Prology iMap-405A and iMap-505A - portable navigator on the platform ATLAS V

Sunday, September 12, 2010

More recently, manufacturers of automotive electronics company, Saturn High-Tech introduced its new direction - Portable GPS Navigation Prology iMap. Among the novelties claimed portable navigation system, c preinstalled software "Navitel Navigator, equipped with the new processor Atlas V: Prology iMap-405A with touchscreen LCD TVs 4.3 inches (109 mm) and a navigator with 5-inch screen Prology iMap-505A . Map Coverage navigators covers more than 118,000 localities, of which over a thousand cities with HD cartography. Other features iMap-405A and 505A is worth noting the ability to display maps in 2D mode and 3D.

CPU ATLAS V has an improved algorithm with memory (including memory support DDR2), as well as significantly reduce energy consumption in the inactive mode, such as "sleep mode" when the navigator is not used.

Both Navigator equipped with a slot for microSD memory card interface and Mini-USB, the user can connect any compatible external source of information and use the navigator in the role of the media player. Optionally, you can use your own browser speaker or headphones. Navigational Prology iMap have built-in rechargeable battery, a charge which would be enough even on a long trip, that allows you to use the device if the cigarette lighter socket in a car occupied. In addition, both models have an internal memory of 2 GB. Navigators run on the operating system Windows CE 6.0. New portable GPS navigators Prology iMap now on sale.

Intel Core 2 Q9000, Q9100, X9100 and QX 9300 leave the scene in 2011

There are reports that Intel is going in the next year to stop production of four of its mobile processors, made in compliance with rules of 45 nm technology. These distributed resource TCMagazine, it is not clear whether they are authentic. The source reports that in 2011 the market will leave such chips as Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 (2 GHz) and Q9100 (2,26 GHz) and Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9300 (2,53 GHz) and X9100 ( 3,06 GHz).

The reason it was decided to discontinue these 45 nm processors, is a shift to more "slim" 32-nm process technology. At the same time, care of the Intel Core 2 Quad and Extreme will gradually: the chip will be available for order until March 25, 2011, and the last date of delivery tray version - 30 September next year, that is, almost a year, computer manufacturers will be able to get them. At the same time, the boxed version will be available until they are gone from the manufacturer.

Foxconn KS059, TLM059 and TSAA059 - affordable housing for home and office

The company provided affordable housing Foxconn KS059, TLM059 and TSAA059. As the producer, all three models are made in the same style and will be a suitable choice for home or office computer.

Model KS059 and TLM059 form factor Micro ATX are for those who like to save space around your desktop, with a compact body does not impose restrictions on the choice of components - here you can install a full-fledged graphics card and cooling system.

New items are equipped with two compartments for external 5.25 ", one external for 3.5" and four internal 3.5 "hard drive. For cooling the interior of the rear fans respond with a diameter of 80 or 90 mm, and the vents on the side panels . Additional fan diameter of 80, 90 or 120 mm can be installed in the front. At the top of the enclosure removed extra USB and audio ports. Compact new items come with a power supply 400 Tues

Full-size model TSAA059 form factor Full ATX please those who care about literacy and the distribution of cooling air flow inside the case. The design accommodates up to four external devices 5,25, one external 3.5 "and up to four internal 3.5". For the removal of heated air used 80-mm fan, with the possibility of 90 or 120 mm models. In front you can install an additional fan diameter of 80, 90 or 120 mm. Corps will be available with power supply 400-500 Tues

Three new items to assemble home and office computers soon will be available. The compact housing and TLM059 KS059 will be available for $ 48 and $ 52, respectively. Full-size model TSAA059 Price ranges from $ 52 to $ 64 depending on the pre-power supply.

Universal super-cooler Spire TherMax Eclipse II

Company Wersa, exclusive distributor of Spire in Russia, announced the release of the Russian market a universal cooler for CPU Spire TherMax Eclipse II. As promised manufacturer, equipped with five-Touch U-shaped heatpipes, this model can impress the most demanding user.

Universal platform for AMD and Intel 1156/1366/775 AM3/AM2/940/939 presents opportunities to use this device in professional computers. In addition, there may be installed at a time of two cooling fans. The installation process is simple and does not require any special skills, performed without the use of additional tools - everything needed is included, which is attached to this model. Another feature of the new items - a mini-radiator over the sole, unloading the main radiator.

Thermax Eclipse II has a large diameter heat pipes (8 mm) and height 15.5 cm, and this means that it will fit in Middle-Tower case.

Features of Spire TherMax Eclipse II:

    * Socket 1156 / AM3 / 940 / 775 / 939 / AM2 / 1366
    * Dimensions of heat-removing surface: 131 x 70 x 152 mm
    * 12VDC Fan: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
    * Material Alu fin CU + heatpipes DT Database
    * Heat pipe, five (5) 8 mm all the copper U-shape of direct communication
    * Bearing Ball bearing
    * Rated speed fan: 2200 rpm + / -10%
    * Only the fan: 2200 rpm + / -10%
    * Rated power 4,2 Tues
    * Nominal voltage 12 V
    * Noise level 29.0 dBA
    * Airflow 93,3 CFM
    * 3 Pin Connection
    * TDP 150 W
    * Thermal Grease BlueFrost - SP802 (attached, 0,5 g)
    * Operating temperature 30 ~ 70 ° C

CUPP Hybrid PC - Laptop axle with two processors

Company CUPP Computing introduced a hybrid computer, which, she says, combines the benefits such as performance and long battery life. This device is called - Hybrid PC, yet it is created with the purpose of the demonstration, but the commercial version will also be released - in the second quarter of next year. Hybrid PC is a 16-inch notebook processors, Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a clock speed of 2.3 GHz and Texas Instruments OMAP 3430 with a frequency of 720 MHz. In fact, these are two computers in one - the first has a high productivity, but the second - energy efficiency.

Part of the system based on Intel Core 2 Duo running Windows 7 and is equipped with 4 GB of RAM. A different set of components using OS Ubuntu LXDE with a set of basic software (browser, email clients and instant messaging, Skype and so on) and 512 MB of RAM. Among other common parts - 320 GB hard drive, three USB 2.0 ports and HDMI output. It is not clear whether such a decision immediately offered to the end user or OEM partners.

Acer: iPhone and iPad - a virus mutants

Acer Founder Stan Shih (Stan Shih) made a number of original statements regarding Apple and its products. According to him, such super-unit Apple, as the iPad and iPhone (for some reason iPod players have been undeservedly forgotten) like a mutating virus. Apparently, Shi meant a rapid and widespread dissemination of these models. But, he said, the other PC makers, eventually, be able to isolate the virus and establish a stable immunity against it.

As stated by Stan Shih, Apple uses a strategy different from the methods to market other companies. Apple has always focused on the revolution, while others, mainly work more smoothly and gradually. It is not clear whether Apple will react in any way on this ambiguous statement by the founder of Acer and the like whether or not to compare with the virus. Although it can be regarded as a compliment to its products: like a virus, it is difficult to fight with them (in this case, competitors) and it spreads very quickly.

Video Card ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte and Palit based on NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 - already in the online sale

In the online shop Newegg appeared graphics accelerator based on NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450, the official announcement of which has not occurred. Although it is expected in the near future - 13 September. And yet in the online store lit version of the adapter from manufacturers such as ASUSTeK Computer, EVGA, Gigabyte and Palit cost from $ 129.99 to $ 139.99.

All models have 192 core CUDA, moreover, for all video cards listed 1 GB of GDDR5 memory with 128-bit interface. But the clock speeds at all different: 880/1760 MHz for the core and shader solutions from Palit, more than 850 MHz for the core in one of the models of ASUS and 783/3600 MHz core / memory - at the other. In turn, the Gigabyte is also two adapters: a clock speed of core / shader 830/1620 MHz core / memory of 810/3608 MHz, while the EVGA video card clock speeds and shader core is 822 MHz and 1645 MHz respectively. In this case, only one of the accelerators Gigabyte uses for one or two fans, all the rest - one by one.

Pentax Optio RZ10 - inexpensive 14 megapixel compact with 10x zoom

Hoya Corporation Pentax Imaging Systems Division appeared a new compact super-zoom Pentax Optio RZ10. Optio RZ10 is equipped with 14-megapixel CCD matrix and a 10-fold zoom lens with a focal length of 28 mm to 280 mm (35 mm equivalent). In macro mode RZ10 make shots from a distance of just one centimeter from the object.

To avoid the appearance of fuzzy and blurry images, Pentax engineers made sure of an effective system of optical and digital stabilization. And for those who do not like a long time to delve into the details of camera settings is a special mode Auto Picture, which automatically selects the most appropriate to the story shooting program. Laconic and several sporty design is presented in classic black and white, as well as three additional bright versions: red, purple and green.

Optio RZ10 record high-quality video with sound at 1280 x 720 pixels. Additionally, in video mode works proprietary image stabilization Movie SR, which suppresses tremors and sudden movement of the hand.

The camera supports vsmogatelnye functions such as Face Detection AF & AE detects faces (up to 32 participants) for the three hundredths of a second and tells the system exactly to put the focus on them focus. After the identification of camera crews immediately set the parameters and prompts a sharpness that all persons in the photo will achieve the greatest good. In the "Panorama" camera helps the photographer to make a number of frames that are automatically stitched together in the chamber in one panorama.

2.7-inch color display has a resolution of 230,000 pixels. Burst mode in a series of up to 40 frames is supported with a maximum speed of 9.1 images per second. For wireless transmission of images and videos to your computer using Wi-Fi, camera can use a memory card Eye-Fi, which are installed instead of the usual SD card. It is expected that the model goes on sale in October for an estimated price of 219 euros.