Koolance water-block from the adapters GeForce GTX 470 and GTX 480 - copper, nickel, precious

Friday, April 9, 2010

Although graphics cards based on NVIDIA 40 nm chip GF100 not yet reached the stores, the company Koolance decided now to start selling its water-block for accelerators GeForce GTX 470 and GeForce GTX 480. For example, the model VID-NX470, as the name implies, is designed for the younger of the two adapters, made of copper and worth $ 109.99.

For that money you get water-block with dimensions of 59 x 146 x 16 mm and weighing 680 grams. It has a nickel-plated and a special structure with a 0,5 mm mikrorebrami that improve heat dissipation. Present Fittings G 1 / 4 inches, and on top of acrylic top plate is made of stainless steel.

With regard to water-block VID-NX480, it is designed for effective and quiet cooling accelerator flagship GeForce GTX 480 and in the same way as the previous model, made of copper, nickel-plated and equipped with fittings G 1 / 4 inch. Moreover, in his arsenal includes LED backlight is blue, improve the appearance of water-block, but this decision is $ 119.99.

Canyon CNR-MSBT01 - Bluetooth mouse for notebooks

Canyon has introduced a new wireless mouse Canyon CNR-MSBT01. As the producer, strict classical design mouse, and a nice looking spectacular combination of bright white and pastel gray in color of the body will enjoy a calm, confident young people. Such a three button mouse is equally well be coupled with computers that are running Windows, and with the decisions of Apple. Mouse comfortably in the hand, it is suited both for men and women. Her weight does not exceed 75 grams - light manipulator comfortable to use as a routine office applications, and during internet surfing.

Interaction with the computer by using a standard wireless Bluetooth. Many of the new serial computers and laptops equipped with the means to work with Bluetooth, in such a way to connect the Canyon CNR-MSBT01 not have to sacrifice a free USB port to accommodate therein a specialized adapter.

The laser sensor used in the construction of CNR-MSBT01, provides one of two modes: 800 or 1600 dpi. According to the Canyon, with the creation of this mouse, special attention was paid to the speed of work - compared to conventional wireless mice, sensor CNR-MSBT01 has a higher rate of reaction on the move. The frequency readout is 100 Hz, which is approximately 30% higher than all other traditional solutions.

Wireless Mouse Canyon CNR-MSBT01 already gone on sale, its suggested retail price of 1100 rubles. At the Canyon is available proprietary products warranty duration of 24 months.

Super Talent is cheap SSD VSSD with SATA 3.0 Gbps

Super Talent Company has decided to continue its expansion into the growing market of SSD products and introduced a new line of relatively inexpensive solid-state drives called VSSD. The new SSD drives are made in the form factor 2.5-inch built on the basis of NAND flash memory with multilevel cell (MLC).

Connecting to the system used with the interface SATA 3.0 Gbps, and the average uptime of the new SSD drives from Super Talent exceeds one million hours. Unfortunately, about how the memory controller used in these devices has not yet reported. New SSD VSSD equipped two-year warranty and the cost ranges from $ 65 to $ 175.

VSSD line includes the following models:

    * FTM8GL25V - 8 GB capacity, read / write data 90 and 30 Mb / s
    * FTM16GL25V - 16 GB capacity, read / write data 90 and 30 Mb / s
    * FTM32GL25V - 32 GB, the speed of read / write data 150 and 60 Mb / s

Sven CD / AP-Blonde - glamorous headphones and headset

Electronics in pink confidently marches around the world, delighting young ladies - mobile phones, PDAs, smart phones, PSP, and now - headphones Blonde from Sven. In the arsenal TM Sven already have pink keyboard, pink computer mouse in the shape of the heart. Adorned with rhinestones pink plastic, plush finish - all this definitely enjoy glamorous dressers. Made in bright pink packaging once again recalled that these headphones are designed for blondes - outside or in the shower.

Headphones Sven CD Blonde got encrustation sequins, velvet and fur trim. Headset AP-Blonde additionally has a swivel microphone stand. Approximate retail value: CD Blonde - 550 rubles, AP Blonde - 560 rubles.

Features Sven CD / AP-Blonde:

    * Sensitivity 100 dB ± 4
    * Frequency range 18-22000 Hz
    * Frequency range microphone (AP Blonde) 50-16000
    * Membrane - 40 mm
    * Impedance 32 Ohms
    * Volume
    * Mini-jack (stereo)
    * Cable length - 2,5 m
    * Weight - 190 grams (CD Blonde), 200 grams (AP Blonde)
enjoy your music !!!!

Wi-LAN accuses Apple, LG and other manufacturers of patent infringement on Bluetooth

A small Canadian company Wi-LAN has accused several leading electronics manufacturers in patent infringement that is relevant to the application of Bluetooth technology. At the same time in the dock have pleased such flagships of IT industry, as Acer, Apple, Dell, LG, Sony, Toshiba and 12 other large companies.

It is reported that Wi-LAN blames all of the companies in that they produce cell phones, computers and network devices illegally used patented technology. It is interesting that the interests of Wi-LAN in the present trial will provide law firm McKool Smith, known for her award from a widely publicized trial against Microsoft by firms i4i and VirnetX.

By the way, and an arena for new patent trial court selected the Eastern District of Texas, had already gained fame several similar processes. Note that this is not the first like a lawsuit from the Wi-LAN, regretted malopochtennoe title of "patent troll", ie the company which lives at the expense deductions for purchased technology and offering its own development

Issue smartbuka Lenovo Skylight postponed

It is known that the release smartbuka Lenovo Skylight postponed and he will be released in the U.S. in April, as expected, but only in July. In some other markets, new in June, and the earliest it will be released in China - in May, whereas previously it was thought that the Chinese market, it will be released only at the end of this year. Recall the stated value of Lenovo Skylight for the U.S. is $ 499, but it also can be purchased with a contract operator AT & T, apparently at a lower price.

Smartbuk Lenovo Skylight is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon chisete with 1 GHz processor and runs on a special version of OS Linux. The device is enclosed in a compact and lightweight body a little odd-shaped with rounded corners. It is equipped with 10.1-inch screen, 20 GB of flash memory to store files, as well as adapters wireless Wi-Fi and 3G. An important advantage of this smartbuka a long battery life - up to 10 hours on one battery charging.

This multi-tasking on the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD - 62 applications simultaneously

In network has a video that demonstrates the whole 62 applications running on the smartphone Samsung i8910 Omnia HD simultaneously. This allows you to make a modified firmware HX-V4-Speed-SE, which was introduced by Andy HyperX, it can be quickly downloaded (at your own risk) on his website. Perhaps this is a real multi-tasking, in contrast to the somewhat limited functionality, implemented in the iPhone OS 4.

However, it is not clear as 62 applications running simultaneously affect the performance of Samsung i8910 Omnia HD and battery life. Recall Samsung i8910 smartphone running Symbian S60 5th edition interface TouchWiz 3D. This is a candybar with 3.7-inch AMOLED touch screen and no hardware keyboard, it is presented in versions 8 and 16 GB of internal memory and is equipped with 8 Mp camera with HD video recording. At the same time, the CPU and RAM had not the most advanced: 600 MHz and 256 MB respectively.

Conceived foot mouse Toe Mouse - a hybrid pedal and slippers

Designed by Yi Liu (Liu Yi), presented an unusual concept of a computer mouse called the Toe Mouse. But it is not just an advanced or a modified version of his habitual manipulator, it is - foot mouse. It should be placed on the floor, and the management is expected to toes. Toe Mouse looks more like the pedal or even a slipper than a conventional "hand" mouse. According to the designer, such an accessory is useful to those who because of damage to the hands can not use them to control the mouse. Although it may come and conventional, hassle-free user: accustomed, perhaps you can learn to work with such a gadget just to keep your hands free for other purposes, such as printing on the keyboard.

Open Toe Mouse as follows: the thumb is the button corresponding to the left mouse button, and under a second - right. Since them, and is expected to press, although this will require some skill. A gripping two toes a special pen, you can move the arm and sootvetsvtenno, cursor. Perhaps the producers will take this concept is adopted and released for sale of such non-standard accessory as foot mouse.

Analysts predict DigiTimes iPad Mini in the first quarter of 2011

subside. Senior Analyst resource DigiTimes Mingchi Kuo (Mingchi Kuo) came to the conclusion that in the first quarter of next year, the company must submit to the market a smaller version of the tablet iPad. As expected by specialists Digitimes Research this device will receive a screen with a diagonal of 5 to 7 inches. Mr. Kuo, citing conversations with suppliers of components for Apple, noting that a decrease iPad will be priced at less than $ 400 and will apply to compact portable devices, designed for users focused more on reading. In addition to the smaller screen device also will not have a high capacity for writing text.

As for competition from planshetnika from the company Hewlett-Packard HP Slate, then Mingchi Kuo doubt that the company will have a significant impact on sales iPad. The problem for HP Slate may be impossible to compete with the iPad in terms of autonomy - processor from Intel is enough "voracious" and impose appreciable constraints on battery life. Regarding the device can also be added that his release in mid-2010, and will make his company Inventec.

Game Consoles Ritmix already on sale

On the Russian market reached new gaming Bailiff RZX-35, RZX-15 and RZX-11 from the Korean company Ritmix. They combine a color screen, a few dozen games in a set and reasonable price.

RZX-35 - top model game console Ritmix, allows you to upload games from Gameboy. Moreover, the console has already recorded 30 exciting games. It is possible to save the game. The device has a range of additional functions: it's an MP3 player, radio and video player, and a simple digital camera.

Ritmix RZX-15 - this ergonomic game console, equipped with 50 th games with 3D graphics. RZX-15 can connect to your TV and enjoy the game on the big screen. The peculiarity of this model - removable panels of different colors. The console is also convenient in the road - the device is powered by standard batteries mizinchikovyh.

RZX-11 - a simple game console, may come as a gift for a child of primary school age. 30 built-in games with a beautiful 16-bit graphics will not get bored. Games Console RZX-11 is also convenient in the road - the device is powered by standard batteries mizinchikovyh. Electronic games RZX-35, RZX-15 and RZX-11 from Ritmix already available for ordering in bulk and in the near future will appear in retail outlets.

Geo-social service AlterGeo for Windows Mobile

Followed by versions for the iPhone, Android and Symbian company AlterGeo (AlterGeo) has released an application for an operating system, Windows Mobile, which allows you to search for interesting places around, schedule meetings and meet new people nearby.

Now all the owners of smartphones and communicators based on Windows Mobile versions 6.1 and above can take advantage of urban social services, location-based mobile device owners. Automatically detects the user's location, AlterGeo show places nearby: cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, ATMs, beauty salons, and other interesting establishments. In addition, the application will provide them a detailed description and working hours, will guest users who have visited these institutions, considers the distance from the current coordinates.

With AlterGeo can also set up a meeting with old friends or meet new ones. The user makes a note "I am here" and one click sends an invitation to join with the name and address of the institution. Moreover, identifying the current location, AlterGeo tell you who is nearby - at the next table in a cafe, club, exhibition, and public profile with a stranger more information about it will make knowledge easier.

The basis AlterGeo for Windows Mobile is positioning technology, which allows to determine the location of mobile devices for Wi-Fi/WiMAX and towers of cellular operators with an accuracy of about 30-150 meters. In a new application for Windows Mobile AlterGeo built maps Google, Yandex and OpenStreetMap.

Audio / Video Players Creative ZEN X-Fi Style, ZEN Style 100 and 300 at an affordable price

Creative has introduced portable players ZEN X-Fi Style, ZEN Style 300 and Style 100. This compact and stylish solution for listening to music and view videos and images. However, support for file formats in the first, a more advanced model, noticeably wider than the other two. ZEN X-Fi Style, moreover, provides clear sound, thanks to technology X-Fi.

All three player offered in several versions with different memory capacity, as well as in different colors. ZEN X-Fi Style, ZEN Style 300 and Style 100 will go on sale in late April.

Characteristics of Creative ZEN X-Fi Style:

  • Display: 2.4 inch, 262K colors
  • Audio formats: FLAC, AAC, MP3, WMA (DRM9), Audible4
  • Images: JPEG and re-encode a JPEG with a complete software BMP, TIFF, GIF and PNG
  • Video formats: WMV9, MPEG4-SP, DivX 4 / 5 and XviD (with a screen size up to 640 x 480 pixels)
  • Memory: 8, 16, 32 GB
  • FM-radio
  • Dictaphone
  • Reading RSS-channel, loaded with a computer from the Internet
  • Time running audio: up to 25 hours Video: up to 5 hours
  • Dimensions: 83,6 x48, 7x11, 7 cm
  • Weight: 56 grams
  • Color: black, white and red (only 8 and 16 GB)
  • Price: $ 114 (8 GB), $ 143 (16 GB) and $ 179 (32 GB)

Characteristics of Creative ZEN Style 300 and 100:

  • Display: 1.8-inch, 64K colors
  • Audio formats: MP3, WMA (DRM9), Audible4
  • Images: JPEG and re-encode a JPEG with a complete software BMP, TIFF, GIF and PNG
  • Video formats: AVI recoded
  • Memory: 4, 8, 16 GB
  • FM-radio (Style 300)
  • Dictaphone
  • Hours: up to 32 hours of audio
  • Dimensions: 79,5 x40x13, 6 mm
  • Weight: 44 grams
  • Color: black, white and blue (the latter two colors - only 8 and 16 GB of Style 100)
  • ZEN Style 100 Price: $ 64 (4 GB), $ 85 (8 GB) and $ 114 (16 GB)
  • Price ZEN Style 300: $ 78 (4 GB), $ 100 (8 GB) and $ 128 (GB 16)

Details about dvuhsimochnom mobile phone Philips Xenium X809

Organization of Bluetooth SIG, dealing with certification of products that support wireless technology Bluetooth, has certified the new model of mobile phone Philips Xenium X809, which we have already written some time ago. 

This site features some information about this model:
  • Work in GSM networks support GPRS / EDGE support
  • Supporting two SIM cards
  • Camera: 5 MP
  • Built-in WAP-browser
  • Java Support
  • Integrated E-Mail client, MP3-player, FM-radio with RDS
  • Slot for microSD memory
  • Support for Bluetooth, including the transfer of stereo sound
These regions of sales - Europe and Asia.