Apple iTV will be released in September and "change everything"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kevin Rose (Kevin Rose), who is the founder of the famous portal of Digg, said with reference to insider sources of information about the new media player iTV. Recall, this new model name of Apple TV, which according to unofficial sources, the new version will work under the operating system iOS. According to Rose, a device released in September and will cost $ 99. The emergence of iTV, as he said, "change everything".


For example, there will be applications for the iTV, which can be downloaded online store App Store, it will be the program for viewing and recording video, interactive news and, of course, games. And all this through the TV console, can be seen on the TV screen. Moreover, iTV will be available through the advertising platform iAds. Also, the new device will help to quickly publish photos and videos online, and iPad can be used as a remote control for iTV. With it, users can control games, edit video and so on.

Olympus FE-5050, FE-5040 and FE-4050 - simple compact camera

Company Olympus introduces three new models in the series of simple compact cameras FE - FE-5050, FE-5040 and FE-4050. The lead series of 14-megapixel model FE-5050 has a 5x optical wide zoom (26-130 mm) allows to remove almost any subject - from portrait to an impressive panorama. The new "digital stabilization plus reduces noise and provides enhanced color reproduction and gradation particular mood will feature six filters: Pop Art, Fish Eye, Drawing, Pinhole, and new wedding and Rock. Body of the camera has a thickness of 18,8 mm. Also, FE-5050 is equipped with a display with a diagonal 2.7 inches, a slot for SD memory cards and feature battery from USB. Camera is equipped with a set of technologies necessary to produce quality images degkogo: AF tracking, i-Auto mode, and improved identification of persons (up to 16 persons). The body of one of four colors - Starry Silver, Classic Black, Champagne Gold and Pink.

Olympus FE-5040 features 5x wide optical zoom (26-130 mm) diagonal display with 2.7-inch sensor with a resolution of 12 Mn. Continuous AF, mode i-Auto, six "magic" filter (Fish-Eye, Pop Art, Painting, Pinhole, and new filters Wedding and Rock), the definition of (up to 12 persons) and digital image stabilization to help you get good pictures without much difficulty. Rounding out the functionality of a slot for memory cards SD, function of battery charge from USB, and a number of practical functions. Body of the camera is available in different colors: Starry Silver, classic black, crimson red, and copper orange.

12-megapixel FE-4050 is equipped with a 4x wide optical zoom (27-108 mm) and the new "digital image stabilization plus. Display 2.7-inch diagonal, AF tracking, mode i-Auto, improved identification of persons (up to 16 persons), a slot for SD memory cards and feature battery power from USB - it all fit in a compact and slim body. The camera comes with six "magic" filters (Fisheye, Pop Art, Drawing, Pinhole, and new filters Wedding and Rock). Case FE-4050 is available in several colors: Starry Silver, Classic Black, Wine Red and Pure White.

Models Olympus FE-5050, FE-5040 and FE-4050 are based on the concept of "one button - one function", but if you need help, then the user can always turn to the built-in Help. New models will go on sale in September 2010.

Sony DR-GA500 and DR-GA200 - gaming headset with surround sound technology, Sony

Sony has announced two models of headphones designed for gamers. They were created after extensive research that revealed the demands of gamers to the "perfect" headphones.

Model Sony DR-GA500 includes decoder Dolby Pro Logic IIx and developed using a unique technology Sony Virtual Phones Technology (VPT) to create 7.1-channel surround sound. Hardware signal processing are placed in a compact external unit.

As the producer, the result of this decision has the spatial sound picture with fine detail, allowing to accurately identify the location from which sound can be heard as a grenade, and cautious steps. Such a sound environment suitable for "first-person shooter", which is what the user hears, just as important as what he sees.

Headphones both models DR-GA500 and GA200 are also intended for fans of strategy and multiplayer online games, which generally last very long. Headphones are equipped with 40-mm speakers for high quality sound from resonating, "live" bass and clear treble, and also have design "triple coverage". Designed on the basis of research users and developed with the view of the importance of ventilation and exceptional pressure on the ears. New items will be available from September 2010. Approximate cost will be 4890 rubles for GA200 and 9890 rubles for the GA500.

So touching! Pocket Video Camera Kodak High Definition

Eastman Kodak introduced the compact camcorder PlayTouch, capable of recording video in high definition Full HD 1080p. This is a miniature solution will easily accommodate even the pocket. At the same time it allows not only shoot but also edit videos directly on the device without a PC. However, we are talking about such simple actions as cropping, and receive still images. By the way, except for video, Kodak PlayTouch can shoot and 5-megapixel photos. Device management is carried out through a 3-inch capacitive touchscreen.

To burn the captured video or photo can be on the cards SD / SDHC, and connect the camcorder to your computer without wires can be: with sliding USB connector. HDMI connector is also provided, as well as audio for headphones or a microphone. Kodak PlayTouch supports and digital image stabilization and face recognition. Finally, Kodak Share button allows to flag a video and photos that the next time you connect the device to be uploaded to social networking sites, photo-and video hosting - Facebook, YouTube and others. Kodak PlayTouch will be released in the U.S. in the autumn, a few bright colors, and will cost $ 229.95.

Prepared NVIDIA Geforce GT 430 - graphics card for less than $ 100

According to rumors, leaked to the World Wide Web, NVIDIA is preparing to release a new video card GeForce GT 430. Apparently, it is built on the GPU GF108 and is relatively inexpensive - perhaps the price will not exceed $ 100. Apparently this is a fairly simple solution of the line Fermi. Clock Speed NVIDIA GeForce GT 430, according to the source, is 700 MHz and a memory - 900 MHz, it uses 128-bit interface. It is not clear what type of memory supports a new video card - GDDR3 or GDDR5.

About clocked shader, in turn, certainly not announced. It is assumed that it could reach 1400 MHz. We also know that NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 supports an interface PCI 2.0 x16, and the size of its processor is 29x29 mm. Most likely, the release of new low-cost graphics card market will be held following the release of another new items - NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450, that is, in October-November.

Olympus DP-20 or DS-2800 - a pair of new digital recorders

The company introduced two new Olympus voice recorder - DP-20 or DS-2800. The first model, Olympus DP-20, is positioned as the first digital voice recorder for those who are accustomed to the analog model. According to the manufacturer, model DP-20 - digital voice recorder, use which is easier than the cluster. Fans of analog models will not be disappointed - DP-1920 is equipped with everything they liked in cluster Dictaphone: full-size speaker, three large buttons to access the basic functions, user-friendly display and long battery life. The new calendar search Olympus makes searching for files easier. Another important function for lovers of analog models - the ability to accurately know the remaining time of recording and battery.
Model DP-1920 supports the format WMA, providing the quality of record superior to the analog model. But for users microcassette recorders important factor is the usual design - and they'll sort it out without any problems with the management of DP-20. Instead of five or six buttons, like most digital recorders, the front of the DP-20 are located habitual users of analog devices, three large buttons: 'Play', 'Stop' and 'Record'. Most digital recorders users have to wade through the "jungle" menu to activate features such as 'speed play' and 'Delete'. In the DP-1920 is easily done - with the switch located on the side of the device. Voice recorder running on batteries (AAA) to 50 hours, and an integrated memory, 1 GB provides up to 145 hours of recording in standard quality. DP-20 will go on sale in September 2010.

New Digital Voice Recorder Olympus DS-2800 is designed for simple quick recording and organizing files for small and medium businesses. A new model from Olympus is equipped with a side switch, which became popular in the model DS-5000. Convenient operation, a thin metal body and large memory capacity allows business users to quickly and easily record notes, interviews or meetings (up to 100 hours of recording). Users can store their records in five folders (up to 200 files per folder) on the supplied SD memory card capacity of 2 GB. Dictations are saved in DSS Pro, but for maximum recording quality, you can select the format QP. Large backlit display together with a convenient switch makes operation and navigation of the menus simple and comfortable. Recorder can be connected to a PC or Mac via a USB port that provides easy integration into existing workflow. And the processing of sound files will take the supplied with voice recorder software DSS Player. Model DS-2800 will be available in September 2010.

Canon Selphy CP800 - Stylish and Compact Photo

Canon has introduced a new Compact Photo Printer Selphy CP800, which allows quickly and easily create professional-quality photos at home. The new model, which came to replace the Selphy CP780, a number of improvements. The printer, made in a thin and elegant design, equipped with some creative features and is characterized by increased ease of use.

Selphy CP800 is suitable for those who need easy the printer, providing high-quality photos at the touch of a button. On the choice of black or white body color. The printer has a simple and friendly interface, large buttons and a rotating LCD screen diagonal 6.2 cm (2.5 inches). Can print directly from compatible memory cards or any device that supports standard PictBridge, for example, still or video camera. Selphy CP800 also prints from a USB drive or mobile phone.

The printer has an auto image stabilization, which analyzes a person, contrast and brightness of images, and then corrects the deficiencies resulting pictures will be more bright and clear. The effect of "smooth skin" to hide the shortcomings of the skin while creating portraits, but if you adjust the brightness manually, you can improve the quality of prints.

Technology transfer Dye sublimation creates a smooth transition of tones and makes the image more glossy. Paint dries instantly, and photos are ready for use immediately after printing. As promised the company a special coating protects them from moisture and keeps brightness and color saturation for 100 years when stored in the album. Selphy CP800 to print on media of different sizes, including postcards, L6 format and the format of a credit card.

Selphy CP800 also offers a variety of models. Layout ID Photo allows you to print photos on the documents on one sheet. Mixed model allows you to combine photos into original compositions, demonstrating their creative abilities. Function "My Colors" provides even more opportunities for creativity by choosing a different color settings: Vivid, Neutral, Sepia, Positive Film "and" black and white.

An optional battery for model Selphy CP800 provides mobile printing on the go. The security line, for example, lock Kensington, fixed in a special slot in the printer, providing additional protection devices.

Brother has developed a micro-display for secret documents

Brother Company has announced a new prototype retinal display (RID-Retinal Imaging Display) AiRScouter, which is the glasses with fixed front lens, a miniature display, weighing about 35 grams. AiRScouter, with the help of laser beams is formed on the retina of the eye color image equivalent to the screen with an area of 16 square inches, observed from a distance of 1 meter. New products will be presented at the conference Brother World 2010, held in September 2010 in Tokyo.

The new prototype provides a clearer picture by improving the optical scanning device and, if necessary, can consolidate on Micro-rimmed "glasses". This AiRScouter not reduce the visual field, since the image is projected on the retina from a point source of light through the transparent lens. With AiRScouter users are able to confidential documents and images that can not see around.

Performance retinal display as points you can work with documents and directories in a confined space, with both hands Users are free.

The device consists of three modules: a light source, optical scanning device and the module itself points. The light source module company managed to significantly reduce the size and weight, in addition, unlike the previous prototype new AiRScouter be supplied from batteries. The development is based on the achievements of Brother in the design of optical systems used in laser printers, as well as in pezoelektronnyh technology used in inkjet printers.

The first device based on the Brother RID (stationary) has been demonstrated at the exhibition in the Japanese city of Aichi, in 2005. In 2008, Brother developed the first portable device (in the form of points) of this type, and in 2009 for he had identified potential areas of application and reduced the size of the supply unit, which directly generates light rays. In commercial production AiRScouter scheduled for launch in 2010.

Technical specifications of Brother AiRScouter:

    * External power:
          o Sources of light - red / green / blue laser diodes
          o Dimensions - mm 95h170h30
          o Weight - 350 grams
    * Retinal display (RID, except the frame and cable):
          o Resolution - SVGA (800x600 pixels)
          o refresh rate - 60 Hz
          o Viewing angle - about 18 º x 13,5 º
          o Present the volume - 22 cubic centimeters
          o Weight - about 35 grams

ViewSonic is preparing a 7-inch Android tablet and 10-inch model with two OS

It was learned that the company ViewSonic displays at the September exhibition IFA 2010 7-inch tablet ViewPad 7. This device runs on Android, supports wireless 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and is equipped with two cameras: the front and the back side (for video and photography, respectively). Also ViewPad 7 has a GPS receiver, slot microSD, accelerometer and interface support USB. According to ViewSonic, ViewPad 7 supports "access to thousands of applications" and first released in Europe.

By the way, according to earlier rumors, ViewSonic within two months of release tablet based on the Android 2.2 is priced at $ 478 - $ 637. In ViewPad 7 at the upcoming exhibition will demonstrate yet another device - until the name he has not. The model is based on an Intel processor and supports just two of the operating system - Android and Windows. However, the latest version is not specified, but it may be Windows Embedded Compact 7. This tablet is equipped with 10-inch touchscreen.

Toshiba SmartPad - official images unannounced tablet

In the network appeared image tablet Toshiba SmartPad, possibly from the press materials. This product has not yet been formally presented his announcement just ahead. Judging by the images presented by the portal NotebookItalia, this model is slim black with silver trim on the edges. To one side of its touch-screen hosts multiple sensory buttons.

Looks quite stylish device. Incidentally, the illustrations are visible connectors - 3,5 mm audio, HDMI, USB, mini-USB and memory card slot. Moreover, he has a frontal camera and speakers (under the display).

According to information spread on the Internet before, tablet Toshiba SmartPad built on a hardware platform NVIDIA Tegra 2 and running the operating system Android. A diagonal of its screen is 10 inches. However, these data are unofficial. Release Notes also have, although they are not supported by Toshiba. Presumably, tablet Toshiba SmartPad will be released in September and October this year.

Cowon X7 Media Player with the hard drive still exists

The global network of new information on the music player Cowon X7. Rumors about him go for a long time - since 2007, but the device has not been submitted. And now an emerging new product endorsed by the organizations Bluetooth SIG and FCC. However, data on its website a little control: mentioned only support wireless interface Bluetooth 2.0. With regard to informal data, they are a little more. For example, we know that this media player will be 1.8-inch hard drive.

This has the advantage capacious storage, because the amount of hard drive can exceed 100 GB and this opportunity will be offered, probably for quite a reasonable amount. Also, it is likely that Cowon X7 is running an operating system Android. Appearances other information, as well as photographs or images of your player. just have to wait. Not clear, when it goes on sale, but judging by the certification of Bluetooth SIG and the FCC, it could happen fairly soon.