Hynix: mass production of NAND flash memory on a 64 Gb to 20 nm technology

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A well-known South Korean memory manufacturer Hynix Semiconductor Company today announced the mass production of NAND flash memory density of 64 Gbps using 20 nm process class. This production technology is implemented at the factory in South Korean Hynix Chongdzhu (Cheongju).

According to Hynix, the transition to standards-nm technology provides a 2x performance increase of 60 per cent compared with 3-nm process technology. In addition, such a transition makes it possible to produce cheaper NAND memory for high density devices such as smartphones or solid-state drives.

According to the Hynix, the company decided to start serial production of the toughest in the industry of 64-Gbit chips using 20 nm technology class, in order to fully satisfy the demand for such solutions. It is expected that the first products using the 2-nm NAND memory from Hynix, will be available before the end of this year.

Nikon is preparing a new compact for experienced users

When the company two years ago, Nikon introduced its high-end compact camera COOLPIX P6000, it's really become an event in fotomire. The compact unit the Japanese manufacturer has managed to fit so many different functions (including a built-in GPS and support for the format RAW), that this model is on the right could be classified as so-called prosyumerskih cameras.

Competing with the Nikon COOLPIX P6000 for functional equipment in this category could, perhaps, only the model Canon PowerShot G9. But after a while the Canon has a new "king of compact" - PowerShot G11. And now there was information that Nikon is preparing a retaliatory move in the game with his bitter rival - a model COOLPIX P7000.

According to Nikon Rumors, the functional Compact Camera Nikon COOLPIX P7000 will be largely similar to its predecessor, but gets the most on the physical size of 1 / 1 ,7-inch matrix with less than the P6000, a resolution - "only" 10 MP. In this regard, the Nikon COOLPIX P7000 will be similar to the camera Canon PowerShot G11, containing the same changes.

Such changes are supposed to improve the quality of photographs obtained, especially when shooting in low light conditions. There is also information that in the arsenal of Nikon COOLPIX P7000 will Lens 28 - 200mm f/2.8 - 5.6, which gives the opportunity to cover a greater range of focal lengths than its equivalent 28 - 140mm f/2.8 - 4.5 on the Canon PowerShot G11. Information on the date of the announcement and the price of a new camera is missing.

Motorola is preparing an army Android - from smartphones to tablet

In the network has a roadmap of the American operator Verizon Wireless in the fourth quarter of this and the first quarter of next year. So, in November to join the model lineup Droid Motorola Droid Pro running Android. This is a productive dual-mode solution for CDMA and GSM networks based on 1,3 GHz processor, equipped with a 4-inch touchscreen. Another model from Motorola - candy bar-like QWERTY smartphone Motorola Q, but with a touchscreen. He is also dual-mode and operates on the basis of Android 2.2.

Also, the source said that before the end of the year will be released some Android smartphones from HTC and Samsung, too, with the support of cellular CDMA and GSM. In addition, Verizon will sell a 7-inch tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab. Above the tablet is working, and Motorola, its model is supposed to work on Android 3.0, based on 1 or 1.3 GHz processor and is equipped with a frontal camera. This device can not leave until February, although earlier expected the December issue.

Any news about a new cellular standard LTE: operator plans to provide coverage of the fourth generation to 75% in the U.S. by April 2012. And in January and February will be the device Novatel LTE MiFi, to which you can connect up to 10 users Wi-Fi network at the same time. In this case, the source, sharing this information, did not mention the iPhone for networks CDMA, which should, according to rumors, get off at the Verizon in January.

Microsoft is preparing a new game set Kinect + Xbox 360 for 250 GB debut in November?

According to rumors, Microsoft is preparing the announcement of yet another game set, which will include a peripheral system Kinect for Xbox 360, as well as the actual console with hard drive capacity of 250 GB. This new set may appear on November 4, that is, simultaneously with the debut of the remaining Kinect containing sets.

Note that these rumors come to us from Australia, where a certain user is supposedly able to see the image quality of this set Kinect + Xbox 360 250 GB. Furthermore, in this set though is an adventure video game Kinect Adventures. Interestingly, a similar "bonus" is present in a set Kinect + Xbox 360 for 4 GB, which we are not so long ago, mentioned in the news.

On the cost of a new set of Kinect + Xbox 360 for 250 GB has not been revealed, also failed to obtain from Microsoft any comments regarding the existence of this product. So all the information about it so far can be regarded as a purely informal. However, the official announcement of the new kit can be held as early as next week as part of the exhibition GamesCom 2010.

MSI Wind Top AE2280 - a multimedia PC all-in-one with "Hollywood" sound

Company Micro-Star International announced the release of the U.S. computer all-in-One MSI Wind Top AE2280. This computer case 21.5-inch display with touch screen and a stylish transparent frame around it. The device runs on operating system Windows 7 Home Premium and built on a processor Intel Core i3-530/540 or i5-650. For the schedule up to Full HD in your computer meets the graphics card ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5430 or Mobility Radeon HD 5730.

Furthermore, as the producer said, MSI Wind Top AE2280 - this is the first desktop computer, supported high-end audio technology THX TruStudio Pro "Hollywood standards." Among other characteristics of the new items - up to 8 GB of RAM, hard drive capacity 640 GB, Optical drive DVD Super Multi Wireless Adapter and Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n. There is also, and 1,3 Mp web camera, card reader 6-in-1, Gigabit Ethernet and even an optional TV tuner. In general, this multimedia solution with excellent video and audio features and its corresponding cost - $ 949.99.

Google Maps will hold through the traffic jams in Moscow

Google has announced the launch of beta service for Google Maps, which reports information about traffic jams on the roads of Moscow and St. Petersburg. To see it on the map to Google, you want to include a layer of "plugs" (top right on the map). No data are available only for these two cities, but Google is working to expand coverage.

To indicate the traffic situation using 4 colors, which mean the following (in parentheses are the corresponding rates for roads with a permissible maximum speed of 60 km / h):

    * Black and red stripes - all bad, traffic is minimal, no more than 15% of the allowed speed (up to 10 km / h)
    * Red - much difficulty in movement, not more than 40% of speed limit (10-25 km / h)
    * Orange - the movement of difficulty, up to 75% speed (25-45 km / h)
    * Green - movement without interference (45 km / h and above)

One piece of information about the traffic comes from vendors Google, and another - from the users of mobile maps Google. Next, using special algorithms, the information is processed and then displayed on the map. Naturally, in this case had to address many issues: for example, how to identify pedestrians and do not take into account the data received from them, because they almost always move more slowly than cars. Meanwhile, Google keeps a history of data and the user can see not only the current driving situation, but traffic jams at certain times and certain days of the week.

Along with the usual maps and traffic jams have become available on mobile maps Google, for this just need to include the corresponding layer on the map. Mobile Google Maps for Nokia smartphones running S60, for the iPhone, for Android and Windows Mobile.

Smartphone Motorola Droid 2 - 12 August and costs $ 200 with contract

Online new information about upcoming smartphone Motorola Droid 2. For example, published a screenshot of document describing the characteristics of the device. They also mention the operating system Android 2.2, and 8 GB of internal memory, and 1 GHz processor, and 5 camera - all this was already known and again confirmed. The paper also reported the presence of wireless adapters, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microSD slot, and so on. In addition, the image can be sure of the date of issue - August 12, also in line with expectations.

In addition, smartphone Motorola Droid 2 already seen in the accounting system operator Verizon Wireless, as well as online stores Best Buy. However, it still models, but their listed price. This smartphone will cost $ 199.99 with a two-year contract for service operator, well if you want to buy it "no strings" will have to put right many times more - $ 599.99. Judging by the numerous confirmations from various sources, the novelty will be presented soon.

Toshiba Hard Disk Drives are capable of samozachistku

Japan, Toshiba officially introduced one of its latest developments in the field of secure information storage. New technology called Wipe and allows users to branded hard drives from Toshiba feature samoshifrovaniya Data (SED) to feel an even greater security and peace of mind for the security recorded on the HDD of important information (including personal data).
With the help of technology Wipe hard drives with the function samoshifrovaniya able to safely erase data stored on them in case of system shutdown or remove HDD from the computer. The new Toshiba solution may also be useful for the destruction of user information before returning the leased computer, or in the case of decommissioning or conversion system.

This prevents the possibility of entering personal information into the wrong hands. Wipe technology will also be useful in case of lost or stolen laptop, which is very often the case during travel. It can automatically invalidate the security key hard drive, making the stored data indecipherable. We add that the first HDD-enabled Wipe Steel announced in July, 2.5-inch model, the Toshiba 7200 rpm.