Version GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470 Series Hydro Copper from EVGA - really "cool"

Thursday, April 1, 2010

To maintain consumer interest in its the GeForce GTX 480 Hydro Copper and GeForce GTX 470 Hydro Copper, EVGA company published "live" photos of water-block is used for cooling of these powerful adapters. In addition, to the public shows the temperature performance of these accelerators in comparison with the reference design models.

For example, the maximum recorded temperature of the GPU in the GeForce GTX 470 Hydro Copper is 38 degrees Celsius, while Hooker Python model similar index is equal to 83 degrees Celsius. A similar situation is with the adapter, the flagship GeForce GTX 480. If the temperature of video core on the reference model reaches 95 degrees Celsius, then the water-cooled version, the figure is only 49 degrees Celsius.

Although the manufacturer has not provided any details about the test configuration used in this experiment, we should recognize that these figures look quite optimistic. Add that the clock speeds EVGA GeForce GTX 470 Hydro Copper FTW are 650/1300/3402 MHz for the GPU, shader and memory, respectively, while the corresponding figures model GeForce GTX 480 Hydro Copper FTW equal to 750/1500/3800 MHz. Both video card should appear on sale soon at prices of $ 500 and $ 650 respectively.

GREENnet TEG-S80Dg - 8-Port Gigabit Switch with technology

The company introduced the compact TRENDnet 8-Port Gigabit Switch TEG-S80Dg technology GREENnet. As noted by the company, it combines the reliability, ease of use and high speed data transfer with a decrease in energy consumption by about 70%. Technology GREENnet automatically adjust the power level, which helps to significantly reduce power consumption. Integrated power supply is not blocking the adjacent outlet.

High speed data transfer, characteristic of Technology Gigabit Ethernet, as well as the total switching capacity 16 Gbps to support full-duplex mode can improve productivity in the company and to avoid network congestion. The device has a durable metal housing and supports Plug and Play, which allows you to create reliable and high network without additional configuration.

GREENnet TEG-S80Dg Features:

    * 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports 10/100/1000 Mbps with Autodetect speed and function Auto-MDIX
    * Technology GREENnet reduces power consumption
    * Switching Method Store-and-Forward, not lowering the speed Ethernet connection and not blocking it
    * Supports IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
    * Actively manage the flow of data for half-duplex mode
    * Integrated search algorithm addresses to the table for 4000 Physical MAC-addresses and a buffer to 128 KB
    * Packet filtering and maximum data transfer rate
    * Supports Jumbo Frame - up to 9612 bytes
    * Rugged metal casing
    * Diagnostic LEDs on the front panel switch

Acer Aspire One D260 - the new netbook with Windows XP and Android

As the resource Electricpig, Acer's preparing to release netbook Aspire One D260. This model follows the Acer Aspire One D250, netbook with two operating systems - Windows XP and Android. At Aspire One D260 will also be two of these operating systems, you can download any of them. What netbook Aspire One D260 is now preparing to release, confirmed and product manager for mobile direction Acer's Mombrini Martino (Martino Mombrini). True, the top manager did not say what the differences from its predecessor will have new items, except for redesign.

Recall, the model of Acer Aspire One D250 was quite normal, if not simple, in terms of features: 10.1-inch display, processor, Intel Atom N270, 1 GB of RAM, hard disk drive 160 GB and so on. It is hoped that the Acer Aspire One D260 will be more functional. In addition, Mombrini reported that Acer netbooks running Chrome OS can go in the third quarter of this year.

Gamer video card ASUS ROG MATRIX 5870 officially presented

The company ASUSTeK Computer officially presented his latest development in a series of Republic of Gamers (ROG) - a powerful graphics card ASUS ROG MATRIX 5870. The technology, which we have repeatedly reported in the news, is based on the model ATI Radeon 5870 and is equipped with 40 nm chip, Cypress and 2 GB of GDDR5 memory with 256-bit interface.

Graphics Card ASUS ROG MATRIX 5870, as its name implies, focuses on gamers and computer enthusiasts and is equipped with factory overclocking. Clock speeds of the GPU and memory are 894 and 4800 MHz, respectively, whereas in the reference model Radeon HD 5870 video core frequency is 850 MHz.

In addition, the accelerator ASUS ROG MATRIX 5870 is equipped with proprietary function Super Hybrid Engine (SHE), automatically overclocking the video card in those cases where it is needed. According to the manufacturer, it can improve the performance of the adapter at an average of 19 percent in 3D games in terms of increase in the number of frames per second.

And when working with 2D graphics accelerator performance can increase by 50 percent. Specifications ASUS ROG MATRIX 5870 also include 1600 stream processors, support for the latest DirectX 11 and CrossFireX mode and video output HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort. But the cooling of the accelerator is responsible nereferensny cooler, the alleged performance which, at least 13 percent higher than that of standard solutions. On the value of this interesting card is not reported.

Load and store unneeded items in the network, along with Google Docs!

If your desk (in a room, apartment, summer cottage, etc.) have accumulated a lot of unnecessary items, and throw all this stuff in the trash does not go hand in, you may help a new feature, announced a team of service Google Docs. It is now possible to download and store on Google's servers any items you do not need at this time.

Recall that in January in Google Docs an opportunity to upload and store any files on the network, but not so long ago, the maximum size of these files was increased to 1 GB. So a new and very useful option that runs today, April 1, is only a logical extension of already existing functionality. Everything you need - an internet connection and an account in the services system Google.

For example, if you're a man absent-minded and always forget where you put the keys of a remote control on the TV, you can easily keep them in Google Docs. And, as with normal files and documents you can share, and share saved items with their friends and acquaintances around the world (admittedly, with the keys from your home or safe deposit box with the money to do it's still not recommended).

In addition, if you are a fan travel, you can download in Google Docs favorite piano or other large object, and get it already at the destination. Thus, when traveling, say, from New York to California, you will not have to carry with them anything extra. You can also share uploaded piano with musician friends in England. The prices for this service is quite reasonable - 10 cents for each kilogram of feed in Google Docs subject, receiving and shipping all over the world for free. Subscribe to participate in the testing of innovative features here.

IE9 demonstrates its potential on the ASUS Eee PC 1201PN graphics NVIDIA Ion 2

It is known that one of the most important events in the recent MIX10 conference was a demonstration of Microsoft, its new browser, Internet Explorer 9 in the preliminary version of Platform Preview. One of the main innovations of Internet Explorer 9 has implemented support for the latest web standards HTML5, among other things, allows to work with streaming video, as well as support functions of graphic acceleration.

The latter option allows you to significantly speed up Internet Explorer browser 9 with a complex three-dimensional graphics and content. As proof of this, NVIDIA released a video demo showing the work IE9 on netbook ASUS Eee PC 1201PN. This netbook, submitted in early March at CeBIT 2010, built on a platform NVIDIA Ion next generation, known as the NVIDIA Ion 2.

Particularly obvious advantage of hardware acceleration when looming starkly performance in Internet Explorer 9 in a set of tests on the already mentioned ASUS Eee PC 1201PN and ordinary "atomic" netbook. As can be seen on a video, platform NVIDIA Ion 2 actually able to significantly accelerate the work of the new browser. In addition, thanks to the support of technology NVIDIA Optimus netbook ASUS Eee PC 1201PN longer able to work offline.

Hurry to see: iPhone 4G Unibody aluminum case

Resource MacPredictions presented an image-model communicator iPhone the next generation. Rumors about him for quite some time circulating in the global network, the announcement of new products expected in the summer: in late June - early July at WWDC. It is also expected release CDMA version of the iPhone. According to rumors, the new device would be called the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD. It is expected that he will get the front camera, screen size and high resolution and a number of other improvements. In addition, it may be based on the new iPhone 4.0 OS with support for full multi-tasking-party applications.

The image MacPredictions iPhone 4G looks pretty impressive and reminds iPad. It is enclosed in an aluminum Unibody housing (from a single piece of metal as in the last MacBook) with a slightly curved back cover. The corners are still a little rounded, under the display there is only one hardware button. Such a device will obviously be more durable, but somewhat heavier predecessors. Of course, not the fact that the iPhone 4G will be like this, although this design is quite attractive.

Cheap Smartphone Nokia C3 approved by FCC

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has certified the device under the symbol RM-614. It is already known that he belongs smartphone Nokia C3. Online FCC no user manual of this unit, as well as his photographs. However, there is his sketch, which marked the position labels FCC. According to it, can get an idea about the form the device with regard to its form factor, it seems, monoblock. It is difficult to say exactly whether it had a keyboard. The C-series focused on social activism in the global network of users and new, apparently, is no exception.

Apparently, smartphone Nokia C3 simpler and more inexpensive than the recently announced Nokia C5 (it will be sold for 135 euros). According to rumors, Nokia C3 - a QWERTY-keyboard device platform Series 40. That is, he may be telephones, but not a smartphone. But the official confirmation of this yet. Is not known exactly when he will go on sale, but may soon.

Samsung Electronics today combined with Samsung Digital Imaging

South Korean company Samsung Electronics announced that today unites with its subsidiary Samsung Digital Imaging, engaged in the production of digital cameras and image processing systems.
This merger, which was announced last year that was approved in February this year at the annual general meeting of Samsung Digital Imaging, will increase the competitiveness of the unit by maximizing operating activities, as well as the synergy of brand and technology from Samsung Electronics.

KYOCERA acquires business SONY production and development of TFT LCD panels

The Japanese company Kyocera Corporation announced it has reached a definitive agreement with Sony Corporation and its subsidiary of Sony Mobile Display Corporation to acquire its business of producing and development of TFT LCD panels. The transaction will be carried out by the corporate division, where Kyocera will acquire a factory to produce LCD panels, located in Yasu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, scheduled for June 1, 2010. Existing labor contracts and transfer of staff will be appointed on the same date, and Kyocera will make their legal successor.

Opera Software offers the first details of the special version of the browser Opera Space Edition

The company Opera Software today announced that the browser displays the hours of the war to new heights and has publicly announced its new project Future Opera Operations, who implemented the program Lunar Surroundings (lunar environment). The climax of this ambitious project will be the release of the first web browser for Internet access in open space - Opera Space Edition. 

Key features browser Opera Space Edition:
  • Work on the Internet, leaving the Earth. Opera Space Edition supports interplanetary network transport protocol (Interplanetary Network Transport Protocol - INTP), allowing access to the network even in conditions where conventional network protocols do not work because of high latency and limitations of light speed.
  • Comfortable access to the Internet in a vacuum. Mode Mission (Mission Mode) allows you to control all operations with the browser, as well as its setting from the Mission Control Center, except when used by a private view of Web pages.
  • Integration of viewers. Opera Space Edition offers the opportunity to work with the Internet in a mode of Augmented Reality at the expense of rendering Web content on a transparent surface that is compatible with all modern means of projection images on the retina of the eye or head-mounted display.
  • Sensor control for overall space gloves. Specially placed sensors accurately determine the area on the screen that interests the user, and scales it to more accurately select the desired item.
Version Opera Space Edition is in closed beta testing. By registering on , you can become one of the first to try the secret technology, developed under the project Future Opera Operations.

Flagship player Zune HD 64 will be released in mid-April

Microsoft has introduced a new version of its flagship media player Zune HD. The model is equipped much as 64 GB of internal memory and is called, respectively, Zune HD 64. Simultaneously, it was announced price reductions on Zune HD 16 and Zune HD 32. Now the 16 GB player costs $ 200, and 32 GB - $ 270. Returning to the new version with 64 GB of internal memory, it should be noted that it can be written 16,000 songs, 20 hours of HD-video, or 25,000 pictures.

Sales Zune HD 64 will start on April 12, media player will cost $ 350. It will be available in blocks of different colors: silver, black, blue, purple and magenta. He obviously will not differ from the less capacious players on the main characteristics. Should be maintained and 3,3-inch touchscreen, and wireless Wi-Fi, and HD-radio, and output to an external monitor HD-video. In addition, in the coming days is expected to announce a new program firmware for Zune HD media players under number 4.5.

A preliminary version of the platform MeeGo available for download

Released preliminary version of the operating system MeeGo. Developers have already placed it on the project site, it is available for download . More precisely, there are three versions - for netbooks based on the processor Intel Atom, the new mobile platform for Intel Moorestown, as well as Internet Tablet (smartphone) Nokia N900, which is currently running on Maemo 5. Assemblies are not yet final, but preliminary. The developers promise to release first final release of OS MeeGo in May.

Recall, the operating system MeeGo combines elements of Maemo and Moblin. It was announced at Mobile World Congress in February this year. It is assumed that MeeGo find its use in netbooks, smartphones, internet tablets, onboard computers and even televisions with Internet access. MeeGo, incidentally, is a software platform with open source. Apparently, shortly after the release of the final version of the OS, the market will start to appear devices based on it.

Kodak Slice: 14 megapixels and 3.5-inch touch screen for $ 350

Kodak Slice was announced by Eastman Kodak Company at CES 2010 in January this year. Of note was the fact that the device is almost devoid of hardware buttons - the emphasis in the management of the camera was placed on the touch screen. The model has 3.5-inch capacitive screen with 16:9 aspect ratio. In addition there are 14-megapixel matrix, integrated optical zoom, image stabilization and the ability to record HD video with the parameters of 720p at 30 frames per second.

In addition to the slot for a microSDHC memory card standard, there are 2 GB of internal memory. In this case, unlike many similar models presented in recent camera Kodak Slice has only a standard USB 2.0 connector - HDMi port and audio / video output is not provided. But is there autofocus with the possibility of face recognition and compositions, as well as mode Smart Shoot, which combines these capabilities with the function of selecting ISO and color balance in accordance with the shooting conditions. The index number can range from ISO 64 to 3200. For fans of social networks provides another kind of "chip" model: Share function allows you to mark images in memory and the camera next time you connect it to the computer data images / recordings will be automatically loaded into the relevant social network (Facebook, Flickr or YouTube).

The device went on sale in the U.S., and its cost is $ 350.

HP and Dell are cutting investment in the segment of netbooks

Netbooks rapidly expanding its niche in the market in recent years. Their sales had a positive, even the financial crisis, because many buyers prefer to save money and become more budget netbook rather than fully fledged laptops. It looks strange message resource DigiTimes, which indicates that HP and Dell plan to reduce investment in the segment of netbooks.

According to the sources of this resource, these companies are planning to reduce netbook segment with 10-inch screens. It is reported that Hewlett-Packard Company intends to completely abandon these models, concentrating on 11.6-inch models that are based on processors, AMD. Mentioned decrease in the interest of producers to a 10-inch model due to the fact that the components used in these netbooks almost identical as well as performance. This leads to the fact that the models differ only in the market value and the label, attached to the hull.

Simultaneously, DigiTimes reports that not all manufacturers have lost interest in the 10-inch machines. Company Acer, ASUS and Samsung have continued to invest in this sector.

"Certain circumstances" delay Notion Ink, ICD and Compal platform Tegra 2

Not very good news comes from producers of devices that have become competitors tablet Apple iPad, but built on a platform of NVIDIA Tegra 2. The main problem, which explains the lack of information about the term structure of the platform during its demonstration at the exhibition MWC 2010, is expected that its introduction into the market before August this year is not worth it. This is due to the fact that the integration of the platform was found a number of unexpected problems of hardware and software features. Also at the moment there is no evidence of sufficient stability and interaction with Flash. Suffered from these problems, devices such as Notion Ink Adam, ICD Ultra and Vega, as well as a 7-inch tablet from a company Compal, which should appear on the market before June 2010.

By source of resource Slash Gear, platform Tegra 2 is under the influence of "certain circumstances", which are not allow to achieve the necessary stability. This company's Notion Ink and ICD decided to wait until NVIDIA is able to overcome these difficulties and to put them to the finished product. As a result, Compal put your plate until mid-September, and the device Notion Ink delayed by about two months (release planned in the third quarter of 2010). 7-inch Tablet Ultra with LTE-modem from ICD and 15-inch Vega will be released no earlier than October.

BlackBerry Pearl 9105: smartphone with 12-button numeric keypad

It was learned that the new BlackBerry Pearl 9100 smartphone can come in form with the usual numeric keypad with 12 buttons. According to rumors, it will be a decision with a hybrid SureType, or with a QWERTY keyboard (or both). But now there is information about the release of BlackBerry Pearl 9105 Keyboard T9. The image of such a device placed Polish website BBnews. However, this layout, but not the real picture. Features BlackBerry Pearl 9105, appears to be the same as that of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100.

And of these, in turn, is something known, although without official confirmation. We have already Peaslee, that among the features of this smartphone - a 3-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 3G cellular networks, and 256 MB of memory. According to BBnews, a BlackBerry Pearl 9105 will also be a GPS receiver, microSD slot, 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and optical trackpad. The display resolution will be 360x400 pixels, and the dimensions - 108x50x13, 3 mm. Presumably, BlackBerry Pearl 9105 is based on OS 5.0. It is reported that the new product goes on sale in May and June. It is interesting that in January the company Research In Motion is a patented device with a numeric keypad.

PeeWee Power Laptop: netbook for children

Some devices have names that do not contribute information to potential buyers, but rather to mislead them. That is the true model PeeWee Power Laptop. Despite the title phrase "powerful laptop" laptop, it is not. Not powerful, not powerful enough. This is a netbook and not very productive. PeeWee company specializes in manufacturing various gadgets and programs aimed at children. The last major release of the producer was PeeWee Pivot - Tablet PC with a swivel screen.

Netbook PeeWee Power Laptop from a technical point of view is a typical representative netbook entry level. The model has a 10.1-inch screen with 1024 x 600 pixels, is running Windows XP, is based on Intel Atom N450 processor and graphics adapter Intel GMA3150. Hard disk capacity 160 GB. Also in the presence of a 1.3-megapixel webcam, Ethernet and WiFi. The battery is a 6-cell netbook and even though battery life is not indicated, it is obviously quite large. Childlike netbook is manifested not only in design but also for special software and additional security systems programs.

The device went on sale but its cost is quite high - $ 500.

Motorola H17txt with MotoSpeak: a new Bluetooth headset which supports Text-To-Speech

Motorola has unveiled a new model of wireless Bluetooth headsets - H17txt with MotoSpeak, which was designed to optimize the user experience and technology of converting text to voice (Text-To-Speech), which works in tandem with the relevant software for smartphones. This software can be downloaded for owners of Android smartphone applications at the store (search on the keyword "MotoSpeak"). 

Handsfree Motorola H17txt with MotoSpeak will be sold at the operator Verizon Wireless and allow owners to automatically listen to the text message. 

In addition, the actual text to speech, H17txt with MotoSpeak has the following features:
  • Easy on: text messages will automatically be pronounced whenever the headset is activated
  • Incoming text message sender ID: pronunciation behalf of the message sender
  • Autoreply message: an option to send a message with the text that at the moment you drive and can not reply to a message. Personalization features.
  • Full-text conversion of 150 acronyms, thus allowing to understand the meaning of the message.
Brief specifications:
  • Dimensions: 42h17h10 mm
  • Weight: 9 gr.
  • Supports audio processing: CRYSTALTALK, two microphones, automatic sound level
  • Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR, support for profiles A2DP 1.2, Headset (HSP), Hands Free (HFP)
  • Connectivity: EASYPAIR, RAPIDCONNECT, the possibility of multiple connections (MULTIPOINT)