Electronic measuring spoon – exactly what a pharmacy

Sunday, October 17, 2010

If you love and know how to Cook, you know that one of the most common units of measure in the kitchen are the notions of "tea" and "tablespoon".Of course, everything can be a little more precisely, for example, if you make ordinary measuring spoon in electronic gadget.

Novelty referred to today, will help you to accurately measure the weight and volume of ingredients in both metric and English system. This has two interchangeable nozzles devays with corresponding tea and spoon. Built-in scales devices support portions to 10 ounces (283.49 grams) or defining aggregate weight up to 105 ounces (2.98 kilograms).Novelty is suitable for measurement of weight and volume of oils, spices, tea, flour, baking powder, yeast, medications and other liquid, semi-liquid and loose materials. To read the information in a liquid crystal display devajse.

Size electronic measuring spoons 24.13 x 2.54 x 5.08 centimetres and the energy necessary for its operation, comes with two AAA batteries.Novelty can be purchased now for 34 dollar.

Cellular signal amplifier for Wilson SignalBoost MobilePro

Wilson SignalBoost Mobile ProIf you live or work in places of uncertain reception network, help would come with such a device as Wilson SignalBoost MobilePro, which would be able to improve the signal almost doubled.

The kit includes: MobilePro Wilson SignalBoost amplifier unit with built-in antenna, remote antenna connected by a coaxial cable, universal adapter for connecting external antennas and 12-volt car adapter.

The amplifier can be powered from the USB port of PC or network, automobile cigarette lighter power supply. Devays with no installation required and increases both incoming and outgoing signal.

If the quality of communication plays an important role for you, you will have to pay for it 295 USD United States.

Notebook MSI CR420 can broadcast content on AN HDTV

No, this isn't a joke.Thanks to new technologies Wireless Display presented by Intel and was also known as WiDi, this 14-inch laptop really can broadcast online HDTV content.

??????? MSI CR420 ????? ????????????? ??????? ?? HDTV

Is recognized by our standards already this one feature is great. In fact, if you think about new offers all what earlier would Intel Core i3/i5/i7, the adapter connected to the TV and the HDMI cable.

Other Spotlight features include keyboard modern style as well as THE LED-display, the 14-inch 16: 9. Primary packaging device is based on the Core i5 processor that supports up to 4 GB of DDR3 RAM. In addition, it is known that new laptop has HDMI and VGA module WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, a pair of USB ports, eSATA/USB port.

However, this is not all.Lucky winner will also receive MSI CR420 webcam 1.3 MP, Bluetooth and hard disk 250 GB with modest needs. In turn, for an additional cost and offers suggestions for 320 500 GB.?estiâ?ee?n ion-lithium battery certainly inspires confidence; those who felt that it might not be enough, probably, will support new five energy-saving modes.

Unfortunately, MSI "forget" to mention that when the new notebook will be available.However, most likely, this information will appear on the website very soon.

«Gubast» phone Grimacing Mouth Phone

Grimacing Mouth PhoneGadget Grimacing Mouth can't be called technological novelty Phone because he is the customary functionally landline phone, but its design should please the lovers of seemingly unusual things fans style pop art and necessarily will attract the attention of fans of creativity the famous Rolling Stones.

Phone Grimacing Mouth Phone is a copy of the famous band Mika D?agerra logo and an open mouth with vysunut language, in the form of language is the tube.

Dimensions of this phone are 170h130h100 mm, weighs 400 grams, and you can order it online, Gadget4all costs 22 American dollar.



With projector KLEXL children can draw on the wall and not to be punished

Very often when small children fall into the hands of the pencils or markers, they are guided by inspiration can draw anything anywhere.The imagination of the child goes far beyond notebooks or album that adds a headache.

This problem will solve projector KLEXL which will give children the opportunity to paint without restriction and parents don't have to waste time on cleaning. KLEXL run as an interactive painting machine.The projector is equipped with lens with autofocus, which shows the image on the wall. It is at the end of handles available.

Movement of LEDs is monitored infrared cameras located on the base installation. On the basis of a circle, with which you can change the color. All you need to do is touch the colour tip pens, brushes, like that in makaût palette.

And everything would be great if more than one "but".KLEXL is just a concept, the prospects of implementing "which remain unclear. However, there is every reason to hope that the idea will be implemented.To begin with, at least in portable form.The development in this direction.

USB 3.0 SSD from Iomega-high performance at a high price

Iomega Corporation has released a new series of portable solid-state drives, Iomega External SSD Flash Drive that supports USB data transmission standard.Introduce the promise to please customers high performance, enhanced chassis.

On the other hand, the cost of the new SSD is unlikely anyone will: a version with a storage capacity of 64 GB will have to pay $ 229 and models with capacity of 128 and 256 GB will cost consumers $ 749 at 399, respectively.

Of course, this is significantly more expensive than regular external hard drive, but you shouldn't forget that regular external hard drive will likely not survive a fall from a height.In addition, Iomega claims that the performance of its solid-state novelties double the figures hard drive with 7200 RPM revolutions per minute and USB 3.0.

Possible, potential buyers are interested in the fact that the drives will go on sale with pre-installed software, including applications such as:

• v. Clone (creates an up-to-date copy of the production environment),
• Roxio Retrospect Express (provides flexible backup to protect your most important files and system full),
• Business (solutions for online data backup)
• QuikProtect (own ON Iomega to automatically copy files between client computers and devices).

In addition, External SSD Flash Drive USB 3.0 's will receive a 12-month subscription to the services of Trend Micro.Whether this is sufficient to justify the high cost of new drives?To verify this will appear in November – it was then that the new products will be on sale.