences between HTML5 and Flash performance on Mac systems could be effectively reduced to zero, if the technology was able to use Adobe acceleration implemented using graphics on these machines.

In the United States will be free internet access in a special frequency range

The U.S. government can allocate a special range of frequencies for free or very cheap wireless Internet access. This was reported by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It is assumed that such a move will increase the availability of global network for the Americans. So far, 93 million U.S. residents do not have access to the Internet. FCC proposal to this effect is called National Broadband Plan, it will be considered next week.

Yet disclosed details about when it will be allocated these frequencies, and how this project will be implemented. Perhaps, before long he will be approved and implemented, it will take time. We only know that one aspect of this plan - the creation of Digital Literacy Corps (Corps computer literacy). This organization will be engaged in a kind of missionary activity and the promotion of information on opportunities for Internet access, in particular. population with low level of awareness on this issue.

Line of powerful computers Apple Mac Pro replenished models with Intel Core i7-980X

In connection with the upcoming debut of a new flagship processor Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition global manufacturers of desktop computers, obviously, are preparing to use this powerful shestiyadernik in their own products. It is expected that one of the first implementation of this chip will of Apple, is traditionally used in its decisions, the most advanced technology and components.

According to ZDNet, Apple is preparing to update its line of high-quality desktop Mac Pro models based on the six-core processor Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition. And come this momentous event should have on March 16. Thus, computers Apple Mac Pro, used, including, as a powerful workstation, will receive additional computing capacity.

Recall chip Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition made by the norms of 32-nm process technology and has a base frequency of 3.33 GHz and using the Turbo Boost function it can overclock to 3.6 GHz. In addition, support for HyperThreading technology provides him the opportunity to implementation of 12 computing threads to 6 physical cores. The volume of third-level cache in this processor is 12 MB, and its TDP is 130 watts.

Released a beta version of Opera Mini browser 5 for the platform Android

Opera Software has officially announced a special version of Opera Mini for Android. Opera Mini browser 5 beta runs on all versions of the platform Android, ensuring, from the words of the company, high speed data downloads and optimizing the costs of mobile Internet.

As the developers say, their browser has a unique data compression technology, reducing the amount of up to 90% of the original. This greatly increases the speed of loading Web pages and reduces the cost of traffic. Opera Mini supports the technology and options desktop browser such as Express-Quick access to your favorite sites, tabs, bookmarks, and Password Manager.

A beta version of Opera Mini 5 for Android is available with English interface. It can be downloaded to your phone for free at / Next. Interface in other languages will be available in future versions.

Opera Mini 5 beta can also be downloaded from the store applications Android Market.

LG Cookie Music, Pure, Jacquar 5 and others: a parade non-announced phones in the Netherlands

Company LG Electronics demonstrated at an event in the Netherlands, some yet to be announced mobile phones. Among them - LG Cookie Music KM570, Pure, GT405, KS365 and Jacquar 5. LG Cookie Music - is tachfon, "sharpened" under the musical function. For example, it has a 3.5-mm jack for headphones.

Built in memory is 4 GB, plus a slot for memory cards. For a picture, include a 5-megapixel camera, also supported by cellular networks UMTS / HSDPA. Model LG GT405 - is also besklaviaturnogo monoblock with touchscreen. It is equipped with 3-inch display, 5-megapixel camera, FM-radio and supports Bluetooth interface and a standard HSDPA.

Another phone called the LG Pure, It is a slim slider with a numeric keypad and 5-megapixel camera. It also supports third-generation cell phones. Under the display apparatus is placed, presumably, optical trackpad.

LG KS365 - is the heir LG KS360, he looks like him, even though design is changed slightly. LG KS365 is a slider with a sliding QWERTY-keyboard and a 2.4-inch touch screen. Because of its characteristics is known about the 2-megapixel camera and FM-radio.

And, finally, LG Jacquar 5. For such "important" name hides a simple candy bar phone-in VGA-camera.

LG GW370 Shannon: a simple slider with QWERTY-keyboard

At one of the Chinese sites was photographed mobile phone LG GW370 Shannon. This model has not yet been officially announced. Device is a side-slider with touch screen and sliding QWERTY-keyboard. It is characterized not just the usual round buttons. Below the display is such a control, as trackball. Apparently, LG GW370 Shannon - is a fairly simple model for fans of textual correspondence. Unfortunately, nothing is yet known about the characteristics of the device. Assumed only that the resolution of its display is 240x320 pixels.

Rather, the model LG GW370 Shannon will be inexpensive. It is likely that in the near future in the global network leak details about this mobile phone, as often happens after the first published data. Not yet clear is when and in which markets LG GW370 Shannon will be sold, must wait for the official announcement, or even a new leak.

Sky Link began selling a new boxed set of "City phone"

The operator Sky Link has announced the commencement of sales of the new boxed set of "City phone", based on user voice of the Moscow region. The kit includes direct Moscow city number in the code 495, which can be used throughout Moscow and the region. Boxed set of "City phone is targeted at users of voice communication and can be used as an alternative to a fixed connection, as a universal solution for businesses (for quick equipment telephone office) or at home (in country cottages, or new buildings) - lacking or insufficiently developed infrastructure fixed.

The subscription fee is 395 rubles a month, outgoing calls to fixed numbers are free calls to phones subscribers, Sky Link - Moscow "Moscow and other cellular operators 1.5 rubles / minute.

Boxed sets of "City phone" with a fixed phone Huawei ETS2055 and tariff plan "Unlimited city-2010" has already reached the sales office "Sky Link" and dealers in the Moscow region. Also, you can purchase a kit through the Internet-shop "Sky Link". Recommended retail price - 4500 rubles.

Sony introduced the controller PlayStation Move

Sony has the exhibition Game Developers Conference in San Francisco officially presented controller motions for a game console, Sony Play Station 3. The device is ergonomically shaped cylinder with a spherical tip at the end, which has a built-in LED pink, green, yellow or blue. This is the tip allows the PlayStation Eye camera to track movement of the controller in space. Also there is an additional position sensor in space and Move Sub-controller with the direction keys, which ensure the transfer of "normal" commands to the console. This combination of management tools provides compatibility with PlayStation Move games require a more traditional management.

Reportedly, this device is aimed at "hardcore gamers", as it has a more accurate positioning system in comparison with a similar system from the company Nintendo. Controller PlayStation Move can accurately detect the angle position and velocity, which makes its use easy and convenient. Also acceptable combination of controllers, for example, to simulate a two-handed weapon or two of its species. Game developers have already begun to create versions of games as focused solely on the use of PlayStation Move, and permit the use of other means of control. The presentation demonstrated the game LittleBigPlanet, which with the new controller, the player can move, rotate and take objects. As expected, the first game, which will be immediately ready to use PlayStation Move will be a SOCOM 4. After it will follow the game from third-party manufacturers.

The company expects to begin deliveries Sony PlayStation Move controller in the autumn. It is planned to produce several different sets, which the user can choose depending on the available equipment. In the starter kit will include chamber PlayStation Eye, the controller PlayStation Move, play and suburbia. The exact price is not yet known, but reported that the starter kit will cost about $ 100.

Three years later phones will play as the PlayStation 3

The company Imagination Technologies, which designs chips PowerVR, which provides high gaming capabilities of your iPhone, expected three years later to level the capabilities of mobile phones with video game consoles-level PlayStation 3. That is the information a company representative said Jason Chen (Jason Chen) from kompandy site Gizmodo. According to him, confidence in the timing of completion of development and it gives us realistic fact that the appropriate level of graphics processors are already in development. That's about three years passes between the start of design in the company Imagination Technologies and the introduction of already finished products handset makers. It specifies that after three years you will receive is a pocket version of the PS3 with the ability to still make calls.

According to the plans Imagination Technologies next generation of game phones will be used not only as a portable gaming device, but as a normal console, passing the signal through the TV or HDMI output to an external screen with a resolution of 720p. Although we should not forget that three years can become a reality and the phone's screen with this resolution.

In the short term the company expects to achieve 300% speed flash applications through the use of not only software but also hardware acceleration. Also in development is support OpenCL, which would allow distribution of tasks between the main and graphics processors. This will enhance the possibility of multitasking and speed parallel calculations. In the more distant, but not three years yet, the future creation of multiprocessor systems. Practical application of the latter, however, hampered by the high-power, which so far can not be satisfied batteries to the appropriate capacity.

Microsoft Zune HD2 already in development

The latest model of media player from Microsoft is expected successor. Rumored Microsoft Zune HD2 may appear before the end of this year. Various sources have received information confirming that Microsoft is already engaged in the development of the device. Judge that it would be and how successful the course will produce the new models when the old is far from exhausted its possibilities - early. Because at the moment about the Zune HD2 know is that he will be a direct competitor to iPod Touch and will largely repeat it.

What this means is not entirely clear. Most likely it is that the Zune will be built larger screen, which will increase the entire device as a whole. This is good news for those who believe that the screen - the only thing that loses Zune iPod. The exact time of occurrence Zune HD2 on the market is not yet determined. They talk about the second half of the year, which should imply its output, either simultaneously or just before the phone with OS Windows Phone 7 Series. Of whether these two projects in a familial relationship is not clear, but presumably, and Windows Phone and Zune HD2 will support XNA Game Studio 4.0.

In the U.S., 4G phones will appear next summer

Technical Director, Verizon Wireless, Anthony Malone (Anthony Melone) in an interview with The Wall Street Journal reported that the first 4G phones go on sale in mid-2011. Unnamed model (did not mention either the name or manufacturer) will be available to users in about a year after the launch of Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks, and almost six months before a certain deadline. All initially received handsets will have a separate module to work in the LTE-networks and individual radio module for the standard CDMA, because the coverage of the fourth generation networks will be relatively small, and the device being a device to acquire a limited radius of action no one would.

For Verizon Wireless networks, the introduction of the fourth generation will mean more and the transition from unlimited plans to take account of traffic. At the same time in the U.S. there is a problem which consists in the fact that users are wary of plans for a limit, because the company is suspected of improper accounting flow of traffic. There is also a risk that the limited available frequencies will lead to layers of transmission between the networks 3G and 4G. But this contradiction, of course, will be decided by displacing the third generation networks, as LTE-equipment is cheaper, and potentially can provide greater bandwidth.

The main competitor in the U.S. market, the company AT & T, should be in the same graph. It is known that the LTE-network of the operator will be ready no earlier than 2011. At the same time will be submitted and 4G phone AT & T. We have previously reported that Apple iPhone is now testing phone designed to work in the LTE-networking company Verizon.

IBM will create a mobile phones for the elderly and uneducated

Use of modern mobile calls from people fairly quick response and a certain level of technical literacy. But it is precisely these skills are not enough people older or poorly educated. The solution of this problem will the company IBM, together with the Indian National Institute of Design and the Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo. The joint project will be aimed at creating an interface that would allow these categories of users' communications capabilities to implement the device completely, and not focus exclusively on voice communication.

It is assumed that created the software will be open and designed for free distribution among government organizations and private businessmen around the world. Create a simple interface for people with disabilities become part of the opening of joint research, which involves IBM and Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, and since 2009, and the National Institute of Design in India. The focus of the research will be aimed at ensuring older people or not having sufficient education access to modern information resources (primarily the internet). The latter is assumed that the system will not only provide them with modern means of communication, which can be used without restrictions, but also to fill some of the shortcomings of education.