New models of headphones KOSS Mixjockey and Doubletake - already on sale

Monday, April 5, 2010

KOSS Company announces the Russian market new models of headphones: KOSS Mixjockey and KOSS Doubletake. KOSS Mixjockey - a high-quality closed headphones with a professional sound, which is achieved by using an anisotropic magnet and Mylar diaphragm thickness of 1.4 mm. As the producer, model replaced the KOSS UR29 and is suitable for use in the home, and for working DJs. Anisotropic ferrite magnets provide KOSS Mixjockey high sensitivity, which is sufficient when using the sound sources of low power.

KOSS Doubletake - a 2 pairs of headphones into one box, or rather already well known and proven model - KSS10 and BUDZ BAG. KSS10 - Portable headphones with ear shells overhead and convenient occipital headband. The model is highly sensitive and impedance (resistance) is optimal for MP3 players. BUDZ BAG - classic in-ear headphones with a compact size blister pouch included. KOSS BUDZ suitable for use with portable devices and computers. KOSS Mixjockey, and KOSS Doubletake already appeared for sale on the Russian market.

Microsoft withdraws support for Intel Itanium processors in its server platforms

Despite the relatively recent release of a new line of Intel Itanium processor 9300 (also known codenamed Tukwila), Microsoft has announced the imminent termination of support for these have not earned popularity as chips for its server operating system.

Stated, inter alia, that the Windows Server 2008 R2 will be the last version in the family of Windows Server, supporting the architecture Itanium. In addition, packages of SQL Server 2008 R2 and Visual Studio 2010 are also "the last of the Mohicans, able to interact with these processors.

At the same time, Microsoft notes that the current Intel Itanium processor will be fully supported by the Windows Server platform until July 9, 2013, and extended support will be provided until July 10, 2018. In addition, Intel is currently working on two new chip family Itamium - Poulson and Kittson, and yet is unlikely that the intention of Microsoft such as the impact on these plans.

Cervernaya Memory A-DATA DDR3L certified for Intel Westmere-EP

Taiwanese company A-DATA Technology introduced the new server memory systems with low power consumption made on the basis of technology DDR3L ("L" - low power consumption) with frequencies 1066 and 1333MHz (1.35V). New strip memory DDR3L 1066/1333 MHz (1.35V) R-DIMM and DDR3L 1066/1333MGts (1.35V) ECC DIMM DRAM, are characterized by low power consumption and high reliability are designed to speed up processor Westmere-EP, are used in servers, and certified for them.

Characteristics of A-DATA DDR3L 1066/1333 MHz ECC RDIMM:

    * Speed: DDR3 1066/1333 MHz
    * Number of observations: 240
    * Mains voltage: 1,35 At
    * Heat sensor: ODT
    * Height: 3 cm
    * Configuration of the memory chips: 128x8, 256x8
    * Memory: 1GB/2GB/4GB
    * Satisfies the JEDEC standard for DDR3 low-voltage

Characteristics of A-DATA DDR3L 1066/1333 MHz ECC DIMM:

    * Speed: DDR3 1066/1333 MHz
    * Number of observations: 240
    * Voltage: 1.35V
    * Heat sensor: ODT
    * Height: 1.18 inches
    * Configuration of the memory chips: 128x8, 256x8
    * Memory: 1GB/2GB/4GB
    * Satisfies the JEDEC standard for DDR3 low-voltage


MOSdigi Professional DM965 - conceptual mouse-presenter

Company MOS International has announced the commencement of sales in Russia, computer accessories professional class. Stylish wireless manipulator MOSdigi Professional DM965 combines the functionality of a mouse with a trackball, presenter and laser pointer. As the producer, the conceptual novelty MOSdigi distinguished classical rigor lines, deep black color traditionally associated with elegance and velvety coating Corps "under nubuck. In addition, the unusual shape of the robot arm facilitates movement of the wrist after prolonged use.

Universal device MOSdigi DM965 Professional with a USB interface has a complete set of different functions that simplify the workflow and the number of repetitive actions, allowing you to do the job quickly and efficiently. The manipulator operates in two modes - the mouse and presenter that can be easily launched with three-position switch, a laser pointer with a red beam up to 0.8 mW is used to attract additional attention of the audience.

The sensitivity of the optical mouse sensor is 1600 dpi. This built-in trackball has the ball in the mouse mode both vertical and horizontal scrolling of documents for quick and easy navigation when viewing documents without using the keyboard, and during the presentation makes it possible to position the cursor without moving the robot arm on the table. Special mouse pad is not required: it works on a variety of surfaces.

As a professional presenter device remotely run software within a radius of 20 meters. Five buttons provide control over a variety of applications shall: go to next / previous slide, double click to start the new files, change the active application and the inclusion of a laser pointer. The transfer of data without delay and losses, as well as solid performance in operating a number of other wireless devices ensures wireless technology for radio frequency 2.4 GHz

Integrated energy system transforms the mouse into sleep mode after five minutes of "downtime" and extends up to six months time, and the need to replace the two AA batteries will prompt LED.

Biostar reveal details about the motherboard TA890FXE chipset AMD 890FX

After a brief announcement at the March 2010 CeBIT, the company Biostar decided to report more details about its new motherboard TA890FXE. Interest in this new matter, especially because it is the first product of the original series of T, performed at the base of chipset AMD 890FX.

Motherboard Biostar TA890FXE equipped with 6-phase power system with the function of pulse-width modulation and supports interaction with the processor Athlon II and Phenom II with TDP not more than 140 watts. A special technology BIO-unlocKING can unlock dormant nucleus on chips AMD.

In addition, Biostar TA890FXE built on a PCB in black and equipped with a sufficiently massive cooling system, with four slots for DDR3 memory 1800, and four expansion slots for PCI-Express x16 with support for the regime CrossFireX. There is also an eSATA port and five ports SATA 6.0 Gbps.

Among other things, a part of the motherboard Biostar TA890FXE includes connector and Gigabit Ethernet port FireWire, an integrated 7.1-channel audio chip and LED debug, and to improve the reliability of the product manufacturer has equipped its solid-state capacitors. Available Biostar TA890FXE should appear around the end of April.

Samsung Corby in new bright colors of spring collections

Samsung Electronics, has released new colors of the popular tachfona Corby. However, until the spring collection is available only in South Korea, where the device is marked W900/W9000/W9050. Among the new colors - blue (Lilac Blue), Purple (Violet Purple), yellow (Freesia Yellow), mint-green (Peppermint Green) and Pink (Rosebay Pink). Together with the other colors in the result was that the phone Samsung Corby is now available in 10 colors.

Recall, the South Korean Samsung Corby perfect than her European counterpart. Thus, it is equipped with display size (3 inch), more memory (100 MB) and a receiver for digital broadcasting T-DMB. Among other characteristics, similar to European and Korean versions, 2-megapixel camera, slot for microSD memory card support and wireless interface Bluetooth. Samsung Corby - bright, equipped with a touchscreen and inexpensive, this is what determines its popularity, especially among young people. This phone is already sold in more than 500 000 copies.

Pantech launches "medical" phone

South Korean company Pantech, available in the home market of mobile phones under the brand name SKY, has introduced a new clamshell model called "Therapy" (index model - IM-U585S), which literally means - "therapy".

Therapeutic features of the phone with the words producer, associated with its capabilities in color therapy (ie medication color). For these purposes, is used directly by 2.9-inch color LCD display phone, and 28 multi-colored LEDs, located across the keyboard. In addition, this is the place a 3 MP camera and integrated digital TV receiver, a ground program in a format DMB.

Samsung is preparing 4 new smartphone with Bada

Last week in St. Petersburg hosted the Samsung Bada Developer Day in the MobileMonday. At the event, as you may guess by its name, much attention was paid to the mobile platform Bada. It was explained in detail about its features, architecture, the possibilities of third-party developers to create applications and so on. Recall at this time announced, only one device on the basis of Bada - Samsung Wave S8500.

But, judging by the roadmap, which was presented at the presentation for a long time this device alone will not. After some time to get the four models running Bada. At one of the slides depicted in four models - two in the form factor besklaviaturnogo monoblock and two - with sliding QWERTY-keyboard. All of them are in the model range below the flagship of Samsung Wave. One tachfonov will be sold cheaper than 10 000 rubles, the two sliders will cost about 10 000, and one candy bar is more expensive than this amount. It is not known how they will be called and when on sale.