16-Megapixel sensors from Sony for mobile devices

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sony-New-CMOSContinuing the race for megapixels in the mobile world, the Japanese Corporation Sony introduced two new optical sensor: 16.41-megapixel Sony Exmor R IMX081PQ 8.13-megapixel Sony Exmor R IMX105PQ, which are the most compact today among the similar class.

New high-resolution CMOS sensors are pixel size 1.12 micrometers and allow you to shoot video with 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second (16-Megapixel models) and with a resolution of 720 p at 30 fps (8-megapixel version).

Mass production of Sony Exmor R IMX081PQ is scheduled for January 2011, the price of this 16.41 megapixel module is about 30 dollars.As regards 8.13 megapixel IMX105PQ, its production is planned for April 2011, while the cost has not yet been reported.

Check the status of the heart with the aid of Web cameras

As a rule, in order to ensure that your health, or to find out what exactly is the cause of the poor state of health is required to pay a visit to the doctor, perhaps, not one.

Obviously, the number of visits is reduced, because new technologies will help people decide to modify their physical condition. One of the applications: AROS is getting such a future, a system of verification of the heart, the graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of technology.

Significant advantages of this system is that it is based on an ordinary webcam-the patient should not wear any additional sensors or donate analyses. According to the author of the design, device can "explore" individual user and to measure the minor changes its color from blood under the skin.The biggest challenge at design time, it was to distinguish between changes in brightness, due to physiological factors of change relating to the quality of generated images.

Although at first glance, this principle does not inspire confidence, in practice it turned out that novelty is not inferior to some devices approved by the Commission on monitoring the drugs and nutrients (FDA).However, owing to the simplicity of design and accessibility features, the new system may soon appear both in hospitals and homes.

Controller for flight simulators HOTAS Warthog from Thrustmaster

Company Thrustmaster years working at the market of gaming peripherals, and has established itself with a good hand. Controllers for flight simulators Thrustmaster boldly is one of the best.However, the new system HOTAS Warthog that appears at the end of the month can be a real masterpiece.

The system consists of a joystick and another engaged. System was named by the American attack aircraft a-10 Warthog, since it is an exact copy of the controls of the aircraft.

The system has 36 programmable buttons.Toggle switch can also be programmed by giving it a value. It has a number of tabs, and a special magnetic resistance system adds game realism. Toggle switch itself has 17 buttons.

On the stick posted 19 programmable buttons, and the traffic is regulated by the magnetic system sensitivity. Button on the controller are located in the same way as in the plane.Handle the joystick is detached from the ground and can be used in smaller models HOTAS Cougar.

Price simulation system controllers for years after the release will be $ 500.

Flower pot with samopoliv

TriPotIf you really love to decorate your House colours, but they often forget to water it, it's a great solution to this problem is buying the "smart" flower pot TriPot.

The pot would not only be a great decoration of the Interior with its original design, but also will not give your colors dry of thirst or suffer from excessive moisture.Enough to fill the tank with water and TriPot within 8 weeks you will not suffer for their lovely plants.The device will automatically moistening land and do not spill water.

Specially for the forgetful creators have equipped the special indicator TriPot resembling that water in the reservoir will expire soon.

Buy miracle you can here pot and worth approximately 42 United States dollar.

New secure PDAS from Handheld Group

The company announced the release of Handheld Group is the smallest and lightest secure PDAS in the lineup.Dimensions Nautiz x 3 are 150h67h25 millimeters instead of just 260 grams of weight.

With its relatively modest size, the x 3 is IP65 and passed a full cycle of tests on the US military standard MIL-STD-810G.

Nautiz x 3 provides an Efforts to Scale with kernel X 806 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM and 512 MB of memory on a USB flash drive.3300 mAh battery should suffice for the whole day and 2.8 screen resolution QVGA (320 x 240) optimized for outdoor use.

Furthermore Nautiz x 3 is equipped with a digital camera to 3 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED Flash, can connect to other devices via Bluetooth or WLAN, equipped with laser scanner, barcode recognition, and 3 g modem.Works are all running Windows Mobile 6 5 Pro.

Where can I buy a gadget and how much it's worth, unfortunately, official site is specified.