New MCD900 micro system from Philips

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Philips has introduced a new microsystem MCD900 with speakers SoundSphere. As the producer, thanks to technology SoundSphere every note sent to the original sound in the form in which it is conceived by the author. The sound quality is achieved thanks to the speakers with the recommendations of outside vysokochastotnikami (tweeters), which provide clean and clear sound in all directions. The design of audio crossovers and the optimal location of the woofer from the bottom and around the tweeter reduce interference and provide a more natural, deep and rich sound.

Innovative Philips FullSound restores the details of compressed musical recording in MP3, enriching and improving the sound. The result becomes more saturated and deep bass, amplified vocal clarity and rich detail.

Another advantage of the Philips MCD900 is the availability of digital amplifier class "D" with an output RMS power 2x50 Tues RMS, the effectiveness of which more than 90% higher than that of conventional class AB amplifiers. The amplifier takes an analog signal, converting it to digital, and amplifies it, after which the signal enters the filter demodulation. The amplified digital output delivers all the advantages of digital audio, including improved sound quality.

System MCD900 is equipped with color LCD-display and reproduce video and audio formats, DVD, DivX, MP3, AAC unprotected DRM, WMA, FLAC, OGG and JPEG. Hard Drive 160 GB allows you to store digital music files, previously located in the memory of the PC. The system MCD900 will appear on the Russian market in September 2010.

New affordable LED TVs IZUMI

Company IZUMI Electronics announced the availability of a new series of LED TVs, consisting of two models - TLE19H300B with a diagonal 19 "and TLE32F300B to 32". The main highlight of the new TVs with the technology of LED backlighting is their ultra-thin design. In this TV have a high 1000:1 contrast ratio and wide viewing angle - 160 degrees.

New items are equipped with common interfaces for connecting home devices, including USB port for direct connection to USB speakers, two HDMI interfaces for simultaneous connection of multiple signal sources of high-resolution VGA connector for running PC monitor. By HDMI and YPbPr supports playback of high-definition video: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p.

Televisions are equipped with built-in high-quality speaker system from two speakers output 2x3 watt and supports a stereo broadcast system NICAM. There is also a headphone output. Management settings by using the remote control. Home deliveries TV in Russia and CIS countries is planned for November 2010.

Concept camera Canon Multipurpose Camera with video recording support 4K

Canon is at the exhibition Canon Expo 2010 will present a prototype digital camera Multipurpose Camera. This "monster" capable of shooting video with a resolution of 4K (4096x2304 pixels) at 60 frames per second, ie, a permission to approximately 4 times higher than 1080p - high-definition video. This camera uses 8 megapixel CMOS sensor 2/3-dyuymovy. Camera enclosed in clearance SLR body with a large lens, which are controls focus and zoom.

In addition, this device uses a folding LCD viewfinder, the same as a new digital camcorders Canon XF-300 XF-305. Of course, it is only a prototype, or even sooner, a futuristic concept. Although he appears to be working: Journalists were able to obtain and publish photos and video of this monstrous camera. However, it is unlikely in the near future is expected to appear in the sales of this model, although in the long run something like this could occur.

New SD memory card at speeds of 300 Mb / s

Organization of SD Association announced a new design of memory cards with two rows of contacts. It will become part of the specification SD 4.0. While this design cards is under development, it will apply for SDHC cards and SDXC, as well as microSDHC and microSDXC. The new cards will be able to work much faster than their predecessors and provide data transmission at speeds up to 300 MB per second. It is worth noting that the new standard is backwards compatible, but the size of memory card does not change.

Issue SD 4.0 specification is expected early next year. Apparently, soon after that will appear and a new type of memory card. They find use in portable devices used by custom electronics - digital cameras, media players, tablet, communicators and smartphones, and so on. These capacious cards, in particular, SDXC, ideal for storing large amounts of multimedia files, including music, videos and photos.

Toshiba added better support for 3D video notebook Satellite A665 3D and Qosmio F60

Toshiba has announced an upgrade 15.6-inch Qosmio F60 and Satellite A665 3D. The devices have the original drive support Blu-ray 3D and can transmit three-dimensional video on HDMI interface for 3D TV. And Toshiba Satellite A665 has a more and HD 3D display.

Toshiba Satellite A665 3D is built on productive processors Intel Core i7, is equipped with a graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTS 350M and supports up to 8 GB of RAM. Toshiba Qosmio F60, in turn, built on the chips Intel Core i3, Core i5 and the Core i7 and equipped with a video card NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M.

In addition, both models have pre-installed software for converting 2D video into 3D. That is, the laptops will be able to actually make them playable on the volume of conventional video. According to the company, yet offer little video in stereo and special software for the conversion will increase its quantity. Apart from the three-dimensional streaming video, laptop Toshiba Satellite A665 3D is capable of HDMI interface to reproduce three-dimensional games on 3D-TV. Updated Toshiba Qosmio F60 and Satellite A665 3D will be released in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the fourth quarter.

The official screenshots of MeeGo OS for smartphones - a hybrid of Android and webOS

There are new screenshots of the operating system MeeGo for smartphones, they are taken from the blog MeeGo and demonstrate the interface of the software platform, which is currently under development. Apparently, this is screenshots from the pre-assembly MeeGo. The interface resembles a sort of hybrid of Android and webOS. Interestingly, some screenshots of the interface is made in different styles, even the icons look different. It is likely that this indicates the possibility to change the theme at any time.

In addition, MeeGo implemented multitasking - this function clearly appears as a "carousel. Windows applications are superimposed on each other and the parameters of how it looks like you can customize: the size of windows, overlays, zoom and speed "carousel". But there is another way to display multiple running applications for the use of multitasking features, such as Maemo 5 in the form of a simple "grid". That is, the smaller versions of the programs are arranged in rows.

Lock screen can be read: "drag the" key lock in the bottom space beneath the clock. To unlock it you must return to the place. In addition, there MeeGo launcher to launch applications, whose appearance can also be changed. Finally, the interface of the new OS has the following features: such as Maemo 5, when the focus is any part of the screen, the remaining space is becoming blurred.

spectacular and laptop computers Samsung QX310, QX410 and QX510

Samsung Electronics Company announced three new laptop computers for premium series QX. Three models of different sizes: 13.3-inch Samsung QX310, QX410 14-inch and 15.6-inch QX510 (a display resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels). According to the manufacturer, except for high-performance devices also have an attractive design - enclosed in aluminum housing, protected from scratches. Notebooks Samsung QX processors built on Intel Core i5, and the older models it can be and Intel Core i7. They except integrated graphics and provides more discrete - NVIDIA GeForce 310M or 420M.

Models Samsung QX310 and QX410 supports up to 6 GB of RAM DDR3, and QX510 - up to 8 GB. The volume of the hard drive from the younger model can reach 320 GB, and a senior - 640 GB. It also has an optical drive Super Multi Dual Layer and wireless adapters are Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 3.0. From a battery charging laptops Samsung QX can explore offline for nearly 7 hours.

They can also play high-definition video, along with a sound quality 3D SRS Premium Sound. The launch of these three new products in the U.S. is expected to fall, we know the value of the two models - $ 899 for Samsung QX410 and 1199 euros - for Samsung QX310.

Lexand ST-610 HD and ST-565 Plus - the first navigators Lexand with WVGA screen

Laboratory Leksand (trademark Lexand) announced the launch of two new GPS navigators with a WVGA screen (480 x 800 pixels) - Lexand ST-610 HD and Lexand ST-565 Plus. In addition, the company's expanding product line models of the middle class Lexand ST-565 (version 2) and ST-560 Plus.

Lexand ST-610 HD is equipped with a 6-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 x 800, it replaces the model Lexand ST-610. Differences between HD version of the original Lexand ST-610: first, the new items screen is flush with the body "without the rim, and secondly, the resolution of the display of the original model had only 272 x 480 pixels, finally, the model Lexand ST- HD 610 provides A / V-input for connecting video source signal.

The second novelty, Lexand ST-565 plus, also has a display with a resolution WVGA, but the diagonal of 5 inches. Both devices are equipped with audio and video player, 128 MB RAM, flash memory to 2 GB memory card slot format microSD / microSDHC, FM transmitter module and Bluetooth. Thickness of a new line of vehicles is 12,5 mm.

Lexand ST-565 version 2 and Lexand ST-560 Plus - less feature-rich models, which are equipped with matrices with a resolution of 272 x 480 pixels, diagonal is 5 and 4.3 inches respectively. Their main feature is similar to earlier models (Lexand ST-560/565), except that in the navigator Lexand ST-565 version 2 does not have module Bluetooth.

All models are based on 468 MHz processor MediaTek MT3351 and the operating system Windows CE.NET 5.0.

New professional camcorder Canon XF105 and XF100

Canon's complement its line of professional cameras XF compact models XF105 and XF100 with the codec to record high quality MPEG-2 Full HD (50 Mbps, 4:2:2). Their weight is slightly more than 1 kg, and improved ergonomics provide comfort during long distance shooting. A number of features inherited from a series XF300. In Europe, the XF100 series for the first time can be seen on the Canon booth during the exhibition IBC 2010 in Amsterdam (10-14 September). Also, they will be presented at Photokina 2010 in Cologne (21-26 September).

Due to the way HD-SDI, the combined input / output time code and input Genlock, XF105 model can be successfully used for staged studio shots and in combination with other cameras. Like improved model series XF300, XF105 and XF100 have video recording features MPEG-2 Full HD. Recording is made in the industry standard files MXF (Material eXchange Format) open source in the CF card with data transfer rates of up to 50 Mbps and 4:2:2 color sampling rate, which provides more information about the color for subsequent processing. Both models are equipped with a function of Relay Recording («relay record") and a new feature, Double Slot Recording («Writing to two cards), which allows you to record one and the same footage simultaneously on two cards of CF. Also, while you record the unused card can be replaced.

XF100 Series models are versatile new wide-angle HD-videoobektiv Canon 30,4 mm with a 10-fold zoom lens that has aperture to f / 1,8. Aperture with eight metal petals achieves the effect of "bokeh" almost circular shape. To increase the focal length of 1,5, 3 or 6 times, you can use a three-tiered digital teleconverter, so that you zoom the objects.

New 1/3-inch CMOS matrix of Canon 2,07 megapixels (MP) allows you to record full high-definition video (Full HD) with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Matrix Series XF100, which is a revised version of the three CMOS matrix in a series XF300, equipped with a Bayer color filter to improve the sensitivity and dynamic range. High technology reading data to minimize the effect of "running the gate» (rolling shutter) - distortion that may occur in other cameras based on CMOS matrix.

To view the frame during shooting on the side of both cameras have a large LCD display. This screen is 8.8 cm (3.5 ") the high resolution 920 thousand points. Integrated control the oscilloscope and function of Edge Focus can customize the frame, selecting the appropriate options in the menu with the joystick. There is also an electronic viewfinder with a resolution of 0.61 cm, 260 thousand pixels and 100% coverage.

High quality images obtained by cameras, complemented by a professional scale. You can create an independent audio tracks, connect an external microphone to the two input jacks on XLR, while the built-in microphone located in the front will write stereo. Both models are able to record in Linear PCM format with 16 bit and 48 kHz sample rate, providing high quality audio required for professional purposes and television.

TomTom Via - Navigation midrange with voice control

The company introduced a series of TomTom satellite navigators TomTom Via. This model, the average level of 4,3 or 5-inch touch screen. They support the voice control function Voice Control. The models TomTom Via 120 and 125 also have the opportunity speakerphone (hands-free) when you connect to the mobile device through a wireless interface, Bluetooth. In addition, the navigator can optionally equipped with a special disc mount on the windshield, which will turn the device 180 degrees.

Navigators TomTom Via software supports TomTom IQ Routes, which allows you to calculate a route with high accuracy on the basis of speed on a particular section of road subject to the restrictions and other factors. TomTom continuously collects the data. Another feature innovations - is the support for TomTom Speed Cameras, information about the location of surveillance cameras, recording the speed, which helps drivers to drive without violations. Navigators TomTom Via will be available in the coming months.

Functional GPS navigator Treelogic TL-7001BGF AV with 7-inch screen

Treelogic company introduced a new GPS navigator Treelogic TL-7001BGF AV. The main feature of the car navigator Treelogic TL-7001BGF AV is a bright 7-inch TFT display high-definition resolution of 800x480 pixels and an anti-reflective coating. Built-in Bluetooth-module with support for DUN protocol allows not only to use the device as a phone headset hands-free, and receive information about traffic jams, and browse the web.

With AV input on your model supports wired and wireless rearview camera. In addition, the novelty is equipped with FM transmitter, which allows you to play audio recordings, films and audio tracks voice prompts to navigate through the unit over the air

Mediatek Processor 3351 with a frequency of 468 MHz, 64 MB RAM, as well as high-sensitivity 66-channel GPS-receiver provides a good navigator performance. Positioning accuracy under optimal conditions of signal reception from satellites is less than 3 meters, but even under adverse conditions, it does not exceed 10 meters. GPS-navigator Treelogic TL-7001BGF AV is now available for sale.