Projectors M series from Samsung - for road shows

Friday, March 12, 2010

Samsung Electronics Company has introduced a new line of projectors M Series: M200, M220, M250, M205, M225, M255, designed for representatives of the departments of sales, business people and those who often makes out presentation. Their compact size device easily fits in a stylish bag that is supplied with the projector. Given that each model M-Series weighs only 2.5 kg, it is able to provide brightness up to 2 500 ANSI.

The new projectors Samsung M-series with the brightness of 2 000 to 2 500 ANSI XGA resolution and allow the wearer to work with almost any media formats: video, audio, photos, text documents and PDF-files. In this case the manufacturer guarantees the image quality and color depth. The ability to project onto the screen bright colors in bright daylight provides the electron-optical system 3LCD.

Preset modes of new M-series projectors - Standard, Presentation, Text, Movie, Game or select a user - optimize signal transmission, along with a automatic vertical keystone correction. The projector is provided to manual focus and zoom optics, which makes their installation more flexible. All models of M-series can broadcast television signal DTV, but the M205, M225, M255, along with analog inputs and digital HDMI input additionally equipped with RJ45 connectors, and USB. This extends the capability of projectors to combine them into the corporate network and allows you to organize conferences, classroom training, etc. and manage them remotely from a common server, as well as remotely monitor parameters such as flow tubes, the temperature inside the case and the state of the filter. Besides the top-line models are equipped with special built-in software for viewing Microsoft Office files and Adobe PDF, photos, audio and video without conversion directly from the USB drive.

Noise level projections do not exceed 31 dB. If the conditions of the projector are limited to a small room or small screen, then turn the power saving mode, which is at 1 / 3 reduces the brightness. This not only saves electricity but also increases the lamp life up to 5 000 hours.

Controller movements Sony PlayStation Move restricted in multiplayer mode

We have already informed our readers some details about the new motion controller, Sony PlayStation Move, released in passing in the San Francisco developer conference Videogame (Game Developers Conference). In particular, representatives of Sony Computer Entertainment officially announced that the emergence on the world market of this interesting device, and an additional controller PlayStation Move should wait at the end of this year.

Thus the cost of basic kit should not exceed 100 dollars. And now become known, and some technical aspects of new development, Sony, moreover, both good and disappointing. Let's start with the bad - the controller movements Sony PlayStation Move will have limitations in multiplayer mode. In other words, while playing with the controller PlayStation Move and Sony PS3 game console will be able to not more than four people.

This limitation is due to the peculiarities of Bluetooth functionality, implemented in the console Sony PS3. Itself is a Japanese company in an interview with Gizmodo has confirmed that this game console will be able to maintain a proper controller, four PlayStation Move, or two PlayStation Move in conjunction with an additional controller, which would be necessary in some situations.

Thus, to fully play with the controller movements Sony PlayStation Move, obviously, will be only two users. As for good news, they concluded that the controller PlayStation Move practically does not load the system memory. According to Joystiq, for this device would require only 1-2 MB of free system memory.

Stylish Earphones Creative Aurvana In-Ear2

Company Creative Technology announced the release of new headphones - Creative Aurvana In-Ear2. Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 continue branded line of high quality headphones Creative Aurvana. These headphones are different eye-catching design - a model equipped with a compact and durable metal body with dark chrome trim, and they have a function to fine-tune the sound.

Inside each earpiece is a speaker mesh construction with precisely balanced anchor. It provides a soft and clear sound, complemented by energetic bass. This gives the effect of a warm and full acoustic presence and enables you to use headphones Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 to listen to diverse music, voice recordings and sound tracks. In addition, Oxygen Free Copper cable high purity reduces unwanted distortion and ensures crystal clear sound reproduction.

Headphones Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 have enhanced comfort and safely kept in their ears at the expense of soft hypoallergenic liners that are specially designed so as to reduce sound leakage and to allow them to use the active lifestyle. Technology AuraSeal ensures sound insulation to 95%. In the supplied headphones Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 included power adapter for use in aircraft and road case with a holder for the cable for ease of use on the road. Accessories also include 2 sets of interchangeable inserts sizes S, M and L to maximize comfort for the ears and a tool for maintaining hygienic condition in the headphones. New Earphones Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 will be sold in Russia in spring 2010 ode for an estimated price 99,99 euro.

Specifications of in-ear headphones Creative Aurvana In-Ear2:
  • Loudspeakers: with a balanced armature
  • Frequency response: 15 Hz to 16 kHz
  • Impedance: 42 Ohm
  • Sensitivity (1 kHz): 110 dB / mW
  • Connection: gold-plated plug 3,5 mm diameter
  • Cable length: 1,2 m (OFC)
  • Weight: 11 grams

Google Reader Play - easy to read RSS tapes

Google has introduced an alternative program of Google Reader, which makes reading RSS is not only more convenient, but also the most adapted for Tablet devices. The new program is not the usual in-plane interface is Google Reader, and is a great browser, which turns the full screen and switch between the news with the help of virtual buttons. Syndication feed Google Reader Play gets from the list of "recommended" by the user. This web application can display photos or video service with YouTube, adjusted depending on the wishes of the user, define favorite and recommended not only by the user, but other accounts.

Google Reader Play program is experimental and not a substitute for regular Google Reader. There are currently no reported plans to commercial release, Google Reader Play, and where it will be applied. Although this software works only on PCs, but it is likely that it is designed primarily for mobile devices with touchscreen. Perhaps it has to make some kind of competition Apple iPad in the future, if the rumors about the release of a tablet from Google truthful.

The Chinese presented Android-plate cost of 92 dollars

Various gadgets from Celestial differ not only a variety of quality of performance (from horrible to excellent) and copying the better-known models (from the outside to complete), but consistently low price. At this time a little-known producer Hott said that his plate with a 4.8-inch touch screen and Google Android operating system will cost less than $ 100. However, the rate is not for the consumer, and for wholesale suppliers, but it is impressive.

The device was first demonstrated at CeBit 2010 and is based on the ARM9-based processor from Rockchip. It says the manufacturer, the model can reproduce video at resolutions up to 720p. And here is manifested especially the Chinese approach to engineering solutions: own screen with a resolution of 800x480 pixels can not play HD resolution, and HDMI-output device does not have.

The model, still nameless, is running Android 1.5, supports the Android Market, Gmail, Google Maps and other widgets through Wi-Fi connection. Built-in memory may be different - from 512 MB to 16 GB. Thus, in any case has a slot for memory cards. Battery life up to 5 hours.

As can be seen on the photo device is more compact than the Archos 5, although there is not much smaller diagonal screen. Mass production will begin in April, and the company expects to realize Hott model with 512 MB of memory on the wholesale price of $ 92.

LG GD350: inexpensive stylish clamshell

Company LG Electronics presented to Russia's market a new phone LG GD350, has an attractive design, clear management, a set of necessary functions, as well as attractive price.

In the case of a new phone GD350 combines a glossy black and golden color. Red LEDs, displays incoming calls, messages and time, clearly stands out on the outer dark display. The internal screen - 2-inch, quick access to music tracks and a 2 megapixel camera can quickly take advantage of multimedia functions. In addition, on the main panel is a button to access menus and customizable features. On either side of the phone are located slot microSD, volume keys on the one hand and micro-USB slot on the other. The phone has a compact size 95,5 x 48 x 15,9 mm and low weight.

Music can be sorted by playlists, artist, album or music genre. You can also play tracks in random order. As a ringtone, you can use MP3-tone or own established track - in GD350 is a function of writing his own compositions. Price LG GD350 - 5490 rubles.

New photos Android-smartphone HTC Incredible

In the Internet has introduced several new smartphone HTC Incredible photos and a number of additional data. This model is already known by hearsay, it is expected that it will be released in U.S. operator Verizon Wireless in April-May. That is, the handset supports cellular CDMA. HTC Incredible running operating system Android 2.1 interface and Sense. It is based on the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon, however, CPU clock speed is at 1 GHz, as previously thought - it is lowered to 768 MHz.

In addition, the smartphone is equipped with 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash and 512 MB of RAM. Dimensions HTC Incredible - 117,5 x58, 5x11, 9 mm. The smartphone is made in the form factor besklaviaturnogo monoblock with a touch screen in almost the entire front panel (the diagonal - 3,5 or 3,7 inch). While nothing is known about the value of this model, but assumed that she could make about $ 200 with a mandatory service contract with the operator.

Philips officially introduced its Windows Smartphone for CDMA networks and the Chinese market - D900

Philips has officially presented in the Chinese market your Windows smartphone, designed to work in CDMA networks - D900. This model, made in the form-factor "monoblock", has a body with smooth contours, touch screen, support for high-speed data transmission technology in mobile networks - EVDO, Wi-Fi, and GPS navigation.

If we consider the technical side of Philips D900, it looks as follows:

  • Support communications standards: CDMA2000 EVDO
  • Dimensions: 60,5 h15h101, 2 mm
  • Weight: 147.8 gr.
  • Display: 2.8-inch touchscreen, TFT, 240x320 pixels
  • Camera: 2 megapixel CMOS (CMOS) with video recording (MPEG4, 3GP / 176x144, 352x288)
  • Supported audio formats: AMR, Midi, MP3, SP-Midi, WAV, WMA
  • Communication: Bluetooth (including profiles A2DP, Handsfree, Headset), USB 1.1, WLAN, WAPI
  • Support for GPS navigation, microSD memory cards

Recorder Edic-mini Tiny Solar energy uses the sun

Zelenogradskaya company Telesystems announced a voice recorder Edic-mini Tiny Solar, which in addition to the usual battery is equipped with a solar battery. The device differs from other recorders for its miniature size - 7h36h36 mm and weighs only 15 grams.

To recharge the recorder is sufficient to place in a lighted place. With a sufficient level of illumination device can operate in continuous mode (ring) record long as you like. Received energy enough to confidently capture sounds from sources located at a distance of 7.9 meters from the microphone. Voice Recorder Edic-mini Tiny Solar has features voice activation, timer, and digital signature, which guarantees the authenticity of the recording.

The model proposed in the modifications: Solar-300h, Solar-600h, Solar-1200h, the last digit in the model name indicate the maximum recording time (8 kHz sampling frequency, 2-bit ADPCM) in hours. In addition to the solar battery charging can be conducted away from the USB port.

The iPhone with OS version 4.0 will be multitasking

Since the inception of iPhone in 2007, one of the debated issues with regards to features of this unit is the lack of multitasking. Often the user does not think much about whether his phone this opportunity or not. If someone has never had a vehicle with multi-tasking, then he can and is not required, but if the function was, then refuse it uncomfortable. For iPhone users use the question was not: the official version of the iPhone OS does not have multitasking. Rumor same release 4.0 must be different from the earlier it is the presence of multitasking. This information informs resource AppleInsider.

For information about that iPhone OS 4.0 go long and hard. The present communication is based on information from unnamed sources inside the company Apple. It seems as if in some measure multi-tasking will be realized and even specify how. And it is this question more interesting, since the iPhone OS does not have the structure of windows operating systems. According to unofficial information from Apple, in the iPhone OS 4.0 will be installed manager of multi-tasking "borrowed" from Mac OS X. No other details were specified, which may be due to the fact that, despite rumors, the new OS for the iPhone is still far from final readiness.

It is worth recalling that the initial refusal to support multi-tasking was caused by the desire to optimize the power consumption of the phone, which has a large touch screen and built-in battery.

New Car GPS / GSM / GPRS tracker GlobusGPS GL-TR2

Company GlobusGPS announces immediate availability of a new model car GPS / GSM / GPRS tracker - GlobusGPS GL-TR2. This model, with the words producer, specifically designed and optimized for use with all types of vehicles. It allows you to determine the location of the vehicle in real time, trace route, accumulate points coordinates in the memory, in the absence of GSM communication. It says the company, GlobusGPS GL-TR2 has a good receiving sensitivity GPS signal, through the use of the receiver based on chip SIRF-Star III last generation.

With this device you can remotely monitor individual vehicle parameters such as speed of movement, remaining fuel, the availability of open doors, the status of the engine and other options, as well as manage the individual blocks of a car by connecting them through the relays to the outputs of trackers.

Main characteristics:

  • Tracking the movement of the car by SMS or GPRS (TCP / UDP)
  • Determination of the current location of the vehicle
  • Tracking the location at regular intervals
  • Ability to save the coordinates in the internal memory of up to 260 000 points
  • Built-in motion sensor to save energy
  • SOS Button
  • Control output for a certain zone
  • Notification low battery
  • Notification speeding
  • Ability to remotely disable the engine
  • Notice of loosing / restoration GPS signal
  • Notification of the device is switched
  • Logic inputs / outputs: 5 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, 5 outputs

Photos interface "evil" camera Sony EVIL

Some devices can be quite strange, but to some extent an attractive name. Unfortunately, when translating from English into Russian is often this "chip" disappears. That is so proudly sounding system EVIL (evil) in the Russian translation is EVSL (Electronic viewfinder and interchangeable lenses). As can be seen in the grim English name is not hidden any of the universal evil, this is a new ultra-compact camera tsifrozerkalnoy from the company Sony, which will feature competitors from a system of interchangeable lenses and an electronic viewfinder with touch screen.

First photographs of this system were demonstrated at the exhibition PMA / Online images appeared showing the menu tsifrozerkalnoy camera with touchscreen interface. Possible that this interface will seem to someone more comfortable than working with traditional systems. In any case, the touch screen allows you to significantly reduce the number of external controls and reduce the minimum possible size of the shell.

Full specification cameras are not yet known, but hardly a compact model will have a functional full-size camera. Also not reported the cost of Sony EVIL, which largely affect the popularity of the camera.

Packard Bell Studio ST - guide to TV entertainment

Company Packard Bell has added its line of devices for storing multimedia files, the new model - Packard Bell Studio ST, allows to store and play music files, videos and photos.

This device is bundled remote control, and also equipped with a USB port for playback or share files stored on other drives with USB, such as flash memory or hard drives. Packard Bell Studio ST can play all versions of popular video formats, images and audio, including Dolby Digital. It has an intuitive graphical interface with support for most European languages can.

Drive Packard Bell Studio ST comes with pre-installed programs Packard Bell for automatic continuous backup on fixed dates and archiving data from the system.

In addition, this drive uses PowerSave, reduce power consumption by 60%. This is achieved by switching to economy mode after a certain period of time, or automatically switch off when you turn off your PC. As the company PowerSave technology also allows you to extend the life of the hard drive and reduce intensity of use of built-in drives.

New Packard Bell Studio ST has a volume of up to 2 TB storage and transfer media files and provides excellent playback quality through the component video output HD (1080p) and the Port HDMI. The bundle includes a full set of digital cable (composite audio / video, YPbPr, HDMI and USB2.0).

Phone Mobiado Classic 712GCB: another masterpiece of premium-class

Company Mobiado introduced another high-quality mobile phone in a series of Classic - 712GCB. The new premium model in terms of functionality and appearance is similar to another representative of the series - Classic 712ZAF. It is equipped with 2.2-inch display with a resolution of QVGA, numeric keypad, GPS-receiver, music player and a 5-megapixel camera with flash. Phone Mobiado Classic 712GCB works in networks GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and WCDMA (2100/1900/900 MHz).

Traditionally, the distinctive feature Mobiado phones are high quality materials. And the new model is no exception. Its body is constructed of copper, hand polished and coated with a thick layer of gold, and stainless steel. Buttons are made of sapphire crystals, and also hand-coated with gold. The display also covers the sapphire crystal. And, finally, the final touch: on the back cover of Classic 712GCB executed engraving - logo Mobiado. While nothing is known about the price of a new phone, but it is likely to be traditionally high - in accordance with the status of the device.

AMD plans to release a processor for netbooks

Manufacturer of computer equipment in the near future AMD processor chip will present a series of Fusion, which will be designed for netbooks and will compete with Intel product line of Intel Atom. Inclusion of a series of processors Fusion means having integrated graphics from the company ATI, which is included in the model of AMD in 2006. The final characteristics of the processor is not yet known, but according to marketing director Nigel Dessau (Nigel Dessau), the chipset will consume 10 to 15 watts, and its performance when working with graphics will be enough to do without the extra GPU NVIDIA Ion.

It is possible that the processor will enter the so-called range of Bobcat, which is known for the roadmap, which became known in November last year. Bobcat Equipment designed for portable computers with screen sizes up to 12 inches. Currently, such devices have already released AMD Athlon Neo chip with low power consumption, but rather the product corresponds CULV-processors for notebooks, rather than netbook with Intel Atom.

At the moment did not mention either the CPU time commitment Fusion, nor its cost, nor in any netbook manufacturers it can be used. It is reported that the device is not its basis can not appear before 2011.

Black Box: Pocket Navigator PN-K70 DVR

MakTsentr company announced sales of special browsers Pocket Navigator PN-K70 DVR, which it believes will, in addition to navigation in a big city with a thousand streets and complex interchanges, motorists cope with unpleasant situations on the roads, as false accusations of violating the rules traffic accidents, attempts to "avtopodstav.

GPS-navigator is a set of communicator Mio K70, full version of navigation software AVTOSPUTNIK, software for video recording of road conditions and memory cards microSD, where all this will be installed.

DVR AutoDVR - a program that performs the role of the "black box" car, which imposes on the video time / date, as well as speed and GPS-coordinates.

Images are made with time-lapse video compression MJPEG. To view the captured clips in the program has a video player, as well as the ability to save videos in AVI-format for viewing on a PC.

The included memory card microSD, volume 2Gb, allows continuous video recording for 6 hours.

MakTsentr notes that in cases of administrative law can be given any evidence relevant to the case, including records and motor DVR. This right is enshrined in Article 26.2 of the Code of Administrative Violations.