Friday, October 22, 2010

Recently, the company Xtreme Mac completed two new dock for smarfony and player from Apple. Submitted by the manufacturer of products called Luna SST and 3 in Microdock 1. Models are positioned as alarm clocks with dock for devices.

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Sony Walkman cassette players ceases production

Another era behind.After more than 30 years after the first cassette player, Walkman, Sony announced that its production is stopped, and in the Japanese market in official sales will no longer be necessary.

The first cluster Sony Walkman TPS-L 2 was released in Japan on 1 July 1979. Over time, the players have been improved and amended.Since there are 400 million sold players more than half are cluster model. Latest shipment was delivered in April of this year, and now someone has bought the last Cassette Walkman.

On the other hand, the fact that Japan had ceased to produce and distribute a cassette player Walkman does not mean that you cannot buy at all.China continues to operate licensed production and markets for Chinese manufacturers in Asia and the Middle East.

Sony continues the production of other models Walkman: CD and MD-version will be the same as before.In April 2010 Sony ceased to produce floppy disks.

OTECH F1 – phone supporting four SIM card

  Phones with two connectors for the SIM card is not so rare these days, but what would you say about a device that supports four SIM card? Probably, many would agree that it is Robin.However, the developers of the company is certainly not OTECH think, because the manufacturer has recently been submitted cellphone F1, which is support for four SIM card.

According to OTECH, all SIM cards in F1 can remain active. Unfortunately, the rest of the specifications are encouraged by the much smaller.In particular, among the technologies of mobile communication, compatible with novelty, refers only to GPRS. On the other hand, a little skra?ivaet situation camera 12 1 MP.

New phone also has a 2.4-inch touchscreen, built-in TV tuner (PAL/NTSC/SECAM) as well as FM radio and Bluetooth.The design of new products, it's hard not to notice some similarities with a BlackBerry. Information about when the new phone will be available, so far has been reported.As silent and on their estimated cost.

Full-color slideshow creator from Barnes & Noble for next week?

Next week the company Barnes & Noble promised to share with the world some significant news. This Event should take place on 26 October in New York, but now there is the most likely version possible ad company. Although 100% confidence in the truth of the rumored, everything points to the presentation of a new generation of Nook.The new product will have a color display and called the Nook Color.

The first comer became domain registration. But if this is the only domain that may not necessarily be associated with the product, the second news came from CNET editor David Kènroâ (David Canroy), asserting that information comes from the source already has proved that it is trustworthy.

So, according to the rumors we expect hybrid free readers with plan?etnik called Nook Color. Running novelty with 7-inch screen would be running Android and its cost will be $ 249.Of course, hardly filling device with such prices would be able to compete with a Tablet PC, but that doesn't make the gadget more attractive.

There is a significant probability that a colored screen Nook Color is created Mirasol technology, but rumors claim that preference will touch THE LCD screen.On the other hand, nobody bothers use and proven design with two screens, one based Mirasol and LCD.

The sale of novelty will most likely early 2011.However, all this so far only rumours and certainly we know only 26 October.Follow the news.