Playground equipment in the style of Starcraft 2 by Razer

Monday, October 25, 2010

«Starcraft fans probably appreciate Knights news release new gaming equipment from Razer made in Starcraft 2.The new set of peripherals, Razer, mice, keyboards and headsets.

Razer Spectre is a lightweight five-button model equipped with an optical sensor Razer Precision 3 g with a resolution of 600 dpi resolution and polling frequency with an impressive 1000 Hz (technology Ultrapolling) with a response time of 1ms.

Novelty also boasts a new display backlight indicator of APM systems (Actions-Per-Minute) that reacts to the player by changing colour LEDs. For optimal control of gameplay that strength pushing buttons and balance of speed can be adjusted.Cost, Spectre in Europe at 80 euros.

Keyboard, Razer Marauder will also display backlight indicator APM system.THE price will be 120 euros.

Like the previous device, new Razer gaming headset will be equipped with Banshee, APM, reacting to the gamer.In addition, new offers a high degree of sound insulation, maximum comfort, as well as the ability to customize the equalizer, key and the volume according to individual preferences.The cost of a new headphones with a microphone will be 120 euros.

Android Tablet for $ 99

Maylong M-150Tablet PC-based OPERATING SYSTEM Android is not only the lazy launches today, with the producer, as the NetBook, almost all of them have identical characteristics, so interest are usually either a strong model, or just really inexpensive, such as Maylong M-150, which can be purchased for just $ 99.

This plan?etnik running operating system Android version 6, use processor ARM9 (VM8505 +) and 256 MB of RAM DDR, Additionally there are wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, built-in speakers and a slot for SD memory cards.

Resistive touchscreen Gadget equipment display 7 inches, resolution of 800h480 pixels.The device Weighs 340 grams and order it here you on the price at $ 99 United States.

3D glasses for people with sight problems

Fashion for 3D video is clearly not going to take place, but there are modern technologies and certain disadvantages.And if you are not all right eye, and you have tried to watch the new film in 3D, you surely know.

It seems that soon all those who, for whatever reason, wears glasses, will be able to enjoy 3D effects without the inconvenience of 3D glasses dress over ordinary. Samsung has announced an initiative to create a 3D-glasses with the possibility of adjusting the view.

Prescription glasses are Manufactured within a week.The first novelty will be able to try out the Koreans, but we can hope that soon the in-between and in other countries.