Famous overclocker Hi Cookie left a chip Intel Core i7-980X without heat

Friday, March 26, 2010

Any computer enthusiast will say that the removal of the metal heat sink with AMD processors is only a matter of time and patience. However, in the case with most Intel chips the situation is dramatically different, because removing them from the cover heat usually leads to the destruction of the crystal.

But now the situation seems to have changed for the better. One of the most famous overclockers in the world, hiding under the moniker Hi Cookie, published on its web page on Facebook image processor Intel Core i7-980X removed from the "hat", ie without heat. This rare shot we introduce readers.

We recall, made its debut recently chip Intel Core i7-980X standards established by the 32 nm process technology and supports 12 computing threads on 6 physical cores, and its clock frequency is equal to 3,33 GHz. Crystal itself takes up only 248 mm2, ie, its area is less than the crystal of 45 nm chips Nehalem, occupies 263 mm2.

Netbook transformer ASUS Eee PC T101MT appear in Europe in April

According to the Italian resource Eee PC, netbook ASUS Eee PC T101MT go on sale in Italy next month. It is likely that at the same time new product will be released in other European countries. Recall, Eee PC T101MT - is not just a netbook, a transformer with 10-inch rotary capacitive touch screen. In February we wrote about the fact that the device has already appeared on the website of the company ASUSTeK Computer, and in January this netbook convertible was shown at the exhibition CES.

According to a source in Italy do the ASUS Eee PC T101MT in the following configuration: Intel Atom N450 processor with a clock speed of 1.66 GHz, Integrated Graphics Intel GMA 3150, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB hard drive on, adapters, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth, as well as 0.3 megapixel camera. This model will cost 499 euros. Apparently, there will be a younger version based on Windows 7 Starter Edition, with 1 GB of RAM and 160 GB hard drive. It will obviously be cheaper, presumably, its price in the U.S. could reach $ 499.

Scientists: prone to pedophilia and fraud betray "keyboard hand"

Pedophiles who use the World Wide Web to find their victims, to help trace their way of typing, say British scientists. Researchers are developing ways to use technology in order to remotely receive some information about a person, including their sex, approximate age and cultural level. It is sufficient to study the rate and rhythm, which makes the object of observation only a few keystrokes on the computer keyboard.
Professor Roy Maksion (Roy Maxion), who is a senior lecturer University of Newcastle, held a series of studies in which a group of 50 users typing on a computer, while their fingers were attached electronic sensors. These sensors can accurately determine the manner and speed with which the user types text. This also defines the kind of "keyboard hand", which allows a fairly accurate track of a person on the Internet.

The accuracy of identification is 95 percent of the total after 10 keystrokes. According to Phil Butler (Phil Butler), who heads the Department of cyber forensics and computer security at the University of Newcastle, this technology can be used to track fraud and pedophiles. Thus, the identification system for "keyboard handwritings" will help protect children and adolescents from perverts who use the Internet in their crimes.

Began selling Internet tablet JooJoo - a potential competitor to Apple iPad

Finally tablet JooJoo (an African word «joujou» - a magical object) comes to its buyer. March 29 residents of the United States, early ordered tablet will have them in their property. JooJoo, officially presented in December last year, at the very beginning of its existence was known CrunchPad and he had to sell at a price of $ 200. But, as already observed in one of history, "during the journey, the dog would grow up", the price of tablet increased to 499 dollars. Shipping tablet is only through your own website JooJoo.

Operating on its own browser-based operating system manufacturer's Fusion Garage,
paltseorientirovannomu with a simple user interface and web-based applications, the tablet is organized for easy access to Web content: news, music, videos, social networks and various Web Service. JooJoo is supposedly the largest in its class of devices display - by 12.1 inches. Tablet supports Flash 10.1, Java, has a built-in WiFi, but can not boast of 3G.
Earlier this month, tablet interface has changed slightly and now the desktop is designed in a grid of icons. Also now to work with the text available two virtual keyboards of different sizes (one of them to work with one hand). 

JooJoo expects to tear a piece of market share from Apple iPad. Tablet of Fusion Garage more (12-inch touchscreen), works on a platform NVIDIA Ion with hardware support for 1080p-Video, but has only 4 GB of memory and therefore completely focused on working with Web kontektom. Apple iPad will go on sale on April 3 this year. It is slightly smaller (touch screen by 9.7 inches), supports the playback of the standard 720p, has 64 GB of memory and is compatible with all the native software. Price for Apple iPad sostavyalet as 499 dollars. 

Images of the motherboard MSI XPower X58 Big Bang - is ready for release

In news from the Hanover at CeBIT 2010 we reported that MSI has introduced the latest motherboard XPower X58 Big Bang. As is clear from the title, the novelty is in the famous series of Big Bang and is a solution based on Intel X58 chipset with support for processors in the performance of LGA 1366.
And now on the World Wide Web emerged expanses image MSI XPower X58 Big Bang, which presented ready to release version of the motherboard. Note the presence in this sample cooling system, including radiators over VRM areas and the north bridge X58.
These radiators are linked teplootvodnoy tube diameter of 8 mm, which is called the MSI SuperPipe. During cooling of the south bridge ICH10R responsible individual radiator, a few larger in size. In addition, the motherboard MSI XPower X58 Big Bang has six expansion slots for PCI-Express x16 and 16-phase power system with the function of PWM and two 8-pin power connectors.
Present chips DrMOS and High-C capacitors, as well as a number of options for overclocking, such as points for removing the voltage, the function OC Genie, OC Dashboard module and DIP switch Easy OC Switch. Additional controller ensures that the two ports SATA 6.0 Gbps, and south bridge ICH10R sells six ports SATA 3.0 Gbps.

Motherboard MSI XPower X58 Big Bang is equipped with a dual slot Gigabit Ethernet, two USB 3.0 ports in addition to many ports USB 2.0, and eSATA connectors and FireWire. Among other things, included her is a sound card MSI QuantumWave with bus PCI-Express x1 and support of technology Creative EAX 5.0 HD. The release of this board to be held in the near future.

Apple has patented solar lights for the laptop screen

Apple has patented a technology that describes a method for the display light from external light sources. For example, this could be the sun. Thus, expected to be achieved to save battery power. A patent application from Apple called the External Light Illumination of Display Screens. It indicates that the image on modern LCD displays are difficult to outside facilities, in particular, under the bright sun. A patented Apple technology will benefit from sunlight.
The described system uses a reflective layer (reflector), located behind the display. It will guide received from external sources, the light back on display on the inside for its illumination. Moreover, it can be not only the sun's rays, but the light bulbs. This technology is suitable, apparently, for laptops. Thus, if it is implemented in the future may appear with the MacBook screens with solar lighting.

A prototype device based on the new platform Qualcomm MSM7x30 - photos

Journalists Resource Engadget acquainted with the prototype device based on a new hardware platform, Qualcomm MSM7x30 and publish the relevant photos and video. Specifically, the device - is an example demonstrating the power of the platform, not a fact that he will be released in commercial form. The model represents besklaviaturny candy bar with a large touch screen. It uses the original interface Fluid, which looks like the overlapping between the wave icons and bubbles. Judging from the video, it does seem that under the fingers - streams of water. Most likely, he too will not be implemented on the devices available on the market - this is just a display of graphics capability platform.
Processor Speed Qualcomm MSM7x30 ranges from 800 MHz to 1 GHz. Platform is designed to work with graphics and video at a high level. For example, was shown three-dimensional game on the screen, as well as high-definition video (720p) and its output on an HDTV. The source suggested that the device based on the new chipset, Qualcomm may enter the market later this year, although nothing specific about them is not yet known.

Phone Pantech Link: Photos and videos

Resource UnwiredView posted a few photos and video on mobile phone Pantech Link, received at CTIA Wireless 2010. This apparatus is designed for U.S. operator AT & T, it supports cellular network 3G. Pantech Link - a candy bar with a horizontal screen and built-in QWERTY-keyboard. It has a medium performance and, perhaps, the ideal lovers textual correspondence. The device differs little thick - 10 mm and, as the source, very comfortably in the hand.

Among the characteristics of Pantech Link resource mentioned 2.4-inch screen, 1.3-megapixel camera, slot for microSD memory cards and support aGPS and Bluetooth. Phone can work on one battery charge up to 3 hours of talk time and up to 10 days in standby mode. For convenience, capturing the back of the device is covered with non-slip rubber. It is expected that Pantech Link will go on sale at AT & T in the U.S. in the second quarter of this year.

Multimedia Notebooks ASUS N61JA and N82JV: Timing and cost

We have already mentioned in the news about the entertainment series notebooks ASUS N. And now the network has information on the timing of and value of two representatives of this lineup - N61JA-JX008V and N82JV-VX020V with 16 and 14-inch display, respectively. It is reported that these two laptop will go on sale in Europe in mid-April. The cost of these models will be quite high - 1049 euro. However, the characteristics of them quite worthy - it is productive multimedia solutions.

Both laptops are based on processors Intel Core i5-520M with a frequency of 2.4 GHz and running the operating system, Windows 7 Home Premium. But they have different graphics - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 is a 16-inch model and NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M - a 14-inch. The latter, incidentally, supports NVIDIA Optimus, which automatically switches the system to integrated graphics when working with simple tasks and discrete - with the inclusion of multimedia applications. This allows you to save battery power. Among the other characteristics of these two laptops - 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as the new interface USB 3.0.

Bulk Fermi version should appear by June - if there are no delays

It is known that the Fermi architecture is flexible enough to be implemented in a completely different products. For example, now fans NVIDIA ticking last hours remaining before the official release of the GeForce GTX 470 and GeForce GTX 480. These powerful adapters, recall, relate to the community of gamers and computer enthusiasts and are based on 40 nm chip GF100 (Fermi) with 448 and 480 kernels CUDA respectively.
However, the Fermi architecture may well be applied in a less powerful GPU, with, for example, 256 or 128 shader cores. Such solutions may find application in low-cost graphics cards designed for the mass consumer, while delivering technology to support DirectX 11. In addition, the Fermi function can be "implanted" in the mobile chip.

According to informed sources, low-cost version of the architecture Fermi should appear this summer, probably in June. However, if you remember how many times endured NVIDIA GeForce GTX issue accelerators 470 and GeForce GTX 480, which was expected to debut as early as last November, can not be sure of anything. We can only hope that the expectation of massive video cards based on the Fermi did not extend over many months, and we will be able to see these products, at least in the third quarter of this year.

First Full LED 3D TV LG LX9500 presented formally

LG Electronics has officially introduced in South Korea Full LED 3D TV LX9500, which, as stated in a press release, the world's first device of its kind. Novelty has a special structure of LED illumination, enabling users to enjoy vivid and realistic three-dimensional image.

In addition, the technology provides TruMotion refresh rate of 400 Hz, and the level of dynamic contrast achieves 10 000 000: 1, which also contributes to immersion in 3D reality. This Full LED 3D TV LG LX9500, of course, supports Full HD resolution for image quality 1080p.

A distinctive feature of the TV LG LX9500 is its slim design. The thickness of the device does not exceed 22.3 mm, together with 16 mm front edge makes it quite a spectacular addition to the living room. It remains to add that the model Full LED 3D TV from LG LX9500 47-inch TVs should soon appear on sale in the Korean market at 4.7 million won ($ 4134), and 55-inch version should be available in May, when the 3D HDTV will foreign markets.