Kisai Wasted – psychedelic novelty from Tokyoflash

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Of course, Tokyoflash Watches are in principle not be normal, but it seems this new promises to set new standard creative Japanese watchmakers.From other products of this manufacturer, wristwatches outstanding Kisai Wasted distinguishes psychedelic design which is achieved by dial, strewn with LEDs.

As is the case with Tokyoflash Kisai, glance at the Wasted will likely prove to be insufficient to understand that hour.However, again, as is the case with Tokyoflash, novelty is the statement to the hack code. In General, everything is quite simple: on the circumference there are watches a bit closer to the Center – five-minute segments, and even closer to minutes.

In order to conserve energy the novelty does not display time constant: to activate the display, press the button. In addition, the clock may work in animation mode, which activate the display every 15 minutes.

Housing made of plastic Kisai Wasted and can be either black or white. The strap, it is plastic and its length can be adjusted between 10 and 20 centimeters.Charge the novelty is one of two ways: traditionally, by replacement of the battery, or attaching it to a computer using a USB cable.The cost of this innovative clock would be approximately 85 dollars.

Blu-Ray Developers receive Emmy

New year and CES 2011 seem more distant, but at least one event at a forthcoming exhibition already know for sure – Panasonic Corporation, Royal Philips Electronics, Sony Corporation and TDK Corporation receives Emmy Award for his contribution to the development of optical systems using a blue laser.

Simply put, the 62nd annual Emmy award winning company for Blu-ray and relevant contribution to the dissemination of multimedia. The ceremony is scheduled for January 6 in Las Vegas, where there will be a regular exhibition CES.

Blu-ray technology development began in the late 1990s in Sony and create Blu-ray disc was completed in 2006. Since 1400 million have been sold already recorded discs and 188 million recordable/rewriteable discs.This could include more than 50 million players and recorders Blu-ray, 41 million consoles PlayStation 3, and more than 25 million device read/write Blu-ray for the PC.

The thinnest external hard drive g-Drive Slim

G-Drive Slim Known Hitachi has release a new product from the category of "best".This time, the manufacturer introduced hard drive g-Drive Slim, which proudly called the world's thinnest external hard drive.

Internal thinnest (only 9.9 mm) shells hidden Travelstar hard drive 320 GB Z5K320 and weight G-Drive Slim is only 140 grams.

The new drive is designed specifically for use with Apple's Macbook Air laptop, its solid aluminium casing protects the hard drive with shock and fall, and also acts as a passive radiator, transferring heat occurs when the disk.

Novelty uses USB 2.0 and will soon be available for sale at a price of around $ 100 United States.