Distancionka Philips Home Control DUAL or where you can place A QWERTY keyboard?

Friday, October 1, 2010

If the prospect management home electronics using gestures seem like you are too distant from reality and you would like to see something more traditional, but certainly not without innovation, the company Philips something you enjoy.

???????????? Philips Home Control DUAL ??? ???? ??? ????? ????????? QWERTY ???????????

 Although, to be precise, it will than to please, because so far there is no real device and on the conceptual design.New distancionka developed for Philips, called DUAL Home Control. This project seeks to prove that all (or nearly all) the devices can be used more efficiently.

So what is this effective in this new distancionke? In General, all easily: many modern remote equipped with QWERTY keyboards, but to push the keys on the front panel together with the standard buttons toolbar – this is not always wise.

It was this moment and features a novelty from analogues: as can be seen at the proposed image controls Home Control DUAL are not only on the front, but also on the back panel.Consequently, the keys of it, but at the same time, and distance between them, it can be a bit large, and therefore enjoy remote control easier.In General, just like all brilliant.

Landline phone from Rockchip is revolutionizing your workplace

Among the most innovative exhibits IFA 2010 special place belongs to this strange devajsu – stationary Smartphone Rockchip. And Yes, "smart phone", we mean supporting 3 g platform Android, as well as touch-sensitive LCD screen.Oh yeah, we should not forget about the built-in Web camera.

???????????? ???????? ?? Rockchip ????????????????? ???? ??????? ?????

At the same time, there is a new and old fashioned handset speakerphone, and – in General, though, and have a desktop office telephone.Rockchip provides reliable communication both with fixed and mobile numbers and can be used for video conferencing. In addition, devays with allows the user to connect to the Internet while.

Apparently in nowinka ta?skrina size is about seven inches diagonally.In addition, quick access to individual functions are managed in the physical buttons. Among other things, the characteristics mentioned stereo speakers.In turn, are these moments as Bluetooth and WiFi.

In General, it appears that the novelty may significantly easier for traders, accountants, managers, Secretaries, and other representatives of the Office of flora and fauna.Unfortunately, it is difficult to comment on the cost of it or when it hit the market.

Notebook MSI CR420 can translate content on AN HDTV

No, this isn't a joke.Thanks to new technology Wireless Display provided by Intel and was also known as widi this 14-inch laptop really can translate online content at HDTV.

??????? MSI CR420 ????? ????????????? ??????? ?? HDTV

Is recognized by us already this single feature has come a long way. In fact, if you think about new offers all the earlier would Intel Core i3/i5/i7, the adapter that is connected to the TV and the HDMI cable.

By focus features include keyboard modern design, as well as the LED-display 14-inch 16: 9. Initial acquisition device is based on the Core i5 processor that supports up to 4 GB of DDR3 RAM. In addition, it is known that there are entries in the new laptop VGA, HDMI and module WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, a pair of USB ports, eSATA/USB port.

However, there is more to come. Lucky winner will also receive MSI CR420 webcam 1.3 MP, Bluetooth and hard disk 250 GB on queries.In turn, at an additional cost and offers suggestions for 320 500 GB. ?estiâ?ee?naâ ion-lithium battery certainly inspires confidence; those who believed that it might not be enough, probably, will support new five power-saving modes.

Unfortunately, MSI "forget" to mention that when the new notebook will be available.However, most likely, this information will appear on the website very soon.

Sensory Madness: full-size laptop with two tačskrinami from Acer

We all remember what turned out to be a fool's errand Microsoft start developing plan?etnik with two touch screens.In addition, many of us are familiar with libretto is W100-this laptop from Toshiba on-site physical keypad also was Roto.

????????? ???????: ?????????????? ??????? ? ????? ??????????? ?? Acer

In fact, already under the first photo W100 many left with the impression that the device was attempting to Japanese to mind what took redmondcy. And, again, it's no secret that much furore novelty never made.

Probably, obsession, which is a laptop this, just couldn't go elsewhere. This time the torch took the company Acer and, not without enthusiasm.Instead of a miniature "courier" and "libretto" semidûjmovogo prominently present 15-inch giant.

You don't know what it is that you can explain such a scale, but the device appears to be somewhat controversial. Or is it just seems to me that one of the main advantages of Courier and libretto is was, precisely, compact size?

Another important trifle, which simply could not fail to mention is the touch-sensitive trackpad – it will simulate accompany on-screen keyboard. Apparently, the device will support mul?tita? displays as well as tools for working with graphics.Other details include the potential for Windows 7 and core i5 2.66 GHz. It is expected that new PC will be available until next year, if not impossible to do so.

So far all the information about the new product can be classified as a rumor, but it does not prevent the emergence of interest, but rather the contrary.Will there Acer missteps, and Microsoft together with Toshiba or tajvanskoj company will be what failed competitors?Obviously, we have yet to find out.

Photographic device from Pentax Optio NB1000: I got it from the slepila!

A few days ago the company Pentax announced the release of a new digital camera Optio RS1000 14MP.Its special feature is the availability of complete removable acrylic panels that allow you to modify the design of the device.

?????????? Optio NB1000 ?? Pentax: ? ???? ??????? ?? ???? ??? ????! But even more exciting new product from the PENTAX Optio is a camera NB1000 actually twin brother.Designers have a constructive approach to the design. Constructive – literally, because the camera can be tailored to your taste with the help of blocks – blocks most is this design, better known as LEGO.

In Japan, the equivalent is Nanoblocks (hence the "NB" model), different sizes and distances between the pins. But, still, rose smells like a rose, rose, spell it, though. This is the world's first 3-d transformiruû?ijsâ camera.

I certainly have no idea who would want to cling lion or bicycle on camera, but the taste and colour of different designers. Show kameromodificirovanii you can already this year.Novelty hit the market in their homeland, having two basic components.Amateurs posobirat? bricks pay for approximately $ 240.