Case AeroCool Strike-X - for the hard-line gaming systems

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Taiwanese company AeroCool Advanced Technologies has decided to please the Russian buyers new family housing Strike-X. Now, computer enthusiasts and fans of gaming applications will be able to design high-performance machine with fine-tuning of cooling system and the possibility of using a wide range of various modderskih components.

Chassis Corps Strike-X is made of solid 0,6 mm stainless steel made in Japan. External and internal surface coating systems resistant black paint. Aggressive interior emphasizes the platform under the motherboard, painted a contrasting red.

The body is made in the form factor Mid-Tower and is designed for use with motherboards ATX form factor and Micro ATX, Case dimensions 472x195x505 mm. The design of the chassis and full-time equipment provide a greater opportunity of tuning and configuration flexibility game or overclock the system, depending on individual customer wishes. Thus, a system based on the Strike-X can support up to nine 5.25-inch drives, or up to four 5.25-inch and five 3.5-inch form factor with the use of adapters and sled. In addition, the bottom of the chassis provides room for mounting optional SSD drive. The interior of the shell has been optimized for today's large graphics cards up to 295 mm. Ease of installation of system components is guaranteed by a complete renunciation of the screw fasteners, the availability of pre-prepared holes and optimize cable routing through special clips, pre-installed on the platform of the motherboard.

Particular attention is paid to the design of the body cooling system. Internal circulation of cooling air flow for three-fan on sliding bearings with rotational speed up to 1500 revolutions per minute. The most powerful 140 mm fan with air flow up to 96,5 CFM, and red LED lights placed on the upper surface, 120 mm fan with air flow up to 82,6 CFM, and red LED lights located on the side of the plane, and another 120 mm fan with air flow to 53,55 CFM installed on the back of the chassis. Foreseen the optional installation of three additional 120 mm fans: one on the bottom plane and two retractile on the front surface of the chassis. In addition, in each compartment for mounting drives prudently drilled holes for mounting the 120 mm fans for "individual" cooling hard drives.

Facilities using the system on the basis of Strike-X are complemented by easy access to most popular interfaces - USB 2.0 ports and audio, located directly on top of the chassis.

Netbook Samsung N230 - up to 13.8 hours of battery life

Samsung Electronics Company presented to the Russian market a new netbook series N - model N230. Thin and lightweight netbook, with a weight of less than 1 kg and the thickness of only 23.2 mm, is an excellent option for mobile users. Equipped with Bluetooth 3,0 netbook Samsung N230 is able to provide high-speed Internet access.

The new model supports advanced technology Samsung Fast Start (fast download). The netbook will be ready in a few seconds after opening the lid or pressing the power button and the "sleep", it automatically stores all data on your hard drive. Runtimes of the new netbook with a standard battery is 7 hours and optional batteries with increased capacity increases this limit to 13.8 hours of continuous operation.

10.1-inch anti-glare LED display is different saturated and vivid image. Lack of effect of "mirror" even under bright lighting allows the user to a new netbook to watch your favorite movies wherever wanted. Samsung N230 comes with a proprietary network option, All-Share DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). This network card can transmit data wirelessly from a computer and back on any electronic media and devices: from the photo and video cameras to mobile phones. Netbook Samsung N230 is available in the Russian market since August 2010 at an estimated retail price of 15,990 rubles.

Highlights of Samsung N230:

    * Operating system - Genuine Windows 7 Home
    * Processor - Intel Atom N450 (1,66 GHz, 667 MHz, 512 KB)
    Chipset - Intel NM10
    * Memory - 1 GB (DDR2 / 1 GB x 1)
    * LCD display - 10.1-inch WSVGA (1024 x 600), matte, LED backlighting
    * Hard Drive Space GB - 250 GB (5 400ob./min.S-ATA)
    * Network Card - 10/100 LAN
    * Wireless network card - 802,11 b / g / n Compliant
    * 3 Watt stereo speakers (1.5 watts x 2)
    * Built-in Camera - 0.3 MP
    * Interface Bluetooth 3.0
    * I / O Ports - VGA, 3 x USB 2.0, RJ45 (Ethernet)
    * Card reader - 4-in-1 (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC)
    * Standard Battery - 6 cells
    * Size - 264,0 x 188,9 x 21,7-23,2 mm
    * Weight - 1.03 kg (with standard battery)

Sparkle Calibre GeForce GTX 480 - graphics card with a powerful cooling Accelero Xtreme

Company Sparkle Computer has expanded its series of Calibre graphics card customized version of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480. Novelty is equipped with effective dvuhslotovoy cooling Accelero Xtreme from the company Arctic Cooling, which includes five teplootvodnyh tubes and three 92 mm fans. This system lowers the temperature of video card for a minimum of 10 º C compared with the standard cooling system. This decision is aimed mainly at gamers, for whom high-quality cooling - is of prime importance.

This card is equipped with 480 cores CUDA, core clock frequency is 752 MHz, Shader - 1504 MHz, memory - 3800 MHz. It uses 384-bit memory interface and is equipped with 1.5 GB of VRAM GDDR5. Among the connectors - dual-DVIh2 and mini HDMI. Sparkle Calibre GeForce GTX 480 supports DirectX 11. It is expected that the cost of the graphics card will be about 400 euros.

3D video with your own hands! New compact Fujifilm

The company introduced a digital camera Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3. According to her, the novelty is the first compact, able to shoot dimensional video quality 720p. And then, thanks to the video output mini HDMI, content can be viewed on a TV or monitor with surround image. And, of course, FinePix Real 3D W3 can obtain stereoscopic photographs, although the usual two-dimensional for it, too, no problem. The camera comes with two lenses with 3-fold increase (35-105 mm in 35 mm film equivalent) and two 1 / 2 ,3-inch CCD sensor, and the number of effective pixels is 10 Mn.

In addition, new items have 3,5-inch touchscreen display. This is both a management interface, and a screen for showing the potential of personnel, and, the volume picture on it is visible without the use of special glasses. Incidentally, earlier Fujifilm has produced a similar camera FinePix Real 3D W1, but with a smaller screen and no video recording capabilities 720p. In turn, the new FinePix Real 3D W3 will go on sale in September and will cost $ 500 (in Europe - 449 euros).

Already by 2011: Yota create a new generation of smartphone!

Company Scartel, which provides services under the brand name Yota, seriously nastrolas to create a mobile device under its own brand for a fourth-generation cellular networks LTE. Already a tender for the assembly of the device and issue it planned in late 2011. In this case, first network Yota LTE standard will be launched in Kazan. Plans to create a mobile phone shared CEO "Scartel Denis Sverdlov. More precisely, it will be a smartphone operating system Android.

The operator will develop a design of the device and its assembly will partner company. According to Sverdlov, this device will be functional and cost $ 25-30 thousand rubles. Recall that at this point the allocation of spectrum for 4G network in Russia remains unresolved. They claim the operators of the Big Three and the company-novices. But Yota already has a resource for the construction of such networks.

However, regarding the draft Yota with its own phone expert LTE Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin skeptical. In his view, the machine will not be successful, especially on such a high price. To make such a conclusion, it is enough to recall the weak sales of HTC Max 4G - Communicator Mobile Networks WiMAX.

MSI FX600 laptop with discrete graphics for sale for only $ 900

Company Micro-Star International has released for sale laptop MSI FX600. In its U.S. online store you can find a model MSI FX600-002US worth $ 899.99. It is inexpensive, considering the complete set of the device. This 15.6-inch laptop on the basis of processor Intel Core i5-450M and the operating system Windows 7 Home Premium. Sufficient productive processor is complemented by discrete graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT325M with 1 GB of video memory. Due to this, the model can easily reproduce the high-definition video and can rightly be considered affordable multimedia solutions.

The amount of RAM in MSI FX600 is 4 GB and the hard drive - 500 GB. He also has a web camera 720p, wireless adapter Wi-Fi 802.11n and port HDMI. Another feature of the new items worthy of mention is the audio system THX "film class. The laptop is equipped with four speakers at once, which allows movies to accompany a full soundtrack.

Intel and Micron have created a 25 nm NAND with a recording density of 3 bits per cell

Intel and Micron Technology have developed the first examples of a more perfect type of flash memory NAND. The memory chips are made on 25 nm technology and the recording density in them is 3 bits per cell. It is a memory based on the "three-level cell" TLC (triple-level cell), in contrast to single-level SLC (single-level cell) with one bit per cell and MLC (multi-level cell) with two bits per cell.

Total module of the new Intel memory is 8 GB and it is 20% more compact than similar solutions of the previous generation. Such memory, according to Intel, is useful for mapping SD, USB drives, media players and other small consumer electronics. The company has already begun shipping the first samples of some of its partners.

Intel claims that its new memory has the highest capacity and small size in the industry. Thanks to the flash drives and cards will become more intensive, without increasing the size, says the company. By the end of this year the market has already come out device designed based on the new 25 nm chips from Intel and Micron. However, while Intel itself is unlikely to use it for its solid-state drives that are still in need of memory at a higher rate, but lower density.

Graphics Card MSI GeForce GTX 480 with HydroGen water-block is available for pre-order

MSI has been demonstrated at Computex 2010 in June this year, the GeForce GTX 480 with HydroGen liquid cooling. This adapter is designed primarily for gamers, it provides high performance and high quality cooling. However, MSI GeForce GTX 480 HydroGen works, unfortunately, the drainage frequencies. The video card is based on the graphic chip GF100 and supports DirectX 11. The solution uses 830-gram single-slot liquid cooling unit, made of copper.

It covers 70% of the PCB and, as stated, is able to maintain the temperature of the video card as much as 24 degrees Celsius lower than the reference model. The adapter is equipped with a 480 core CUDA, GPU clock speed is 700 MHz Shader Clock - 1401 MHz, and memory - 3696 MHz. MSI GeForce GTX 480 HydroGen equipped with 1536 MB of memory GDDR5. This card also uses military grade components: solid-state ballasts, capacitors and so on. The adapter is equipped with dual-DVI connectors, and mini-HDMI, and supports technology 3-way SLI, CUDA, PhysX, and 3D Vision Surround. It can already be pre-ordered for $ 694.22.