Full HD 3D ready home theater HTS9140 from Philips

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Philips has introduced a new Full HD 3D ready home theater HTS9140. As the producer, thanks to technology Ambisound, which provides multi-channel surround sound, you can immerse yourself in the soundtrack of the film, regardless of the size of the room and listener position, as well as get rid of the many wires and speakers. When listening to your favorite music system itself selects the correct stereo.

High Definition Audio formats Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Advanced Digital Out provides clear sound disc Blu-ray, and the quality of the reproduced sound is close to studio. HTS9140 Home Theater in conjunction with TV Full HD 3D lets you view videos in the format 3D, without leaving your living room. To do this, in addition to purchase a set of special glasses and active infrared transmitter that connects to your TV. The model is ready for use in a wireless network, and, thanks to the support standard DLNA, allows quick access to multimedia content, without the use of audio and video cables.

New home theater reproduces audio and video from almost any popular medianositelya (including BD Video and BD-R/RE 2.0) and supports the compression formats DivX Ultra, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVC HD, avi, MKV, WMV, XviD. Home Cinema Philips HTS9140 already appeared on the Russian market.

ASUS B43 and B53 - Business Notebooks with submission and SEO batteries

The company ASUSTeK Computer has introduced a new series of business notebooks ASUS B. It includes 14.1-inch model and B43F B43J and 15.6-inch model B53J and B53F. Permission to screen all new products is 1366x768 pixels. Laptops are built on a platform of Intel Calpella - CPU Intel Core i5 and i7. The amount of RAM in laptops ASUS B series may be 2 or 4 GB and the hard drive - 320 GB. Also in all decisions, except ASUS B53F, provide discrete video cards ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470. In turn, ASUS B53F uses integrated graphics Intel GMA.

It is known that the ASUS B53 models are equipped with wireless adapters Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.1, 2 mega pixel web camera, speakers Altec Lansing, Gigabit Ethernet and card reader. The rest of the new notebooks is also likely to have similar capabilities. They work under Windows 7, and are equipped with batteries, Boston-Power Sonata, which serve three times longer than conventional batterie

Tablet DreamBook ePad L11 HD with NVIDIA Ion 2 will be released in September

The company Pioneer Computers announced the imminent release of its tablet DreamBook ePad L11 HD. Recall, the device was announced last month, is equipped with 11.6-inch touch screen and built on a processor Intel Atom N450. This plate can be equipped with either integrated graphics or chipset NVIDIA Ion 2 (512 MB). Works DreamBook ePad L11 HD operating system Windows 7.

Also, the tablet is equipped with 2 GB of RAM, solid state drive capacity of 16, 32 or 64 GB, wireless adapters Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.1, accelerometer, and 1.3 megapixel camera. GPS receiver is present as an option, and ports and slots include SDHC, 2hUSB, HDMI and mini-PCI. The battery capacity of 4800 mAh provides a tablet to 6 hours battery life. New product will be released in Australia in September for about $ 642, on the international release yet nothing is known.

White iPhone 4 or pathetic Chinese fake?

We have already covered the news in the fate of the communicator iPhone 4 in white. Recall its release was postponed several times, since the production could not achieve the desired shade of white and high-quality coating of glass panels. In this case, a black model, such problems have been encountered.

And finally, it was reported, suggesting that the production of iPhone 4 in the white building has already begun. Some employee of the Chinese manufacturer secretly sent the device in Hong Kong in the box from under the black iPhone 4, which deceived the security service.
Photos and videos from the white communicator Apple has already appeared in the network. Several shots apparatus depicted in different perspectives, with a black iPhone, 4 and close to packing. Carton, indeed, from the black model. However, one source believes that the device is in the photo - a fake. He compared the official image from the Apple site and photos, in particular, flash, and noticed that she looks at them differently.

But despite this, we can still hope that data from China to start production of four white iPhone accurate and soon he will go on sale. However, it is not clear when exactly, because the Apple, a few times shifting release dates, stopped at a neutral "later this year."

New iPod touch - almost like the iPhone 4!

Author of the project Daring Fireball John Gruber said the new information regarding the media player iPod touch the next generation. According to him, before the release of new items is a few weeks. Indeed, according to rumors, the new iPod touch will be presented in September, while according to others, the announcement may take place even earlier - back in August. Gruber said that the updated version of media player will touch display with a resolution of 960x640 Retina pixels as the iPhone 4.

In addition, he will immediately two built-in cameras - on the back of the chassis and front. About built-in cameras in the new iPod touch also rumors have appeared. However, different sources disagree on the number and arrangement of chambers: reported only on the front, only on the rear and on both at once. Photos and video components of the new device, confirming this or that version too, have already been published online. In any case, Apple will soon put an end to the preliminary discussion of the iPod touch a new generation of official announcement.

Full HD Monitor NEC MultiSync E231W - in Europe in September

Announced last week at the North American market, 23-inch LCD Monitor NEC MultiSync E231W has been presented in good old Europe. However, on the European continent delivery of this large-screen begin until September, so consumers should be patient.

Monitor NEC MultiSync E231W is certified EPEAT Gold and TCO 5.0, is equipped with LED-backlit display and supports resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. In addition, the number of characteristics of the device is 5 ms response time, the maximum brightness of 250 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 (dynamic contrast ratio can reach 25 000:1).

The system interfaces Full HD Monitor NEC MultiSync E231W includes connectors D-Sub, DVI and DisplayPort. Among other things, there is a built-in measuring carbon footprint and ergonomically designed monitor stand supports its adjustable in height by 110 mm, and features tilt, swivel and rotation. The device is equipped with a three-year warranty, and its recommended price is 299 euros.

Elder brother's flagship smartphone Samsung - in September

According to a source from the company Samsung Electronics, which ranks among the top managers, a tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab will be presented at IFA, which will be held in Berlin from 3 to 8 September. This is where the device will be the first time formally demonstrated. According to earlier data, start selling Samsung Galaxy Tab is scheduled for October this year, that is, it will be available approximately one month after the announcement. About the price of this model of information yet.

Despite the fact that the official machinery was not yet available, about it there are already quite a lot of preliminary data. For example, the characteristics of the various sources we know almost everything. Samsung Galaxy Tab equipped with a 7-inch touch screen Super AMOLED, running the operating system, Android 2.2, and built on a 1.2 GHz processor. Also among the features of the device 16 GB of internal memory, GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G. Tablet is a kind of "elder brother" smartphone Samsung Galaxy S.

How to get a Nokia smart phone for 100 euros?

In the Internet has got user manual for Nokia 5250. This model is a little known: it is assumed that it is a simple and inexpensive besklaviaturny candy bar with a touch screen. At the same time, the announcement of Nokia 5250 is not held and all the available information - informal. And judging by the paper, this model is not only simple, it truly applies to primary level and should be very affordable, most likely in the region of 100 euros.

The smartphone runs on Symbian ^ 1 (Symbian S60 5th Edition) and may be the cheapest machine on this platform. He does not support Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS, smartphone only works in networks GSM / GPRS / EDGE. Diagonal its touchscreen, perhaps, is 2,8-2,9 inches, he resistive and management provided stylus. Built-in Camera - 2 megapixel, no flash, fixed focus. In this case, the Nokia 5250 has a slot for microSD memory card and 3.5 mm audio jack. Such a simple and inexpensive device is a good chance to become a mass, although by today's standards it is still a simpleton. Most likely, the smartphone will soon be submitted and will go on sale.

Nintendo Wii console 2 will Blu-ray optical drive?

New information about the next generation of the popular game console, Nintendo Wii, known for the moment, code-named Wii 2. According to rumors circulating on the World Wide Web, the new console hit the market next year and will be equipped with a port, suitable for transmission of HD content (probably meaning the connector HDMI).

In addition, according to the source, the next generation gaming console Nintendo Wii will be the owner of Blu-ray drive and be able to work with optical discs in a suitable format, is gaining increasing popularity in the market of physical media.

Thus, its functionality, the new version of Nintendo Wii may be close to its competitor Sony PS3. However, experts point out that Blu-ray discs and drives are still too expensive compared to their DVD counterparts, but one of the winning moments of Nintendo Wii (which will hopefully continue in the future version of the console) is just a relatively low price.

Intel demonstrates solution Knights Ferry to accelerate the work of server systems

Despite the decision at the time the decision to cancel production of graphics processors Larrabee, Intel continues to use some features of these chips in their new products. More proof that were reported on a demonstration architecture Intel MIC and solutions under the name of Knights Ferry, for the server market.

The latter product is part of the original program MIC (Many Intel Cores), work in which the focus on solutions to accelerate the computation in server systems. And, unlike the draft multi-core Tera-Scale, which we have repeatedly reported the news, in Knights Ferry as the basis used graphics architecture.

According to the known details, the current sample graphics accelerator Knights Ferry employs 32 core x86 and frequency of 1.2 GHz and supports 4-way HyperThreading, that allows him to simultaneously handle 128 streams of instructions. In addition, there is 8 MB unified cache memory of the second level, coupled with GDDR5 graphics memory up to 2 GB. Thus, Intel plans to compete in the market of visual computing with products such as AMD FireStream and NVIDIA Tesla.