Powerful Smartphone Nokia N8 - almost officially

Monday, March 29, 2010

The network has already appeared rumors that the company is preparing to release Nokia's flagship smartphone N8. Publish "live" photos of the device, as well as some information about its characteristics. But it was all unofficial, but now have confirmation of the existence of such a model on the site Nokia. However, it has not yet officially announced, but the service file User Agent Profile. It indicates that the smartphone is equipped with a Nokia N8 display with a resolution of 360x640 pixels, built on the ARM processor and is running Symbian ^ 3. In addition, the device supports a network Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS / EGPRS / EDGE and WCDMA / HSDPA.

With regard to earlier data, according to them, Nokia N8 (also referred to the index N98) - a functional candy bar with 3.5-inch touch screen and no hardware keyboard. Its important feature is a 12 megapixel camera with Xenon flash, Carl Zeiss optics and video recording of high-definition (720p). To display video on an external monitor has a connector HDMI. Supposedly, the announcement of Nokia N8 held in April, and sales will start in the autumn.

HP Elite 7100 - the desktop for small businesses with enhanced security features

HP today introduced desktop performance HP Elite 7100 Business Desktop PC. As the producer, the model is aimed at small businesses that need a simple and, at the same time, functional solution with a high degree of reliability. In a desktop computer HP Elite 7100 uses the latest processor Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 chipset and Intel H57 Express, which provides performance for multimedia content creation and multitasking environment.

Aimed at small businesses with limited staff of IT professionals, computer HP Elite 7100 comes with a package of security tools HP ProtectTools for Small Business, designed to help protect critical assets and minimize the time and means to address security vulnerabilities.

In addition, the computer HP Elite 7100 supplied tools for network security to protect you from viruses and malicious programs. Among these tools - Norton Online Backup solution from the company Symantec, used to protect data stored on a networked computer, and an automatic backup of files in a single secure repository, and the browser Mozilla Firefox for HP Virtual Solutions, which provides built-in reset feature after work on the Internet, designed to protect your computer from malicious code. To protect against theft HP Elite Model 7100 is equipped with a lock HP Chassis Lock and optionally lock Kensington MicroSaver Security Cable Lock.

HP Elite Model 7100 provides the ability to customize the configuration according to the needs of business: the computer can be one of the preinstalled operating systems, Windows, up to 16 GB of memory, up to 1 terabyte of disk space, various types of optical drives and an optional SSD. In addition, the computer provides bays and ports to connect additional devices and the ability to RAID 1 when the data protection they are in real-time mirrored on two disk drives.

Computer HP Elite 7100 is equipped with a drive SATA DVD-ROM, SATA SuperMulti LightScribe DVD drive and optional HP SATA Blu-ray Writer for professional DVD creation and the creation of labels. Media Card Reader Card reader supports 22 types of cards provide a convenient transfer photos, files and videos on your computer, and VGA connectors and DVI-D to connect the monitors allow you to work simultaneously with multiple programs or documents. Model 7100 HP Elite Desktop PC goes on sale in April 2010.

Ultraportable Business Notebook ThinkPad X201 and X201s and MultiTouch Tablet ThinkPad X201 Tablet

Lenovo is presented subtle and productive series of notebooks ThinkPad X201. New Models Series ThinkPad X201, including a tablet PC X201 Tablet, are based on the latest Intel Core processor and provide high performance with minimal weight and size. In a new series of thin and light ThinkPad notebooks are three models.
ThinkPad X201 is the most powerful notebook series, built on dual-core processors Intel Core i with a frequency of 2.66 GHz. Turbo Boost technology allows, if necessary, increase the frequency of the processor to 3.06 GHz. ThinkPad X201 - a combination of performance and mobility: the weight of the model with the standard battery is 1.3 pounds, and with the extended battery laptop can work out without charge to 11 hours. Despite its compact size, all laptops are equipped with a series of full-size keyboard. In the model of ThinkPad X201 can install the module and the current 3G wireless adapter WiMAX / WiFi, and also available as a modification to conventional hard disk drive, and with high-speed solid-state storage up to 128 GB.

ThinkPad X201s - a powerful and compact laptop with a screen high definition. ThinkPad X201s Notebooks equipped processors Intel Core i with frequency up to 2.13 GHz. This is the easiest notebook series - the minimum weight of 1.12 pounds. X201s also the most long-lived: the maximum battery life with extended 9-cell battery is 12.2 hours. All models are equipped ThinkPad X201s screen with a resolution of 1440x900 pixels.

ThinkPad X201 Tablet - a full-featured tablet, which was created specifically for business. It is a versatile notebook, equipped with touch screen technology to support MultiTouch, which can operate with light touch of fingers. The ability to manage your laptop without using the keyboard and mouse is implemented not only in the Windows 7 operating system and related applications. With the help of Lenovo SimpleTap owner ThinkPad X201 Tablet can change the hardware configuration system and launch frequently used programs. Working with the computer as with the fingers, and with the help of the supplied pen, convenient for handwriting and other tasks.

Like other notebook series, the ThinkPad X201 Tablet use powerful modern processors and Intel Core. Information from the screen plate is read, even in difficult conditions due to the large viewing angles - up to 185 degrees. The laptop can also be equipped with a screen brightness for outdoor use.

Notebooks ThinkPad X201, X201s and X201 Tablet will be available in Russia in April 2010.

Notebook ASUS Eee PC 1201T - already in the online sale, but without an operating system

The American online shop Newegg appeared ultraportable notebook ASUS Eee PC 1201T. This 12.1-inch solution based on the CPU AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 and graphics ATI Radeon HD 3200. The laptop is equipped with 2 GB of RAM, hard disk drive 160 GB wireless adapters Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth, as well as 0.3 megapixel camera. 6-cell battery of the device is designed for 6 hours of battery life from one charge.

Among the ports ASUS Eee PC 1201T - 3xUSB, VGA, audio jacks, and a memory card slot MMC / SD (SDHC). In short, the usual ultraportable laptop with a fairly simple possibilities. But what is most interesting, sold it to Newegg with no operating system. The site and pointed out - the OS is missing, there is only Express Gate - software based on Linux for quick access to basic Internet capabilities. It is assumed, apparently, that the user will set the laptop operating system to your liking. But the cost ASUS Eee PC 1201T quite low - $ 389.99.

Lenovo ThinkPad W701 and W701ds - updated mobile workstations

Lenovo is presented updated mobile workstation ThinkPad W701 and W701ds. Model ThinkPad W701 is positioned by the manufacturer as the most powerful mobile workstation ThinkPad W701, and ThinkPad W701ds represents its modification with two screens. Notebooks use a quad-core Intel Core i7 and can be equipped with a built-in Wacom tablet and color calibrator.

Mobile workstations ThinkPad W701, and are W701ds who need extreme performance in a portable device. This is the most powerful mobile computers in the line of ThinkPad. Notebooks ThinkPad W701 and W701ds completed quad-core processors Intel Core i7 processor supporting Turbo Boost and Hyper Threading. High performance in graphics and video applications provide graphics NVIDIA Quadro FX 2800 or 3800 with 1 GB of its own memory.

As the producer, ThinkPad W701, and W701ds remain the only mobile workstation with 17-inch screen, equipped with a built-in color calibrator. Another feature of this model is the built-in tablet Wacom. These notebooks have been certified to work with the most popular professional third-party applications developers, such as Dassault Systemes CATIA ®, SolidWorks, PTC Pro / E and others. Deserves special attention model ThinkPad W701ds - this is the second notebook Think series with two displays: the main, with a resolution FullHD, and to submit additional diagonal 10.6 inches and a resolution of 768x1280 pixels. Mobile workstations ThinkPad W701 and W701ds will be available in Russia from May 2010, they cost $ 140 000.

VewSonic produces "green" Monitor VX1932wm-LED

ViewSonic Corp. has expanded on the Russian market line of "green" multimedia monitors model VX1932wm-LED based on LED technology. As promised producer, new saves energy and costs by not only the efficiency LED technology, but also less heat, which reduces the load on air conditioners, and this in turn leads to greater energy savings.

ViewSonic has improved the image quality VX1932wm-LED, and a dynamic contrast ratio 10 000 000:1 provides realistic depth and sharp images in any room. These ergonomic features lead to less eye fatigue, increase productivity and less stress the user that makes the display suitable for use in the office, multimedia applications, or just for internet browsing.

Intelligent control circuit LED backlight automatically detects the signal and controls the brightness according to the nature of the image, as well as "samopodstraivaetsya" to the outside lighting. For example, if a user works in bright light, LED illumination ensures that the white will remain white, black - really black, and gray levels will grow as well, forming an excellent grayscale. Along with the improvement of image quality, without compromise to the technical characteristics may be as much as 50% reduction in power consumption.

Construction Monitor ViewSonic VX1932wm-LED, which is manufactured without the use of mercury. The monitor contains a number of additional innovations, such as mode of ECO, which help to achieve energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills, which is especially important for companies that use hundreds of monitors.

Inexpensive computer towers SilverStone Precision PS05 - details

For those users who plan to buy next summer a new computer case, SilverStone company is preparing its proposal in a series of Precision. New feature called PS05, made in the form factor Mid-Tower, and has dimensions of 190 x 456,5 x 501,2 mm.

New computer casing SilverStone Precision PS05 is made of steel and has four external 5.25 inch bay size and the front panel located on it with two USB and two audio ports. For the cooling system components in the basic responsibility of two 120 mm fan at the bottom of the hull and on the rear panel.

In addition, supported the installation of three additional fans - one on the front panel working on the flow of cool air, and two exhaust fans on the upper side. It remains to add that the computer casing SilverStone Precision PS05 should appear on sale in May at a price about 42 euros.

BenQ MP782ST - short-focus wide-3D Projector

Company BenQ has introduced a new widescreen short-focus projector 3D - MP782ST, intended for use primarily in schools. Short range technology with a coefficient of 0.5 allows the projector BenQ MP782ST get a distance of one meter wide screen image with a diagonal of 2.4 meters. The area of the image 30% more in comparison with similar format projectors XGA.
Projector BenQ MP782ST suited for use with interactive whiteboards without the risk of blindness teacher or student. In addition, he uses Front Project 3D DLP Link, which allows to obtain three-dimensional image. To help teachers projector is equipped with features appear on the blackboard and colored walls, Automatic Tracking signal, fast shutdown, keystone correction and 10-watt tweeter.

Available LAN RJ45 port allows to control several projectors remotely over the network using the Crestron RoomView LAN Control. For quality, clarity, contrast and image security meets DLP BrilliantColor technology and VIDI. It promises a manufacturer, color and contrast do not change with time, while the projector does not require periodic replacement and filter cleaning.

The projector is made in accordance with international requirements for energy conservation. Among them are auto, the presence of eco-mode, the consumption in the standby mode of less than 1 watt of electricity. The warranty on the projector on the territory of Russia - 2 years. The warranty on the lamp - 1 year or 2000 hours, whichever comes first.

You will see Nokia N900 with two operating systems - Maemo and MeeGo

On the official forum Maemo has been some data on the release of the first release of the new operating system MeeGo. Recall, this software platform was unveiled by Nokia and Intel on the Mobile World Congress in mid-February this year. Opratsionnaya MeeGo system combines OS Maemo and Moblin. According to Quim Gil from the development team Maemo, next week will preview version MeeGo for developers. He noted that it is not fully functional and stable software and it is unlikely there will be willing to install it on your tablet Nokia N900. Although this is an important stage of development platform.

In addition, the developer said that it might be a smartphone version of Nokia N900 tablet, with two operating systems - Maemo and MeeGo. No specific dates, he did not name, but in all likelihood, this is not the next days or weeks. Release of the first release of the operating system MeeGo, in turn, is expected in May. Apparently, it was above him now closely involved developers.

Simmbook - netbook for $ 190 for developing countries from IBM and Canonical

Company IBM, Canonical, and Simmtronics announced that they would netbook based on Intel Atom processor for emerging markets. The model is called Simmbook, she is running an operating system Ubuntu Netbook Remix and Software Client for Smart Work with the support of the "cloud" services IBM LotusLive. First, new in Africa, it will cost $ 190. Then it will begin selling in India, Thailand and Vietnam. Simmtronics Simbook in terms of characteristics is the usual netbook with a 10.1-inch display.
The device is based on Intel Atom N270 processor and chipset Intel 82945GSE. It is equipped with 1 GB of memory and hard disk drive 160 GB (you can set more capacious hard drive to 500 GB). Furthermore, the netbook has a slot for memory cards SD, 1,3 megapixel camera, interface with support for PCIe Wi-Fi 802.11 B / G and 3 or 6-cell battery. Among the ports - Ethernet, 3hUSB 2.0, VGA and audio connectors. Simbook available in red, blue and black colors, it can already be ordered online Simmtronics.

MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition - platinum-diamond Notebook

The designer Stuart Hughes (Stuart Hughes) has once again added to his series of "precious" electronics Supreme. This time, he refined the thinnest laptop MacBook Air. New product called MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition. Cover your laptop is made from a single piece of polished pure platinum, and the logo Apple - nadkusannoe apple - laid out diamonds. In total, finishing MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition lasted 53 diamonds weighing 25.5 carats. Obviously, they all focused on the logo.

The rest of the body "ice" MacBook Air Supreme is made of polished aluminum. The device is its glossy silver design actually resembles a sparkling ice. Cost MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition is 139 995 pounds, is almost $ 210 000. Copies will be limited, as all works by this designer: will only be 10 of these laptops. By the way, the device iPhone and iPod touch media player from Apple, decorated with precious materials, is also housed in the Supreme Stuart Hughes.

Windows Phone 7 Series on HTC HD2 - photos and video

We have already mentioned that the flagship Communicator HTC HD2 can get the operating system upgrade to the latest version of Windows Phone 7 Series. However, these were only rumors, though, warmed up hints the company Microsoft. But then, once two of its top manager reported that this update will not be released because of inconsistencies device requirements. This, in particular, said at the conference MIX10 head direction Windows Phone 7 Series in Microsoft Joe Belfiore (Joe Belfiore).

However, users definitely do not agree with this view, the software giant. Visitor Forum HTCPedia tom_codon (by the way, from Russia), has managed to port the Windows Phone 7 Series on HTC HD2. He put the appropriate pictures and video. According to him, there were some problems with the graphics driver, but he expects to soon allow them. And the rest, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are working well.

Features HTC HD2, by the way, let it be classified as top communicators, and if not for the requirement of "three keys", it might have been able to obtain, and the official firmware update to the Windows Phone 7 Series. Of the opportunities communicator is worth mentioning, for example, Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with 1 GHz processor, 4.3-inch capacitive touch display and 5 megapixel camera.