Economically - 3D TV Samsung Home

Monday, August 16, 2010

Samsung Electronics Company presented to the Russian market a new series of 8000 3D LED TVs. Televisions are equipped with a processor 3D HyperReal Engine and 200Hz Motion Plus technology and Mega Contrast. This provides a relaxed viewing 3D content at home and allows for high-definition as a two-dimensional and three-dimensional images, even in dynamic scenes.

In LED HDTV uses a technology edge LED Backlight (Edge-LED). As the producer, the decision led to record the thickness of the shell, which is only 23.9 mm. The difference from the other 8000 series LED televisions is the presence of features Precision Dimming, combining the advantages of rear and front LED backlight. At the expense of local control units LED edge lighting contrast level panel reaches high values, allowing you to accurately display deep blacks and bright objects on dark background without the halo effect. This means that the user can examine the smallest details without distortion of their color or shape.

Samsung 3D technology provides support for most existing formats of 3D images, including a new format Blu-ray 3D. Moreover, built-in 3D processor is capable of real-time to convert a standard 2D image in 3D, allowing normal programs and movies get volume. Large viewing angle (150 degrees) allows you to watch 3D image with your family or friends.

The updated service content service Internet @ TV platform for applications Samsung Apps allows you to work with such popular world and Russian web services as YouTube, Twitter, AccuWearher, FaceBook, History, Picasa, Getty Images, RBC, GisMeteo, Sport Express, Russia . ru and others. Four HDMI ports and DLNA support provide advanced capabilities for connecting digital devices.

Support service allows you to make Skype voice and video calls Skype-to-Skype, as well as calls to landlines and mobile phones. You will need a special chamber FreeTalk, which can be purchased additionally in a special online store. Now, sitting on the couch, users will be able to talk with your friends and family, wherever they are.

Function USB 2.0 Connect Share Movie enables users at any time to watch digital video format Full HD, photos or music, simply plug in any USB storage device directly to televizoru.Vstroenny video recorder will record any transmission, sporting events or movies on an external drive. In the Russian market LED television series 8000 is available in two versions - with diagonals 55 and 65 inches and costs 159,990 and 199,990 rubles respectively.

Canon sends invitations to the 26 August - coming announcement EOS 60D and G12?

In advance of the exhibition Photokina 2010, held in late September in Germany, leading manufacturers of photographic equipment to be demonstrating their latest products. Is no exception and the company Canon, prepares some press event called Take Stories Press Event, scheduled for August 26.

Invitations for this event have already begun to be distributed. Although that would be specifically represented, yet there is no official information, experts believe that on August 26 could be held long-awaited announcement of a new mid-range SLR camera Canon EOS 60D, which is a continuation debuted a couple of years ago, model 50D.

New presumably receive the 18-megapixel sensor with high sensitivity, the function of shooting video as 1080p, as well as turning the screen. In addition, the expected announcement of a compact camera Canon G12, relating to the semi-professional decisions and using CMOS sensor, as well as compact models Canon S95, SX30 and SX130. Not excluded and the debut of its new flagship full-frame SLRs Canon EOS 1Ds Mark IV, designed for professionals.

NVIDIA is preparing the third generation platform Tegra, debuted in mid-2011

Mobile Platform NVIDIA Tegra, are presented in 2008, has not yet received recognition from manufacturers of portable electronics, despite the many advantages realized in it. This product is a solution-type "system on a chip" (SoC, System-on-Chip) and integrates ARM processor, graphics engine, a media and DSP processors and memory controllers and peripherals.

This platform is NVIDIA Tegra has low power consumption and supports playback of high definition video, as well as new-fangled 3D games. However, the leading electronics manufacturers are in no hurry to use the mobile platform in their decisions. Perhaps the most famous devices based on NVIDIA Tegra steel media players Microsoft Zune HD and the Samsung YP-M1.

In order to increase the popularity of its platform, NVIDIA has announced this past January, the second generation of Tegra. However, until now never Blainville no meaningful product based on the Tegra 2, although the chips could be used, for example, in the rapidly expanding segment of the Tablet PC now.

Nevertheless, the NVIDIA do not get discouraged hands and, judging by the information resource Semiaccurate, develop was the third generation of its mobile platform, code-named Tegra 3 (T30). This chipset, according to sources, can be represented in the second quarter of 2011, at the same time will be announced and devices based on it. So far there is no guarantee that the third generation platform Tegra will be luckier than their predecessors.

Epson Stylus Office BX320FW - rapid MFP for cost-effective color printing

Epson has introduced a new inkjet multifunction Epson Stylus Office BX320FW for small business and home office. As the producer, the new MFP combines all the necessary office functions - printer, scanner, copier and fax machine, network connection, and ADF for 30 sheets. The new device also features high efficiency. Cost of color printing on Epson Stylus Office BX320FW - up to 50% lower than the laser counterparts.

Multifunction Epson Stylus Office BX320FW created for high volume office printing. Fast printing of business documents - up to 15 pages per minute (according to the standard ISO / IEC 24734) provides a significant time saving. Total access to the device by using the network interfaces Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

Pigment ink Epson DURABrite Ultra designed for monochrome and color printing on ordinary office paper. The quality of printing is not inferior to laser: prints from the printer is already dry, crisp text and graphics are not spread and are not smeared with the selection marker or by ingestion of water. With individual ink cartridges of different sizes Multifunction Epson Stylus Office BX320FW able to cope with different amounts of printing and cost savings.

The new server model iRU ROCK 2112R - individual approach to configuration

The Russian company iRU introduced a new model iRU ROCK 2112R server for small and medium businesses. As pointed out by the company, the distinguishing feature of the new model server iRU ROCK 2112R is its versatility in use. Server configuration can be selected individually, depending on the specific tasks that allows the customer to save money without having to buy extra unnecessary options.

Such flexibility is embedded in the system iRU ROCK 2112R technical capabilities. It is based on a modern Intel 5520 chipset, which supports the Intel Xeon processor 5500 series and Intel Xeon 5600. Chipset Intel 5520 series supports Intel QuickPath connection with a throughput of 6.4 GT / s, 5.86 GT / s and 4.8 GT / s (gigatransferov per second). In addition, this chipset supports installation of up to two x16 graphics cards, or four x8 PCI-Express 2.0 and High Performance Intel SSD hard drives in configurations with controllers, peripherals ICH10 and ICH10R. Also among the features of the server iRU ROCK 2112R include technology, Intel Matrix Storage, which provides faster access to files with RAID arrays of levels 0, 5 and 10, and increases data security hard drive with RAID arrays of levels 1, 5 and 10 .

Server System iRU ROCK 2112R supports installation of up to two multicore Intel Xeon processor 5500 series and 5600, the second of which is the flagship in the line of Intel processors and the withdrawal of one of the most popular today. Servers, built on their basis, suitable for a variety of infrastructures, distributed computing systems, high density and high-performance computing systems. They have the intellectual capacity, adapt to the workload, provide up to 15 times higher performance compared to servers based on single-core processors. It should also be said that among the options possible to install up to 192 GB of system memory type DDR3 ECC Registered at 12 slots and up to 4 hard drives form factor 3.5-inch Interface SAS / SATA 3GB. Mandating the use of technology hot-swappable hard drives, which will provide the maximum reduction in idle time server, which is also a positive impact on business continuity company.

It should be noted that the new server, 1U height can be equipped with two expansion card PCI-Express 2.0 x8 and x16 at the same time and also install another expansion card PCI-Express 2.0 x4 with two-port Ethernet 1GB (RJ-45).

Tablet MSI WindPad 100 - official images on the eve of the exhibition IFA

In the Internet got the official images of the tablet MSI WindPad 100 (U100). His company, Micro-Star International have already demonstrated at Computex 2010 and will also be presented at the September IFA in Berlin. It is reported that the new images - a device in the final design. MSI WindPad 100 running Windows 7 operating system and built on Intel Atom Z530 processor with a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz. It is equipped with 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen.

Tablet is equipped with 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB SSD drive, 1.3 megapixel camera and front memory card slot for SD / SDHC. Also, he has wireless modules Wi-Fi and 3G. MSI WindPad Room 100 will be about $ 500, can be purchased separately, and the docking station with multiple ports: USB 2.0, Audio, Gigabit Ethernet, D-Sub and HDMI. It is not clear when the wait began selling MSI WindPad 100, most likely, this is the end of this year.

The new Xbox 360 has successfully hacked!

It's no secret that some users of previous versions of Xbox 360 consoles have resorted to hacking the device in order to obtain additional functionality. On the hacked game consoles, for example, you can view popular among the visitors of the World Wide Web electronic newspaper ads Craigslist, as well as work with users create Backup games recorded on DVD.

However, in mid-June, Microsoft announced a new version of the Xbox 360, which differs more than a thin, compact body and the presence of a removable hard disk capacity of 250 GB. Of course, hacking techniques applicable to the previously issued modifications to the console, in the case of the Xbox 360 Slim lost their effectiveness.

The eyes of the users were directed at the enthusiasts involved in the development of hacking the Xbox 360. And now it became known that Team Xecuter team, in collaboration with colleagues from Team Jungle and hacker Commodore4Eva created a patch that allows Xbox 360 Slim work with copies of games on DVD media by users.

However, enthusiasts are promised soon to release a public version of the patch, which will be available for all fans of Xbox 360 Slim. Keep in mind, however, that the use of such procedures is not quite legitimate, even if you download the backup of the game that you personally bought in the store.

Graphics Card Inno3D iChiLL GTX 480 Black Series - Liquid-cooled, for enthusiasts of computer games

Company Inno3D has announced a new graphics card Inno3D GeForce GTX 480 iChiLL Black Series with support for liquid-cooled, designed for true enthusiasts of computer games. Water block "full coverage" effectively cools the GPU, voltage regulators, the chip I / O, memory and other important components of the system. Details on the technical characteristics of the adapter, the company has not yet published, but elaborated on the description of the cooling system.

Cooling System i-ChiLL Black Series operates as follows. The surface of the water block can send a warm flow of water in the block. Water enters the radiator through the channels. In the radiator water transfers heat to the air through the ribs. The thinner edges and more than their surface area, the higher the productivity of the radiator. Chilled water flows through the channels of the radiator and fed back into the water block CPU

Thus, the air flow is also important for the successful cooling system. The more heat is going to water flow from the surrounding elements in the block, the better the cooling system. Special pads to remove the grease with high thermal conductivity used in the field of memory and MOSFET. It also provides a short attachment for 1 / 4 "tubes that are compatible with the configurations of quad SLI.

"ICQ" under threat! New virus stole thousands of accounts

Today, August 16, many users Messenger ICQ victims of a malicious program called Snatch. Offer download Snatch.exe account holders ICQ received from their contacts (of course, already infected). And several thousand users, despite the obvious danger of such dubious actions have done so, after which their computer was infected with the virus. The fact is that the automatic system, distributing malicious software, with a few simple phrases sometimes managed to "persuade" his companion, masquerading as this user. In other words, the victims do not recognize that communicates with a bot, not the friend of man, whose contact with the upload files.

Once infected, the virus Snatch, ICQ user lose access to your account, because it username and password are stolen and subsequently used for the dissemination of the same file. According to computer security experts to clean your computer from Snatch, you want to delete in Windows Task Manager process Snatch.exe, also remove all these entries from the registry, reinstall ICQ and reset your password. Although the best, of course, immediately abandon download this file (its size - 916.5 kb), even if it offers a seemingly reliable contact. It is worth noting. that at the moment Snatch recognize not all antivirus software.