3D camera Minox PX3D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Minox PX3DThe company has decided to withdraw the Minox popular nowadays market 3D products and in collaboration with 3D Competence is working on a 3D camera PX3D that currently is in a stage of concept.

Minox PX3D has 4 lens mounted one under another, each of which has a focal distance of 9 mm and allows you to make a 5-megapixel images. For each of the four images, you can set your own values focus and exposure.

A total of 3D image that is stored in AVI format, you can see it without special glasses.It is also possible to save each of the four images in a JPEG file.

It is expected that released Minox PX3D appears in 2011, and the estimated price of this camera would be approximately 700 dollars.

Boa-Folio case for iPad from Booq

Nothing distinguishes products Apple from other devices is convenient as a great variety of accessories.Of course, in the case of iPad this fact seems very big advantage — at least, that's obvious to those who have tried to place the device on your lap or operet? on Pillow to see any video.

Because mere plan?etnik successfully located, except that, in the hands of the user, many are finding reasonable fork out onto a rack or a carrying case – in particular, suggested by the drive manufacturer. The original accessories of Apple there is one drawback – many of them may seem innocuous design too boring.

Perhaps this is why owners of iPad often look at foreign manufacturers such as Booq. The first thing that draws attention to them-proof cases for Tablet is the appearance of the spirit "simply and tastefully.In addition, new captures iPad in two positions: a sharp angle to work at the table, as well as the near-vertical-to view video and pictures.

On the outside of the news has a small pocket for your phone.In addition, the inner side there is another, more subtle pocket – it will keep business cards, plastic cards, documents, etc.

In General, a new series of five cases, three of them would cost consumers $ 50 – only 10 dollars more expensive original Kais from Apple.As regards the two other models, they belong to a higher price category – 90 dollars.

Pico-Projector Acer C20: WVGA resolution and AN HDMI input

The company Acer has already had time to experiment with the Pico-projectors-its model K10 more in 2008. However, it seems this time Taiwanese giant has decided to manufacture these devices more seriously: new ultramobile projector Acer C20 can throw 66-inch high-resolution WVGA display picture, contrast of 2000: 1 and brightness 20 lumens.The largest novelty is more than the projector Smartphone.

The new model is connected to other devices via USB ports and HDMI.Also know that it has a slot for memory cards microSD format and supports USB USB Multimedia Slide Show and to display content directly from the drive. The device is also equipped with composite and component AV inputs and audio input, in case your own 0.5 vattovogo Dynamics prove insufficient.

Battery it can guarantee up to 2 hours in power save mode or until hours in standard mode.In the box with C20 may include an optional remote control.Novelty is already available for purchase: the dollar value is 443.

Portable game console Jungle from Panasonic

Selection of gaming platform to date range, and even if it is only on portables, still we have a good selection from which to choose. PSP, Nintendo DS and Apple will not be bored in the road.But soon the market will be another interesting gaming gadget – Jungle of Panasonic company.

The main highlight of novelties, Jungle is positioned as a portable platform for online gaming.Maybe some fans of the MMORPG's first will be able to get out of the House, and even while you favorite virtual universes and characters. Yes, this functionality comes other portable consoles, but it is not their specialization, and perhaps this will be the key advantage of novelties.

From the technical characteristics of the Jungle is known as a bit – but you may want to consider outside. Gadget is definitely has a QWERTY keyboard, along with familiar buttons on your game controller.According to specialization in online games, Jungle will be equipped with Wi-Fi card and 3 g. Testers also declare a beautiful screen resolution and excellent output image, and this makes it possible for HDMI output.According to rumors, this will all be running an operating system based on Linux.

First photo of it from site Gizmodo and commercials can be viewed here.Site of the new Console (and it will involve) can be found at

Western Digital HDD to 3 terabytes Alumni

If space on your hard drives you often don't have enough or do you want to reduce the number of disks in the storage without sacrificing its length – the new drives from Western Digital can enjoy just by the way.The company announced 3.5 WD with 3 terabytes of memory.

Until that time the single market was trehterabajtnym HDD drive from Seagate, which is sold as an external drive or storage adaptor from the Seagate BlackArmor.

It is expected that increases in the maximum amounts of up to 3 terabytes happens not only in the rulers Caviar Black, blue, and green, but also rulers external drives like Elements and MyBook.

The date of entry in the sale or price, unfortunately, not yet.