Toshiba Launches New 2.5-inch HDD of 200 GB for vehicles

Thursday, April 15, 2010

 Toshiba has announced new models of hard disks in the form factor 2.5-inch with a capacity of 200 GB (model MK2060GSC) and 100 GB (model MK1060GSC). Both new products use the same plate, have interface serial ATA, spindle speed - 4200 rpm and are, according to the manufacturer, the most spacious in the industry of hard drives designed for use by vehicles.

Mass production of new products scheduled to be submitted by the company in August this year.

LG SU920 (KU9200) tachfon for South Korea

LG Electronics plans to release in the domestic market is another tachfon, which will be available from operators KT and SK Telecom. Although the model is only one index, it receives just two - SU920, and KU9200, because, historically, for various Korean operators of different systems of naming vehicles.

Telephone LG SU920 (KU9200) likely refers to tachfonam mid-level and externally is very similar to the recently presented a multimedia LG KM555, although it has three hardware keys on the front panel, significantly different from those of the latter. Unfortunately, at present about the characteristics of the device is unknown, except that it will be available in two colors: white and dark blue (navy blue). The cost of the phone is not reported, but it is known that the sale on the South Korean market, it will come within a month.

Performance Notebooks Acer Aspire 4741, Aspire 5741 and Aspire 7741

Corporation Acer introduced in Russia a new line of high-performance notebook Aspire - Acer Aspire 4741 with screen sizes 14 inches, Acer Aspire 5741 with 15.6-inch diagonal screen and the Acer Aspire 7741 with 17.3-inch diagonal screen. They are equipped with the new ultra mobile processor Intel Core i5 and i3 with chipset Mobile Intel HM55, which ensures high performance for games, entertainment, and multitasking.

The new line of Aspire x741 performed in the new design. Viewing slim laptops are rounded, and the textured surface of the practical silver lid provides protection from scratches and damage.

Modern graphics solutions, two integrated stereo speakers Acer 3DSonic and HDMI port for viewing high resolution images to various peripheral devices offer new opportunities for fun and allows you to play new games in HD with high quality graphics.

Keyboard Acer FineTip with fast response time and large buttons, as well as a convenient handhold with a matte metallic surface provides a comfortable typing. Touch Pad with recognition feature allows multiple simultaneous touches "to scroll, zoom, or turn pages of a single touch.

New Aspire x741 equipped with DDR3 memory up to 8 GB, which provides a quick response system and conflict-free operation of several applications simultaneously. The device for reading card supports the most popular memory card formats and provides ease and convenience of data transfer. Supported by a network connection 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi CERTIFIED, an additional feature Bluetooth 2.1 +, Gigabit LAN and modem.

Decision Acer Video Conference, which includes a webcam Acer Crystal Eye high-resolution (1280x1024) and support optimized technology Acer PrimaLite can keep in touch with friends and carry a conference call wherever the user is located.

    * The suggested retail price of Acer Aspire 4741 - 24 990 rubles.
    * The suggested retail price of Acer Aspire 5741 - 25 990 rubles.
    * The suggested retail price of Acer Aspire 7741 - from 29 990 rubles.

Toshiba is preparing tablets with Windows and Android

Toshiba has signed up to Apple's competitors in the market Tablet devices. Earlier plans for the company for the production of tablets that would compete with the iPad not reported. This information was reported in an interview with Reuters general manager of Toshiba Digital Products in the U.S. Jeff Barney (Jeff Barney). According to him, the company plans this year to release a number of "plates" that would be running multiple operating systems: from Windows 7 to Android OS. In this decision the company exploit the success and growth iPad own sales in the North American market, which in the first quarter was 50%.

Regarding technical aspects, the Toshiba until I finally decided on the shape of future devices. It is known that the diagonal of the screen will be about 10 inches, but in terms of form factor is no single opinion. We consider the option of establishing a Tablet PC running Windows and has two touch screens. However, as emphasized Jeff Barney, the company has no plans to engage in "cannibalism" and invade the market of existing solutions. On the contrary, it is assumed that development will be expansive and tablets will be a new type of device, as happened with the netbooks. It is known that the models will be at least two. More expensive with the operating system from Microsoft will be offered as a device with high functionality, and box running Google Android - a budget, a simple and affordable.

The exact date of release from Toshiba planshetnikov not called, but apparently, the company hopes to have time before the end of the year, and a wave of popularity of the brand on the market.

GlobalFoundries develops ARM Cortex A9 processor and 28-nm technology

ARM processors do not have among its producers such big names as AMD or Intel, but, nevertheless, their work faces a lot of people, often without even knowing that their mobile device is just ARM processor. Among the manufacturers of this type of processors and a division of AMD - GlobalFoundries, which recently announced its plans to develop a chipset ARM Cortex A9 for 28-nm technology. It is assumed that this model will be faster than current processors Cortex A9, as well as the expected two-fold increase in productivity.

High speed promises GlobalFoundries and systems on a chip (SoC), which currently supplies the producer companies Microsoft, Qualcomm, TI, Nintendo. The new substrate will certify the Cortex A9 MPCore and create a SoC based on standard components companies. As a result, accelerate the process of development and integration of processors in the device - something that previously took years, can now be implemented in several quarters.

The end of the development company assumes GlobalFoundries in late June - early July, and the mass production of processors ARM Cortex A9 for 28-nm technology could begin as early in the second half of the year.

WR700 Wireless and high-end headphones from TDK EB900

Company TDK presented at the North American market two models of high quality headphones WR700 and EB900. The first distinguished by the fact that they are wireless and work on the basis of technology Kleer, which allows you to send 16-bit 44 kHz CD-quality sound through wireless channels. Connecting to the device via a special transmitter that connects to a standard 3.5-mm audio connector. Announcement of this model took place in February, but now they go on sale. Recommended price - 250 U.S. dollars.

Model TDK EB900 is a quality in-ear headphones that use a standard 1.2-meter cable with plug with gold plating. Special nozzles Comply provide snug fit earphones and can prevent the penetration of most of the extraneous noise. Recommended price for the North American market - $ 90.

Specifications TDK WR700:

    * 34 mm speakers
    * Sensitivity - 108 dB / mW
    * Impedance - 32 ohms
    * Frequency - 20 ~ 20 000 Hz
    * Power Source: 4 AAA batteries (40 hours)

Specifications TDK EB900:

    * 8.5-mm micro drivers
    * Frequency - 20 ~ 20 000 Hz
    * Sensitivity (1 GHz) - 101.5 dB
                                       * Connector - 3,5 mm

Tachfon LG Viewty GT (GT405) was released in the UK

British operator 3 has released for sale mobile phone LG Viewty GT. This, apparently, the same model LG GT405, which the company has demonstrated in March. The device is besklaviaturny monoblock with 3-inch touch screen, resolution of which is 240x400 pixels. It supports wireless network of the second and third generation, equipped with 5-megapixel camera and a wireless adapter, Bluetooth. Built in memory the phone is 60 MB, it can be expanded via memory card format microSD. Dimensions LG Viewty GT - 107h54, 5h11, 8 mm.

Phone LG Viewty GT, moreover, supports calls Skype, Windows Live Messenger and a special widget for access to social network Facebook. The model can be obtained free of charge, subject to a contract with 3 for 18 months with a monthly payment of not less than 15 pounds (about $ 23). Total cost of the device is 119.99 pounds (about $ 185).