Notion Ink Tablet – Adam with 15 hours of battery life

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Releases a new Notion Tablet pen Ink Adam ever closer, and with it gradually clarifies some of the features of the device. Learned that his battery lasts 15 hours of continuous work, that is, in theory, can survive even more. And this cannot but impress.Especially considering that with more powerful battery, the device can easily develop 20 hours.

But these numbers correspond to the model for $ 498;cheaper 399-dollar model LCD is unlikely to exhibit similar indicators. By the way, both models are equipped with Wi-Fi modules and 3 g, as well as speakers.

Using the USB ports of the Tablet, you can view video category 1080p directly from USB drive without first copying the memory device. Using the same port you can connect the keyboard to the novelty and other peripherals.Well, that Notion Ink Tablet – surprisingly stylish Adam tablet, you can not talk.

Nook Color – hybrid planšetnika and free readers

The company introduced the world & Barnes Noble Nook Color – hybrid plan?etnika and free readers, which should take the baton from less successful free readers Nook at almost 20% of the market ?italok.As it turned out, the anonymous source, information on spoke about his new game last week, was right.

Slideshow Creator Nook Color is equipped with 7-inch touchscreen LCD display with a resolution of 1024h600 and 16 million colors. To minimize glare on the screen, complete as soon as a special film to the screen.The new network connects via Wi-Fi 802 .11b/g/n (3 g not yet, but it would be logical to expect to enable this feature in future versions), and store data on an 8 GB internal memory. If this is not enough – you can always use the microSD card slot for which is also available.

Shell thickness Color just Nook 1.2 centimeters and weights – 442 g.Battery with the Wi-Fi – only 8 hours.

Works is running specially designed interface based on the OPERATING SYSTEM Android, and Barnes and Noble promise soon launch for developers called Nook Developer. "Out of the box" Nook Color will support integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Price hybrid plan?etnika and free readers will be $ 249, and already opened predzakaz official site.Delivery of ordered gadgets will begin November 19.

Western Digital New Media Center with terabytes of memory

Western Digital has released a new multifunctional WD TV Live media Hub with a storage capacity of 1 terabyte.The device has a number of features, including support services, Netflix, Blockbuster on Demand, Pandora and YouTube.

Naturally, the TV hub can be used as a video player.In the list of supported file formats include MPEG4, Xvid, MKV, h.264, and MOV. Connect to the Internet through a network card, and if you want you can additionally order adapter for Wi-Fi.

Other devices are connected to two port mediacentru USB2.0 and HDMI port.TV hub supports DLNA and UPnP technology, which allows you to fill it with information from computers running Windows and Macs, and Smartphones.

It goes without saying that using WD TV Live Hub you can view pictures of various formats and listen to audio files.You can buy a device to official site Western Digital for $ 200.

Paper PATCH wristwatches

The Geneva company Altanus known as manufacturer of high quality and expensive watches in gold and steel recently approached several non-standard material – the new PATCH made of paper.

According to the creators, the PATCH is an environmentally friendly clock, which became a source of inspiration for the Carnival in Viareggio with its platform and masks from papier-mâché. In order to achieve maximum safety for the environment, Altanus decided to use biodegradable paper to create the outer shell.

Actually, the fact that a new products made of paper, does not mean that it is a one-time or insufficiently reliable products.Watches have hypoallergenic flooring and even can boast some degree of resistance to water, as well as superficial damage.

New weigh 11 grams and have led display – of course, this development is far more interesting to see the electronic paper, but obviously it's much added value to PATCH.A word about price: paper clocks promise to get customers in 24 euros.

The smallest FullHD LCD

The company introduced its latest development of Ortus – the world's smallest display with FullHD resolution 1920h1080 pixel diagonal novelties – 4.8, dot density on the screen is 458 pixels per inch.

????? ????????? FullHD-???????

Ortus promises that the new high resolution displays can display 6.8 million colours, a viewing angle of 160 degrees will be.

For comparison: the display of the Retina used in iPhone 4 has diagonal 3.5 and permits 960h640 pixels, i.e. the density, total 326 pixels per inch.

The manufacturer expects high definition mini displays will be widely used in security system.