Miniature keyboard, touchpad

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mini Touchpad-Keyboard By Hawking Hawking Technology Company is preparing a surprise for the fans of miniature devices.Compact wireless touchpad keyboard from the manufacturer, which represent only 95h54 mm, currently being negotiated with THE FCC.

An interesting feature of this device is able to use it as a touchpad.To switch between a special character "o" in the upper right corner of the device.Using touchpad gadget does not get a response by pressing a specific key and monitors traffic of one or two fingers.

The device connects to your computer using 2.4 gigagercov Wireless USB dongla and has built-in backlight so that you can use it in complete darkness.

When a gadget appears in the selling and how much it will cost, is still unknown.

New biometric software identifies users by their ears

Biometric sensors are well known from film and books, frames with equipment, eye retina scanning or fingerprints are almost in every other science fiction works.

In turn, the reality is much more unusual: imagine a biometric scanner that reads the picture of the auricle users. Software that allows you to use this method of identification was developed by scientists from the University of Southampton.

At this point the sensor based on this technology is still underway.However, already at this stage, the creators of new technologies to achieve a level of precision reaching 99.6%. As a material for testing software has been used 252 pictures of human heads.

According to Professor Mark Nixon (Mark Nixon) from the University of Southampton, the ears are an excellent indicator, because their form is unique and they are not much change in the process of aging, or as a result of the experience of people some emotions.

Bright homemade controller for Wii console from LEGO

Most controllers for the Wii gaming console (as well as for other consoles) totally be monotonous.At best you can buy a white, so it wasn't so sad, but this diversity and ends.

If you're not only content but also the form, then the aid comes a famous producer of Lego toys.For $ 40 you can make a reservation on the remote controller Play and Build in-store Toys R Us. Using a set, you can create a controller for anything but definitely bright and original look.

In the set-Lego block 31, separator for blocks, strap and brushes, as well as two compartment cover. MotionPlus Controller compatible with devices and most Chargers.Deliveries will start very soon to 16 October.