Miniature motherboard Habey MITX-6564

Monday, October 11, 2010

Habey MITX-6564Habey Company presented a new very compact motherboard Mini-ITX motherboards as well as several miniature desktop computers based on the materinke.

New MITX-6564 motherboard is a low profile mini-ITX platform NVIDIA Ion 2 equipped with dual-core Intel D510 1.6 GHz.

Despite the compact size MITX-6564, this Board supports the playback of HD video up to 1080p and a resolution up to 2560 x 1600 resolution desktop. You can install up to 4 GB of RAM, you have 2 SATA ports that support both HDD and SSD drives, 6 USB2.0 port (4 internal and 2 external), and COM port, digital and analog audio, Gigabit Ethernet adapter, two mini-PCIe slot for the Wi-Fi wireless card and TV tuner.

X compact mainboards Habey MITX-6564 can be running Windows XP Embedded, XP, Vista, 7, Linux, and Windows Embedded Standard 7.

Meet Windows Phone 7

Microsoft Windows 7 has been developing for about an hour and a half, the Phone, but only now the product can be conditionally ready to enter the market.

Previously, the new platform has been criticized and ironic commentary, but now it is safe to say that even the weakest side are much better developed than in previous versions of Windows Mobile.


Platform interface is almost the same: it consists of a long list of useful links on numerous topics.

Receive email?Here it is, vyvelas?.One friend has updated photo on Facebook?You'll learn about this from your phone.
But the main thing in this interface is that it really works and works well: spend your finger across the screen and the image moves without second delay, IE behaves exactly as you would expect from him this.

Open links as much better than I could count on the applications are loaded quickly, smoothly and, again, is not orphaned.

However, this version of the platform is still at the stage of early assemblies and devoid of any native application, therefore, its performance can be assessed only in conjunction with standard applications and third-party applications.

Remove links on the desktop is pretty easy: just drag and leave and interface itself will take care to rearrange them as you would like to see.
Simple unobtrusive interface is really the best solution to date.It displays a lot of information, which in turn greatly facilitates navigation.

Contacts and messages

Other elements of the operating system Windows Phone 7 also appear to rise – in particular with regard to work with your contacts and messages.

Contact support synchronization with Facebook and Windows Live ID, so you can easily view information about your friends, their photos, property, and leave your comments.

However, not everyone is as smooth as it seems: THE HTC Sense UI is all this done, more is better.
Nice to see that this trend, but it seems that Microsoft is trying to keep pace with competitors rather than keep them.

The messaging – it really brought to mind, especially when it comes to the on-screen keyboard.In both variants, and portrait and landscape, the button is rather summary, their response to the pressing is accurate, and spelling are worthy.There is a strong competitor to the novelty of the iPhone and HTC.

And, of course, the new platform supports a lot of mailing standards (POP, IMAP, Exchange), so you can send or receive email wherever there's a network.

Cheap Android-planšetnik CherryPad

Cherrypal CherryPad Cherrypal Company released its first tablet CherryPad running Google Android operating system.Many potential buyers, this gadget will surely find something you like low prices – only $ 188 United States.

"Cherry" plan?etnik Cherrypal Cherrypad equipment 7-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of resistive 800h480 pixels, heart it is 800-MHz ARM11 processor from Samsung, able to work with 3D graphics (supports OpenGL 2.0), RAM 256 MB DDRII LARGE amounts, and embedded Flash memory to 2 GB. There is also a slot for memory cards microSD, USB 2.0 's standard 3.5 mm audio connector, has built-in speakers and microphone, wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g also has the ability to connect an external 3 g modem.

Weighs devays with total 0.5 kg and battery 3200 mAh provides 6-8 hours of continuous operation. Use OS Android version 1, with the possibility of future upgrade to version 2.2 Froyo.

You can Order CherryPad website, price it, as mentioned above, only 188 United States dollars.

Faro Focus3D: most compact 3D scanner

Recently, the relatively unknown company called FARO was released devays with the laurels of the light and compact 3D scanner from existing. This novelty with the name Focus3D, is designed for accurate measurement in 3D space.Also know that she has tachskrinom and can be used as a digital camera.

Obviously, FARO does not cast words into wind, describing your product record holder in terms of compactness, corpus Focus3D five times smaller than previous versions. In addition, promises to please and productivity: according to the manufacturer, to draw up a detailed model of environment from scanner will take no more than a few minutes.

New devays with can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks from study of crime and accidents to planning of construction work or production.One full battery charge Focus3D should suffice for approximately five hours. The size of a source of pride for creators, they are 24.1 20.3 10.2.Information obtained using the device are stored on AN SD format memory card.

Hybrid OLED/BiNem of Nemoptic for čitalok and planšetniky

Recently we wrote that American scientists have developed hybrid display, which incorporates the best quality display electronic ?italok and Tablet PCs.Something similar design and engineering company Nemoptic, though they went on a few other ways.

Display of Nemoptic is created for the combinable screen OLED technology/BiNem. In other words, it can be used in a generic devices that handle function equally well as electronic free readers and Tablet PC.

On a device with this screen you can activate the OLED or BiNem-Panel and you can use both panels at the same time. OLED Panel is used to view text and color images, both in the Tablet PC, and to use the device BiNem – a free readers.If both panels will run at the same time, if you turn off the device turns off only THE OLED Panel.

The prospects of implementing "display so far unknown.You can see the screen in action video under the khat.

Terabyte optical disk from TDK

And one more news from CEATEC exhibitions already concluded.The company is publicly presented TDK optical disc that can store 1 terabyte of information.

The novelty is not yet ready for commercialization, and possibly its virtuous 200 GB drives of the same company, established in 2006, but the developers hope that this time the product still reaches consumers.

Diameter of novelty does not differ from a standard Blu-ray disc, and other settings suggest that the drive can be used by many technologies, working with Blu-ray. What differentiates a drive, it's 16 sections, each of which can store 32 gigabytes of information on each side.It received 32 layer to 32 gigabytes in total of exactly one terabyte.

The only serious issue that prevented the widespread use of hardware, is the thickness of the disc.The layer on which you record the new 260 nanometers thick, while the Blu-ray Disc specification, it must be 100 nanometres or smaller.

TDK Representatives stated that the "commercialization depends on manufacturers of discs" so that there is a chance to see these drives not only in the specialized exhibitions.