Researchers are learning robots don't harm people

Friday, October 15, 2010

All lovers of science fiction is the first law of Robotics: a robot may not harm a person or an omission to let the person injured.However, it is clear that the Act does not make sense if the robots do not know what it is not harmful to humans.

Curious experiment started teaching at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). It brings together six men and robot.The robot has a male hands to determine the threshold of pain. The first part of the study is to give definition to the robot as a man suffers pain.

In the second phase of the robot are taught to terminate if they have the pain threshold. In other words, if the robot does man hurt, it stops automatically.

Experiment based on the idea that humanity in the face of robots. Scientists are trying to make this collision was not too strong. Researchers are taking the first steps for optimal speed and acceleration of robots, as well as define a set of tools that robots can use so as not to cause harm to humans.

Simply put, Slovenian scientists are trying to make sure that when the robot hits human consequences would be catastrophic.During the experiment the robot holds a blunt and round for kle?ne, in others a bit more acute. As mentioned above, the robot has the pilot's hands.Then the latter shall communicate their feelings, and adjustments in the robot.

Ultimately, it is expected that the study will serve as a basis for creating robots that their actions will not be able to physically harm humans.This is only the physical action of any impact on the artificial intelligence that can make its own decisions, speech.

Graphing calculator with color screen from Casio

Recently the company Casio presented the public with new Prizm graphing calculator. The novelty is the response to the release of TI-Nspire calculator from Texas Instruments equipped with touchpad.In turn, the Japanese manufacturer decided to surprise customers innovation in a somewhat different nature, namely color screen.

Of course, 3.7-inch display with a resolution 384 x 216 – it's not too impressive, especially when compared to what we can see in any weather and a Smartphone, but on the other hand, this should be sufficient to render equations and comments, at least so say the creators of Prizm.

As for other features, it includes the ability to connect to the computer via USB, 16 MB Flash memory and battery compartment guarantee up to 140 hours. It is expected that the novelty will be available in January 2011.The cost of a new calculator will amount to $ 129.99 cents

Biometric key for car

Biometric Vehicle StarterUsually the cars employee turn-key or by clicking on the special button, but for those who want to keep up with modern technology, it turns out there is another option.

Biometrics Biometric system will launch Vehicle Starter motor car easy touch finger small scanner that checks that the fingerprint embedded in his memory.By the way, the system lets you store multiple prints, so car running Biometric Vehicle starter, you will be able to use without any problems, such as a family or friends.

After fingerprint identification system checks for additional parameters: pulse, blood pressure, body temperature and figure subcutaneous capillaries, which provides additional protection against some methods for traversing the biometric sensor.

You can order the Biometric Vehicle Starter Web shop Sky Mall costs 700 dollars in United States.

Japanese into mass production in 2013 ReRAM

The Japanese company sharp and Elpida Memory announced the joint development of next-generation memory chips.Technology ReRAM (resistive random access memory), in their view, would replace THE NAND already in 2013.

What should attract new users? First of all, the possibility of recording data speeds in 10 000 times (it's not a typo) than NAND.For illustration purposes, this means your movie in HD for a few seconds. Plus a substantial energy saving in standby mode (consumption is reduced to near zero).

Japanese press also announced that the two companies plan to join other players in the market.Mass production of chips for new technologies to power is planned for 2013 Elpida.