Microsoft releases a new hard drive 250 GB Xbox 360

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Company Microsoft announced a new accessory for fans of Xbox 360 game console - a hard drive volume increase of 250 GB. As the company's announcement to prepare gamers for the very rich in the history of the Xbox 360. The moment to start the drive was not chosen randomly - Microsoft has taken care of users waiting for these hot new products, as a multiplayer beta of Halo: Reach, thriller Alan Wake with a full sense of presence, as well as Dead Rising 2, Crackdown 2.

Larger hard drives can store a large number of game saves, and install images play DVD discs to increase the speed data downloads. Russia's fans play on the Xbox 360 will get a new hard drive and costs 3 790 rubles. However, it is suggested retail price, actual price may vary. According to plans of Microsoft, new arrive on shop shelves simultaneously worldwide on April 16.

The first update for Firefox 3.6 is available - the problem of dangerous "hole" is solved

As expected, the company Mozilla has released the first update for its open-source browser Firefox 3.6. The new browser version number for Firefox 3.6.2, in particular, the problem with a dangerous vulnerability, which we have already reported in the news. Recall, we are talking about a critical vulnerability that allows remote arbitrary code to run on computers with the browser Firefox 3.6.

Moreover, the existence of this program "hole" became known in mid-February, but Mozilla itself has recognized this fact only relatively recently. Among other things, released Firefox 3.6.2 update addressed a number of other problems associated with system security and stability of this popular browser. As you know, to delay the installation of this update is not recommended, as we can get it from the official site of the project Mozilla Firefox.

Started sales of Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition - steel and gold

GC "The Messenger" launched its services on an unusual mobile phone Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition. Recalling the model was unveiled late last year and was supposed to appear on sale in the first quarter of this year, that actually happened.

Keys set, made of solid metal, and created exclusively for the series Gold Edition screen saver desktop models give the design integrity and completeness. Who became a continuation of best-selling Nokia 6700 ?lassic, the apparatus is made of steel and gold 750-carat, and decorated with shell coating of 18-carat gold st. The new version of Nokia 6700 Gold Edition ?lassic represented by two models, one of which has a white insert in the front and rear on the chassis.

With a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus images and the possibility of high-speed data transfer device makes it easy to upload photos and videos to various online resources. The phone has a 2.2-inch TFT screen with 320x240 pixels, 170 MB of internal memory, a slot for a microSD card up to 8 GB, Bluetooth 2.1 module and a GPS receiver, and also received an application Nokia Maps.

In addition, the apparatus applies the provisions of the sensor, which is realized through the rejection of calls - when a call comes in enough to tap your finger across the screen. In the kit supplied additional accessories, including carrying case and strap made of genuine leather. Cost Classic Nokia 6700 Gold Edition is 19 990 rubles.

AT & T is preparing to release Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

U.S. operator AT & T reported that in the coming months he will release smartphones Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus operating system webOS. At this point in the U.S. sold only their options for networks CDMA, and now appear, and GSM / UMTS-model. Recall, Palm Pre Plus - is a vertical slider with touch screen and sliding QWERTY-keyboard. It differs from similar models of Palm Pre only twice as large memory (16 GB). Palm Pixi Plus, in turn, is a candy bar with a touch screen and an integrated QWERTY-keyboard. He, unlike Palm Pixi, supports the wireless standard Wi-Fi. Built-in memory from him, like Pixi, is 8 GB.

It is not clear when exactly will come from AT & T Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus, marked only time in the next few months. But the cost of devices already announced: Palm Pixi Plus will be sold for $ 149,99, and Pixi Plus - for $ 49.99, prices include a two-year contract and rebates.

Samsung Modus - "double" Wireless Headset

Company Samsung Mobile announced the launch of a stylish Bluetooth headset, "Transformers" - Samsung Modus (HM3500), is equipped with two microphones and noise suppression, as well as capable of becoming a stereo ...

In addition to high-quality sound, which, as the company claims, reproduces and transmits it to the new headset, Samsung Modus also has a number of additional functions, such as the ability simultaneously to two Bluetooth devices - whether two mobile phones, MP3 player, computer, or a combination thereof. Well, probably the most interesting part of this headset - the possibility to use it as wireless stereo headphones, in which she converted with an optional wired headset. Switching to the same music playback occurs in HM3500 gradually restoring its specified parameters after the call.

Samsung Modus (HM3500) Features:

  • Dual headset - stereo and mono
  • Removable BTE mount
  • Several sizes of rubber ear inserts
  • Simultaneous work with multiple Bluetooth devices
  • Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR, microUSB interface, support for technology Proximity pairing (auto pairing two devices)
  • Checking the battery level

Ulysse Nardin Chairman: Android-smartphone cost up to $ 50 000

Swiss Ulysse Nardin watch company reported that its mobile unit luxury will be running an operating system Android.

Recall model Ulysse Nardin Chairman was announced about a year ago, and now it is available for pre-order. It is made in the form factor of the classical candy bar with a numeric keypad, but also equipped with a 3.2-inch capacitive touch screen. The smartphone is available in several different ways using the decoration of pink gold, carbon fiber and steel. Cost ranges from $ 12 800 to $ 49 500.

It should be noted that Ulysse Nardin Chairman, unlike many premium-up, offers high-end features. It is equipped with 8-megapixel camera, 32 GB internal memory, a fingerprint sensor, supports the third-generation cellular networks and can play HD-video. Unusual feature of the smartphone is the presence of a moving mechanism, which helps to charge the battery. He, incidentally, provides up to 8 hours of talk time and up to 30 days of standby time on one charge.