Transparent cellphone iida X-Ray

Monday, October 18, 2010

Japanese firm iida provided mobile phone-camp x-ray.Its main feature is to design: phone is made of transparent material, so that you can see the "inside".

According to the manufacturer, leaf design served as a basis, which was formed under the laws of nature. And x-ray demonstrates genuine, natural state of the mobile phone.

The phone is equipped with an external LED-display size 7 x 102 points designed for X-Ray. It shows time, incoming mail, as well as the name of the caller. Inside the phone – your primary display, which performs several functions.

Phone in red, black and blue colors.Size: 49 x 110 x 15.7 mm and weighs 123 grams. Battery life is enough to 210 minutes or 270 hours of standby time.Mobile phone is equipped with 8-megapixel camera with video recording capability.

The date of marketing and price phone iida X-Ray has not yet been reported.

New Pleo RB ready to conquer the hearts

Dinozavrik Pleo, which impressed the hearts of people around the world (escaped this fate and us Pleo was top 10 gadgets of 2008), soon will please fans of the emergence of a new generation of intelligent toys or robotic pets, looking at how to approach to the definition.New version of Pleo RB (Reborn) was presented at an exhibition in Hong Kong, and head of Derek Dotson (Derek Dotson) gave extensive interviews community amateurs Pleo.

Many Improvements and additions: dinozavrik got more powerful battery which will last two hours of continuous play, advanced sensors, the ability to recognize the voice of the master and follow his commands, learn new tricks, recognize objects (RFID), and even a "personality", which is still on conveyor lines.

If all of the improvements are more or less clear in themselves, the "personality" is clarified.The tendency to remain in a certain mood dinozavrika. For example, it could more actively enjoy or be prone to musings.Thus, each will receive a special Pleo, and even if two pets bring up exactly the same way, they will vary.

Sales in-between, and even official site dinozavrika until there is no mention of models RB. Derek Dotson speculated that "very few" new models will be produced and sold this month, but nothing more specific yet.

However, one user fan Forum "Bob the Pleo" under argues marcimarc444 anyone that he was able to acquire a Pleo RB directly during the exhibition in Hong Kong for about $ 500.Two clips from "newborn" dinosaur Pleo RB look on.