Overclocked GeForce GTX 460 Overclocked Edition from Club 3D

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Company Club 3D graphics submit NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 Overclocked Edition. One of them is equipped with 1 GB of memory GDDR5, while the other - 768 MB GDDR5. New solutions are built on the graphic chip NVIDIA GF104, but its clock speed more Hooker Python - 750 MHz versus 675 MHz. In addition, the memory also works at higher clock frequency - 3800 MHz instead of 3600 MHz, used 192-bit memory interface.

New graphics card supports DirectX 11 technology, NVIDIA CUDA, PhysX, 2-way SLI and 3D Vision Surround. The latest proprietary technology allows us to implement three-dimensional image directly on the three displays. Among the connectors and slots for two new products - two PCI, dual-DVI and mini HDMI. Club 3D GeForce GTX 460 Overclocked Edition with 1 GB and 768 MB of video have appeared on sale in Europe. A version with less memory is 209 euros, and with a large - 215.38 euros.

Happiness mobile gamers! Hybrid consoles Sony and Sony Ericsson smartphone

There was an informal information about the game your mobile device from Sony Ericsson. For several years, rumors of PSP phone persistently circulated online, but the product never came out. And now it became known that the project still exists and Sony Ericsson PSP phone is actually a smartphone based operating system Android 3.0. This is something between a smartphone Samsung Captivate (version Galaxy S for the operator AT & T) and handheld console Sony PSP Go.

It is assumed that the diagonal touch screen will make 3,7-4,1 inches, and a resolution of at least 480h800 pixels. Built-in camera in your smartphone is likely, 5 megapixel, and the main chipset - Qualcomm Snapdragon with 1 GHz processor.

Regarding design, the machine is enclosed in black with silver accents and a sliding gamepad white / silver. It has gaming controls and so-called long touchpad. Image or photo devices yet, but the layout is created. While the game received a Sony Ericsson phone brand Xperia, but release may be replaced (or supplemented) PlayStation. As for games, there will be three-dimensional, and even with the use of augmented reality. Issue playing phone and ecosystems to it is expected in October.

"Thin clients" VXL-Lenovo Thinkpad TL100 and TL412

VXL Instruments Company, in cooperation with Lenovo introduced two notebook-class thin client "for virtualization. Models under the joint brand VXL-Lenovo Thinkpad TL100 and TL412 are equipped with 11.6 and 14.1-inch displays, respectively. Both devices are equipped with 1 GB of RAM and 1 GB of storage based on flash memory. But in terms of sharing resources of an entire IT infrastructure and availability of server-capacity drives them and do not need.

VXL-Lenovo Thinkpad TL100 built on the CPU AMD Athlon Neo with clock frequency of 1,6 GHz, and the Thinkpad TL412 uses a more powerful processor - 1.86 GHz dual-core Intel Celeron. In addition, the VXL-Lenovo Thinkpad TL412 has a slot Express PC Card Expansion, and a Thinkpad TL100 - Slot 4-in-1 PC Card. Both laptops have already been proposed in the versions of operating systems Windows XPe or Windows Embedded (WES), and variants of Linux will be released in the fourth quarter.

Microsoft releases patch to record 34 Windows, IE and Office

As expected, Microsoft on Tuesday released 14 new security bulletins. Contained in the updates need to close the previously identified 34 vulnerabilities in these popular products, the Redmond company, as the operating system is Windows, the browser Internet Explorer (IE), Office software package and the Silverlight browser plug-in, enabling applications to run with the animation, vector graphics and video clips.

Note that the number of software "holes", which were prepared and simultaneously released patches, it became a record. It includes and 14 vulnerabilities, which in Microsoft gained the status of critical, as well as 17 security vulnerabilities marked as important. For example, update MS10-052 and MS10-055 will close a pair of critical vulnerabilities in two codecs included with Windows and are responsible for compression and decompression of video data. Users are also advised not to linger, and as soon as possible to establish released updates that will make them work or leisure time at the computer safer.

Third Beta of Firefox 4 implements support multitouch features in Windows 7

Mozilla has released yet another company, already third beta version of its Firefox browser next 4. This version allows you willing to test an important option, which will be implemented in the new open-source browser, namely - Management with multitouch features in Windows 7.

In other words, users of Firefox 4 will be able to manage the data browser using multitouch gestures and touch. Of course, this would require a software platform already mentioned Microsoft Windows 7, as well as touch screen. In addition, the third beta version of Firefox 4 changes implemented in C + + representation JavaScript, resulting in increased efficiency of working with "heavy" digital code.

This, in turn, will improve the work with graphics in today's Web applications. Among other things, in Firefox 4 beta 3 there is a new feature App Tabs and extra support HTML5 standard, coupled with WebM video. It remains to add that the third beta version of Firefox 4 has native support for 34 languages and is available in versions for operating systems Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Ordro HDV-D350S - HD camcorder with a pico-projector

Company Ordro is not widely known brand, but this time she managed to attract attention: she created a camcorder HDV-D350S with pico-projector. Camera in compact horizontal form factor with a folding 3-inch screen can shoot video with a resolution of 1440 x 1080 pixels at up to 60 frames per second or 12 megapixel photos. It also provides a 10-fold optical zoom, equipped with 128 MB of internal memory and a slot for SD / SDHC.

Ordro HDV-D350S supports USB and HDMI. As for DLP projector, he made as a plug-in module in the top of the camera. It can reproduce images with a resolution of 854x480 pixels and a brightness of 1915 lumens. Of course, the figures are quite modest, but this projector can take with you everywhere and watch footage on the camcorder material into a makeshift movie theater. The cost of the camcorder Ordro HDV-D350S is $ 549.95, he was already on sale.

ABBYY Lingvo - now for Mac!

ABBYY is announced long-awaited dictionary ABBYY Lingvo for Mac. Now, Mac owners an opportunity to install on their computers modern dictionary, which is popular among millions of people around the world.

ABBYY Lingvo for Mac is based on a familiar platform users Windows ABBYY Lingvo x3. Set of 125 dictionary contains 6 pairs of translation from Russian into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and vice versa. It also includes dictionaries of Russian language, grammar guides, phrasebooks, lingvostranovedcheskie, training dictionaries and dictionaries of English Oxford and Collins. Professionals who use highly specialized vocabulary in the search for translations will help numerous thematic dictionaries.

Those who teach the language will be useful voiced by professional speakers, 60 000 words, letters, form words, interpretation, idioms and set expressions. In ABBYY Lingvo for Mac includes the most current and best quality translations of Dictionary, which described more than 100 000 words for each pair of languages, have examples of usages, synonyms and antonyms. All this helps the user find the most suitable translation unfamiliar word in the context of its use.

Developers ABBYY Lingvo for Mac have done everything possible to work with the dictionary was convenient and quick. Thus, the user can instantly translate into Cocoa applications (Safari, Pages): just move your cursor over an unfamiliar word, and beside him a balloon appears with a brief translation and a link to a detailed article in the dictionary. Morphology support allows you to translate words in any form (and not just in the initial) for all supported languages, including any characteristic of the English irregular verb forms, splitting complex composites for the German and the numerous exceptions to the rules of spelling in all languages.

Program ABBYY Lingvo for Mac built to standards and recommendations for the Apple Application Mac OS X. The interface of the product is made in the usual style for Mac users. Through the use of Cocoa programming environment it organically fits into the Mac OS. Recommended value boxed dictionary ABBYY Lingvo for Mac is 1490 rubles. The cost of download version of ABBYY Lingvo for Mac - 1340 rubles. ABBYY Lingvo for Mac is available for sale from August 12, 2010.

Spire Announces Universal VGA Cooler Slimod 282 with two fans

Spire Company has expanded its range of computer cooling systems have one interesting suggestion. New Slimod called 282 and represents a fairly universal VGA cooler that can be used with a wide range of ATI and NVIDIA.

Supported VGA cooler Slimod 282 graphics cards include decisions such as the Radeon HD 2400, HD 2600, HD 3600, HD 3800, HD 4600, HD 4800 and GeForce 4 Ti, GeForce FX 5700/5800/5900, 6600, 7800 , 7900, 8600, 8800, 9800 and GTX 200. The new cooling system consists of four copper pipe teplootvodnye Direct Touch 6 mm in diameter, are in direct contact with the cooled components.

In addition, there is a building block of radiator fins and two 90 mm fan with suspension on the bearings. The rotational speed of these fans is 1800 rpm, and the level of the outgoing acoustic noise is 24 decibels. Included in Slimod 282 comes paste S420, and himself VGA cooler should appear on sale this month priced at $ 49,99 / 36,95 euro.

Apple unveils new iPod in mid-September

Several knowledgeable sources agreed that the traditional annual event dedicated to new players iPod, tentatively scheduled for mid-September. That is, it will take about a month. Although previously zips message that the event could take place in August, but the data are clearly unreliable. It is assumed that there will be a presentation of a new generation of iPod music players. In particular, the expected announcement of a new iPod touch.

While no precise data on what new opportunities will most functional media player, Apple, but - just rumors. Mention integrated cameras (front and rear side, both or separately), support video service FaceTime and display Retina, like the iPhone 4. May be updated and the iPod nano, and it is likely that the smallest player iPod shuffle will be completely redesigned and will have a tiny touch screen display instead of buttons. Presumably, may be declared and the new additions to iTunes - support streaming.

Apple TV will turn into iTV, but did not receive support 1080p video

On the Web, new data on the update of the product, like Apple TV. It is reported that the new name of this device - iTV, apparently, it is better combined with the names of other models of the company. By the way, formerly known as iTV held as a code, but in the sale of this media player has already acted as the Apple TV. According to the source, the new model is based on the processor Apple A4, equipped with 16 GB of flash memory and costs only $ 99, however, it was known before.

But there is new information: the device does not support the new generation high-definition 1080p, only 720p. While the previous source claimed that support for 1080p video appears. In addition, the online store applications App Store, scheduled to open a special section of applications for iTV. However, it is not clear whether the media player receives the operating system on the basis iOS, as anticipated by some rumor or not. It is expected that the new model of Apple TV will be released this fall, perhaps, the announcement will take place at the September event.

Music and video inexpensively! New Sony Walkman

Sony has introduced the media player Walkman NWZ-E350. This is a fairly simple compact model with a 2-inch color QVGA display and control buttons underneath. The player is available in two versions with different amount of internal memory - 4 GB (NWZ-E353) and 8 GB (NWZ-E354). Sony Walkman NWZ-E350 is also available in three colors: black, blue and red. He can run for up to 50 hours of music playback on one battery charge, and play back video player capable of up to 10 hours on a single charge.

New supports the following audio formats: MP3, WMA (DRM), AAC (without DRM) and Linear PCM, as well as video format WMV (DRM). Plus, it comes with an FM radio. And thanks to the preinstalled software, it can copy music and videos from the library on your computer or iTunes (only the files without DRM). Technology Sony SenseMe, in turn, automatically distributes music in playlists, which the user can then select the "mood". And yet another proprietary technology company Clear Audio provides clear sound. Room 4 GB player Sony Walkman NWZ-E350 will be $ 70, and 8 GB - $ 80, the model will be released next month.

Zalman ZM-SF3 - cabinet fan with "Shark fins

The range of computer cooling systems company Zalman, is a recognized expert in the field, added another interesting development. New feature called ZM-SF3, and a cabinet fan diameter of 120 mm, whose blades are made in the form of shark fins.

This solution allows to increase the air flow pumped and simultaneously reduce turbulence, thereby reducing noise and vibration. In addition, there is a special bearing ELQ (Ever Lasting Quiet) with an estimated time of service at 150 000 hours, and silicone pads to help reduce vibration to a minimum.

Speed Zalman ZM-SF3 varies from 900 to 1500 revolutions per minute, and the level of the outgoing noise in this case is from 18 to 23 acoustic decibels. Complete with a new chassis fan supplied silicone fixing pins on the cost and date of appearance in the sale of this decision has not yet reported.