Gaming computer building Thermaltake Armor A90 - Specifications and price

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thermaltake has already demonstrated its new computer casing Armor A90, focused on the community of gamers in March at CeBIT 2010. And we now know more details about this interesting product, including its characteristics and value.

Gaming computer building Thermaltake Armor A90 has dimensions of 502 x 210 x 515 mm and corresponds to the parameters of the form factor Mid-Tower, and weighs 8.2 kg. It is completely in black and equipped with three compartments, size 5.25 inches, located on top of USB, eSATA and audio ports, as well as a small side window, through which you can watch the "inner world" of the system.

For the cooling system components in the body Thermaltake Armor A90 correspond to three fans. Front is 120 mm fan with a speed of 1000 rpm and above - a large 200 mm fan (800 rpm), both of which are LED-backlit blue. In addition, another 120 mm fan TurboFan (1000 rpm) is available on the rear panel.

It is noted that for the installation of computer components in the gaming corps Thermaltake Armor A90 do not need to resort to the use of tools. The debut of the "home computer" equipped with a three-year warranty, can be held in April, and its cost to make $ 100.

HP Z200 SFF, HP Z800, Z600 and Z400 - updated workstations

HP has announced the release of the Russian market the new workstations, among which are the first models of small form factor, as well as updated workstations Z-series multi-core processors. As noted by the company, the emergence of a new model HP Z200 SFF Series Workstation HP Workstation Z Series, allows to combine the performance and reliability in a strong compact body and at an affordable price. This product is a suitable choice for offices with limited space for installing the computer, including medical, manufacturing, educational institutions, financial institutions and engineering companies.

Using the performance of new technologies Intel, Workstations HP Z200 SFF calculations in the two threads per processor Intel Core i3 and i5, and in 4 threads using the CPU enterprise-class Intel Xeon 3400. HP Z200 SFF allows you to install up to 16 GB of RAM ECC, as well as drive up to 2 terabytes. For these models also available professional graphics card to operate as 2-D and 3-D. Workstations specially created easy to use and maintain - with an integrated platform, convenient USB ports on the front panel, as well as the possibility of connecting maps FireWire IEEE 1394a.

Workstations HP Z series are suitable for solving multi-threaded tasks, such as engineering calculations, 3D modeling, research in the field of oil and gas, as well as other scientific problems, using new Intel Xeon processor 5600, containing up to 12 cores with integrated memory controllers and technology Intel Turbo Boost, and Intel Hyper-Threading. The new processors are available for installation on models HP Z800, Z600 and Z400 can make calculations in 24 threads simultaneously for installation of two 6-core processors with the option enabled Hyper-Threading.

Workstations HP Z series have different options:

    * Model HP Z800 allows you to install the latest Intel Xeon processors 5500 and 5600, has 12 cores and up to 192 GB of ECC memory and storage to 10 terabytes of high speed access and dual graphics adapter NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800.
    * Workstation HP Z600 can also be equipped with Intel Xeon processors 5500 and 5600, containing up to 12 cores. It can also be set up to 48 GB of ECC memory and up to 6 terabytes of high-speed disk subsystems, as well as professional video adapters for modes 2-D and 3-D up to NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 or Dual NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800
    * HP Z400 can work with the latest six-core Intel Xeon processor 3500, staffed by up to 24 GB of ECC memory, and disk subsystem with up to 8 TB, as well as the graphics card to the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 or dual NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800.

In addition, HP workstations Z series come with a power supply, the level of efficiency equal to or less than 85%, and for models of HP Z200 and HP Z200 SFF (and as an option for the HP Z800) - 89%, which allows to reduce the total power consumption, and hence - the number of malicious emissions. Line of workstations HP Z series complies with ENERGY STAR 5.0. All models of HP Workstations Z series lend themselves to recycling more than 90% by weight and are certified as EPEAT Gold.

Workstation HP Z200 SFF expected to be available from April 19 at a price of 34990 rubles. Workstations HP Z400, Z600 and Z800 are available worldwide at prices ranging from 53990 rubles for the HP Z400, from 69000 to HP Z600 and from 89000 to workstation HP Z800.

The second generation of Intel platform CULV appear in third quarter

The low index TDP processors Intel CULV resemble for use even in compact and thin mobile computers, where low heat transfer becomes critical. In this regard, there is nothing particularly surprising in the message resource Fudzilla that Intel plans to submit a second version of its platform CULV. Moreover, one of the first of a new generation will be dual-core processor Celeron U3400, which is part of the family Arrandale.

New energy efficient chip Intel Celeron U3400 will be constructed on norms of the 32 nm technology and will be part of the mobile platform Calpella. Its frequency will be 1.06 GHz and a TDP will be at 18 watts. In addition, like all models in the family Arrandale, the new processor will receive 45 nm integrated video core capable to disperse from the basic 166 MHz to 500 MHz.

It is also important to note that the dual-core Intel Celeron U3400 will receive 2 MB cache and support for DDR3 memory 800, and must begin to be delivered as part of some notebooks in the third quarter. Interestingly, these characteristics virtually repeat the specification of one more cost-effective chip Core i5-520UM, except that the latter is equipped with 3 MB of cache and supports Turbo Boost. Well, obviously, the cost Intel Celeron U3400 will be much lower.

Full HD Compact Camcorder Sanyo DMX-CG100 and DMX-GH1

The company introduced two new Sanyo camcorder series Xacti - DMX-CG100 and DMX-GH1. Both are equipped with 14.4-inch CMOS image sensor and lens with a 5-fold optical zoom. Camcorder can record video in a format Full HD (1080p). Model Sanyo DMX-CG100 performed in a vertical form factor and comes in white, red and blue colors. Camera Sanyo DMX-GH1, in turn, horizontal and is available in silver, pink or blue body.

To write files available 50 MB of internal memory, as well as maps of SD / SDHC / SDXC. Also Sanyo DMX-CG100 and DMX-GH1 has 2,7-inch display (230 000 pixels), and the sensitivity reaches ISO 1600. Among the ports of these devices - AV, USB and HDMI / composite. Size Camcorder Sanyo DMX-CG100 are 110,3 h85, 7h37, 4 mm, and weight - 176grammov. Dimensions DMX-GH1 - 109,6 h55h38, 5 mm, weight - 172 grams. Both new products will be released in Japan on April 16 and will cost 35 000 yen (about $ 320).

IdeaPad S10-3t - 10-inch netbook Lenovo transformer with MultiTouch

Lenovo is presented for the Russian market netbook convertible touch screen IdeaPad S10-3t. The model supports MultiTouch, which allows you to manage with different touch to the screen, and is optimized to work with Windows 7. The netbook has a 10-inch swivel touch screen, equipped with a processor Intel Atom (up to N470) and hard drive capacity up to 320 GB.

From the communication capabilities IdeaPad S10-3t particularly worth mentioning wireless module WiFi / WiMAX. This allows the firmware application DirectShare netbook share information with other PCs on a wired or wireless network directly without using external drives, and additional system settings.

The company specifically noted the reliability and comfort design netbook. For example, mounting the display screen allows you to deploy a 180 degrees, made of metal. In addition netbook got a keyboard with full-size keys and a touchpad with hidden touch pad buttons. Netbook already on sale. Approximate price is 19 thousand rubles.

Hiton HT-960 - 8.9-inch tablet with the parameters of HP Slate costs $ 100

In the online store eCRATER already available tablet Hiton HT-960. I wonder what he looks like on the characteristics on HP Slate, but it is worth more than $ 100 cheaper. Hiton HT-960 is equipped with a 8,9-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1024x600 pixels and is based on the processor Intel Atom N270 with a frequency of 1.6 GHz. True, it uses an older version of the operating system - Windows XP. Also the tablet provides 1 GB of RAM and SSD 16 GB (optional SSD available up to 128 GB).

Among other characteristics Hiton HT-960 includes a wireless adapter Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g, a slot for memory card format MMC / SD, 0,3 megapixel camera, and 3 port USB 2.0. Wireless LAN 3G provided optional. For graphics processing corresponds integrated adapter Intel GMA950. The cost of this plate is $ 418, while HP Slate - from $ 549 to $ 599, although it still features a somewhat more advanced.

Motherboard ASRock 870 Extreme3 with USB 3.0

Earlier this week we have been told the news about high-end motherboard 880G Extreme3 from the company ASRock. But now it turns out that the plans of the Taiwanese manufacturer is present another board for CPUs AMD AM3, a part of a series Extreme3.

New named ASRock 870 Extreme3 is based on the chipset Northbridge and Southbridge AMD 870 + SB850, and unlike the previous model does not have integrated graphics. Moreover, this motherboard supports the chips in the performance of AM3 with TDP up to 140 watts and is equipped with a function of UCC (Unlock CPU Core), allowing to unlock the dormant nucleus in some processors, AMD.

Among other things, the ASRock 870 Extreme3 the presence of 5-phase power system, four slots for up to 16 GB of RAM DDR3 1800, two expansion slots PCI-Express x16 with support for CrossFireX mode plus one eSATA port and five ports SATA 6.0 Gbps. And thanks to the controller NEC MPD720200 fee received two port USB 3.0.

In addition, there are slot Gigabit Ethernet, port FireWire, LED debugging, built-in 7.1-channel audio chip and buttons Power, Reset and Clear CMOS. Available ASRock motherboard 870 Extreme3 should appear before the end of this month, its costs are not reported