Pocket Mouse Defender Impulse 455 Nano

Monday, August 30, 2010

The company introduced the Defender miniature wireless mouse Defender Impulse 455 Nano. NEW performed in minimalist design is modest in size and flat shape, it can be placed in a purse or pants pocket.

Dimensions Impulse 455 Nano modest - the height of the mouse is 2 cm and weight 47 grams. The housing has a symmetrical shape and is easy to use both the right and left hand. The front panel are two standard buttons and button-scroll wheel. At the back of the robot manufacturer has provided a special slot for the receiver - it does not break and will not be lost in transit.

The mouse is made in strict style, finishing in use one color - black, while the front panel is decorated with a logo trademark Defender. Rubberized plastic pleasant to the touch and non-slip mouse in hand. The manipulator can be used in demonstrations or presentations to control media applications at a distance of 8 meters. Three levels of energy efficiency extends the life of the mouse from one battery. If the device is not involved in the work of more than 10 minutes, it goes into power saving mode. To resume Impulse 455 Nano just need to move it or press any button.

Specifications of Defender Impulse 455 Nano:

    * Resolution - 1000 dpi
    * Number of buttons - 2 scroll button
    * Interface - USB
    * Color - Black
    * Meals - 1 AA battery
    * Range - 8 meters
    * Average duration of work without recharge / change batteries - 3 Months
    * Radio interface - 2,4 GHz
    * Size - 9.7 x 5.7 x 2 cm
    * Weight - 0,047 kg

ViewSonic PJD7382 - short-focus projector for classrooms

ViewSonic has introduced a projector PJD7382 - ultrakorotkofokusnuyu model for classrooms and educational centers. Includes software Creston RoomView, which allows teachers when connecting the projector PJD7382 to the Ethernet network monitoring, diagnosis and management of each such device through a single software solution. In addition, the projector supports technology PJD7382 DLP Link and image 3D, providing a more complete effect of the presence in its use in the classroom.

The projector is projecting PJD7382 ratio 0.61, giving a sharp and accurate image with a diagonal of 81 "(206 cm) with a distance of about one meter. This makes it a suitable choice for output to an interactive whiteboard for teaching in the classroom. The projector is equipped with technology BriliantColor and 6-digit "color wheel" DLP for more realistic colors, and features such as a microphone input, speaker power of 10 W and the transfer of closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

Construction without filter simplifies maintenance and reduces the cost of projector ownership. The presence and function Kensington Security Security Bar means added protection against theft. In addition, the "eco-mode" of this model will save on electricity, the lamp life is increased up to 6000 hours, the noise level is reduced. Projector PJD7382 available in Russia in the third quarter of this year.

Panasonic SC-HTB10 and SC-HTB500 - saundbary Home Cinema

Panasonic has announced the availability of acoustic systems such as "saundbar" Home Theater - SC-HTB10 and SC-HTB500. The presented models - this is the first saundbary in the model range of the company.

Model SC-HTB10 - a slim and elegant saundbar equipped with a built-in subwoofer, reproducing clean bass. In turn, SC-HTB500 - system, complete with a separate wireless subwoofer, providing a powerful low-frequency support. As the producer, saundbary easily installed directly in front of TV and have a high-quality sound that allows us to treat them as a more compact, comfortable and stylish alternative to the multi-channel speaker system.
Panasonic SC-HTB500 2.1-Channel SoundBar Speaker System with Wireless Kelton Subwoofer (Black)

New items are equipped with Clear-Mode Dialogue. It makes the actors' dialogues clearer and more legible, and in addition, plays them as if the characters are based on votes from the center of the TV screen. System Clear-Mode Dialogue enhances the relationship between image and soundtrack, not only for movies, but music programs - vocal performers becomes more interesting, brighter.

In saundbarah Series HTB uses the special dynamics of Advanced Bamboo Cone Speakers with bamboo diffusers built-in SC-HTB10 subwoofer produces bass with minimal distortion - modules woofers turned back side to each other, thus eliminating unnecessary vibration. To create a home theater system requires an HDMI cable: available at the SC-HTB10 and SC-HTB500 HDMI interface standard 1.4 supports ARC (Audio Return Channel).

Bicycle Navigator Garmin Edge 800

Garmin is introduced Edge 800 GPS navigator, aimed primarily at bicyclists. It is compact and comes with a handy bike mount. Garmin Edge 800 is equipped with 2.6-inch color touch screen and a slot for memory card format microSD. Navigator is able to accurately measure speed, distance, time, calories expended, to determine the GPS coordinates, the presence of lifting, lowering and so on. All information is displayed in real time. Garmin Edge 800 can even connect wirelessly to the ANT different sensors such as sensors, heart rate or cadence from Garmin or third parties.

In addition, the new Garmin navigator supports GPS HotFix technology for faster and more accurate installation connection with the satellite-based prediction of its location. Other features can be noted built barometric altimeter, water resistant in accordance with the specification IPX7, battery life on one battery charge up to 15 hours, and proprietary software Garmin. Weight navigator is only 98 grams. Garmin Edge 800 goes on sale in October, and its cost will be $ 449 - $ 649 depending on the package.

Android Toshiba tablet will be released in October as Folio 100

There were details about the tablet from the company Toshiba, running on OS Android. According to preliminary data, the model is called the Toshiba SmartPad. It is already known that it is built on a platform of NVIDIA Tegra 250. Now resource Notebook Italia has published a detailed list of characteristics of the device, said another of his name - Toshiba Folio 100. It is not clear what the name will be final.

The model, according to the source, running Android 2.2, only its interface is optimized for the tablet. Also includes support for Opera Mobile browser technology Flash 10.1 and online stores Android Market applications, plus Toshiba Marketplace.

The device is equipped with 10.1-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1024x600 pixels, 16 GB internal memory, wireless modules Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth and 3G. In addition, Toshiba Folio 100 is equipped with a memory card slot for SD and MMC, 1,3 megapixel camera, and ports HDMI, USB 2.0 mini USB and audio. Tablet comes with a docking station, he can run for up to 7 hours of Internet surfing or video playback. New products will be shown at IFA, which starts this week and will go on sale in October.

Competitor iPad from Samsung: the battle ready!

In the network, new "live" pictures tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab. It is interesting that this time the device is presented in a version for mobile network CDMA (although, GSM / UMTS version for Europe will also be). Apparently, this model is designed for the U.S. market and may withdraw from the operator Verizon. Recall Announcement Samsung Galaxy Tab should take place this week at the IFA 2010.

This device, according to preliminary data, a 7-inch touchscreen, built on the OS Android 2.2 and 1 GHz processor. Among other characteristics of the tablet - wireless different standards, 16 GB internal memory, two cameras, and so on.

Besides, there are official images of accessories for the new items that will present itself company Samsung Electronics. Among them - a leather pouch, stand, very reminiscent of that for iPad (41 euros), a docking station with the port HDMI (54 euros), QWERTY keyboard, where you can set the plate (82 euros), plus various cables, adapters and headphones. It seems that Samsung is going to prepare your plate as possible to compete with Apple iPad.

Panasonic KX-NT400 - IP phone with a huge touchscreen

In August, Panasonic will start selling in Russia multifunction IP phone KX-NT400. The main feature of NT400 has a color touch screen diagonal 5.7 inches (320 x 240 pixels) with the Russian interface which allows access to phone functions. For example, the phone user can simultaneously view the image in real-time IP camera, watching the distant objects or located outside the visible people. The system supports simultaneous connection to your phone with a maximum of 20 registered IP-cameras and the user is able to select from the list to see any real time on the phone display.

The new office IP phone is compatible with the stations KX-NCP and KX-TDE. Embedded application Communication Assistant (client) provides the interaction between the staff office. And thanks to application modules Communication Assistant to work with voicemail (Voice Mail Assistant) you can move, delete, or listen to messages from the menu on the phone.

In the KX-NT400 built modernized version of the browser Internet Explorer, so that it provides access to internal Web portals of the company. To work with the possibilities KX-NT400 can select the screen using the tabs at the top of the display.

New Panasonic IP Phone supports a wireless connection to Bluetooth technology and is equipped with PoE, which allows you to send along with the data of electrical energy via a standard twisted pair. The unit has two Ethernet and one USB port, a slot for SD card slot and headphone jack.

Key features available on the screen NT400:

    * Screen "Portal" allows you to view information stored on the internal portal company, in the form of Web-pages. For example, the delivery schedule, service order tracking and so on. Access to this data can be carried out simultaneously with the telephone conversation.
    * The screen "Contacts" is the contact information and menus to control them.
    * Screen Call Log displays information about incoming, outgoing and missed calls, and also allows you to dial a number from the list of incoming calls and add it to your contact list
    * Screen Challenge "provides access to functions for the current call (record, conference, call transfer, etc.)
    * Screen "Chat" is necessary to send and receive text messages from other users KX-NT400 or Communication Assistant.
    * Display the "Options" provides access to phone settings, both user and administrator settings.
    * Screen Camera lets you view an image with network cameras, as well as customize them.

Limited edition XFX ATI Radeon HD 5970 4GB Black Edition - a "machine gun" handbag

The company introduced a limited edition XFX graphics card XFX Radeon HD 5970 4GB Black Edition Limited. XFX has released a very limited number of serial cards, each of which is supplied in a special bag for the organization of the periphery, in the stylized topics submachine gun P90. Bag in the subject gun was created for this card international company G8 Brand, producing products and accessories for gamers.

Graphics Card HD 5970 based on two graphic processors equipped with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory, and an exclusive dvuhslotovaya cooling system allows you to save a perfect thermal balance even under extreme playing conditions.

Six Mini-DisplayPort outputs allow you to connect up to six displays with embedded ATI Eyefinity. ATI Stream technology provides a performance boost by moving tasks to the GPU with the CPU.

Other pluses include the technology ATI PowerPlay, improves system performance, reducing power consumed in times of low system activity, ATI Avivo Technology Enhanced Unified Video Decoder 2, which allows to watch Blu-Ray movies and other content into a format HD 1080p, as well as technology, HDMI 1.3.

The new wave: smartphone Samsung in leather armor

Samsung Electronics, has introduced a new smartphone - Samsung Wave 723 (GT-S7320E). It features the original design: it besklaviaturny monoblock with touchscreen, but also it has a leather flip flip (apparently supplied). The battery cover of the novelty metal, and diagonal display of 3.2 inches. This smartphone runs on a mobile platform with support bada brand development Social Hub - a single list of contacts for the different channels of communication.

To take a picture with Samsung Wave 723 is built in 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash. Also it has a wireless adapter Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n. No other characteristics of the device company has not reported more than paying attention to the spectacular design. She said only that the smartphone is the thickness of 11,8 mm. Samsung Wave 723 will go on sale in September, its first edition held in the German market, then in other European countries, as well as Asia and Africa. The cost of new items not yet reported.

Player Samsung YP-S1 TicToc already on sale

Samsung Electronics Company presented on the Russian market player Samsung YP-S1 TicToc. The player is made in the form of small boxes that are smaller than flash media 17,5 x17, 5h35, 9 mm and has a smooth flat surface with minimal number of parts and components. Housing TicToc made in white palette with accents of one of two colors: pink or blue. Wearing the player is also convenient - you can hang it as a pendant to the miniature canal headphones or attached to clothing with a special clip on the case of the player. In addition, expected in the future release of the player is black, as well as special series of Hello Kitty.

Embedded firmware TicToc MiniApp much easier to work with music files and playlists. The main feature of the player Samsung S1 TicToc is a technology management. Control of all functions of the player based on the movements and gestures, thanks to the G-sensor (accelerometer) in conjunction with a special universal key, located on the edge. For example, to switch to the next song in the playlist, just place the player horizontally, and press the button once. When you press twice the player will return to the previous track. But when pressed three times - just jump on the new album. To adjust the volume of your player should be placed vertically down button to increase volume and a button up to decrease the volume.

In addition, the player has 3 modes of play - basic (in order), slow and mixed mode. For regime change to shake the player three times. To activate the voice mode is enough to shake it once for the player will tell you that the melody sounds now, and in what mode you're listening to.

In the Russian market Samsung TicToc presented in option 2 GB memory. Runtime news reaches 12 hours. The player goes on sale in September 2010 for a suggested price of 1,890 rubles

Features of Samsung TicToc:

    * Memory - 2 GB
    * Display - No (LED)
    * Play - 12 kHz
    * Supported formats - MP3, WMA, Ogg, Flac
    * Additional playback - Mode Fast / slow / mixed
    * Contact Voice - Voice guide
    * USB interface
    * Duct Headphones
    * Dimensions - 17,5 x17, 5x35, 9mm
    * Weight - 12 grams

ASUS is preparing its version of the video card GeForce GTS 450 with cooling DirectCU

In one of the Bulgarian e-shop was spotted videocard ASUS ENGTS450 DirectCU. While she has not sold and will be released approximately two weeks. At the core of the new adapter is the NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450, which has not yet been officially announced, but rumored. Version of the accelerator from ASUSTeK Computer equipped with cooling dvuhslotovoy DirectCU two teplootvodnymi tubes and fan. Like the original, it is built on 40 nm GPU NVIDIA GF106.

Clock Speed ASUS ENGTS450 DirectCU is 783 MHz Shader Clock - 1566 MHz, and memory - 3600 MHz. Volume GDDR5 memory is 1 GB, it uses 128-bit interface. The new card - 192 core CUDA, and including connectors - D-Sub, DVI and HDMI. The adapter can operate in Mode 2-way SLI, he, according to the manufacturer, operates 35% quieter and cools to 20% better than the reference model. Cost ASUS ENGTS450 DirectCU is 145 euros, excluding taxes and discounts.