Apple releases iPhone maxi and iPhone nano?

Friday, October 8, 2010

However, the very first Smartphone iPhone rumors began to appear about new models of larger or smaller.Analysts believe that the emergence of such models is around the corner.

By analyzing data from the factory-manufacturer, experts of firm Kaufman Bros. came to the conclusion that Apple is preparing to introduce higher price category Smartphone with a large display, as well as smaller budget model. Both models can appear before the fifth-generation Smartphone.

Because it's all rumor, specific information about the size of the display.The screen diagonal: iPhone 4 3.5 inches, the display will be budget model with 3-inch diagonal and expensive 3.2 model with 4-4.3.

Also it is assumed that Apple wants to use the new smart phone the same three structure, as in the case of a new line of iPods.One model will be budget; the other way, and the third will be located in the middle.

Spy gadgets as mice HP

I may be wrong but it seems to me that spy gadgets in the form of computer mice, we are unlikely to be met, today we will talk about two similar devices, both of whom they masked under mouse from HP.

HP Mouse Camera Spy Bug

So, the first of these – HP Mouse Camera Spy Bug, as the name implies, is a hidden wireless camera, cloaked in a fully functional computer mouse with the logo of HP. Gadget video shoots at 528h586 pixels to receiver, which can be located up to 100 meters.

HP Mouse GSM SIM card bug

As regards the second gadget, this mouse is for audio surveillance, all recorded sounds within half a meter it can broadcast to mobile phone using your SIM card.This enables remote control of the mouse with the help of SMS-commands.

Price videomy?ki is 60 dollars and the GSM-mouse for more expensive audio surveillance will be noticeably – 225 pounds.