Charger Icon is branded iPhone

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Over the years, dozens if not hundreds of different Chargers designed to bright green meter on the screen of the iPhone for as long as possible was still bright green. Obviously, the developers of today's news saw all this kind of symbolism, because design is meant to simulate the device icon indicator charge iPhone.Ikonizm to convey product display and its title is "Icon".

In essence, the novelty is a common external battery for devices from Apple. Device adds its own energy resource from a computer using the cable mini USB and promises to provide additional 3 hour talk for the iPhone 3 g/3GS or iPhone 4.

Of course, the novelty does not claim to be the most compact battery, because the extensions for its dimensions are 7.5 4.6 1.6 centimetres. On the other hand, it certainly can be assigned to the most original and elegant battery chargers.Moreover, despite its impressive dimensions, the Icon is not too much – just 43 g.

"Iconic" charging is suitable not only for the iPhone and iPod.Novelty can be purchased at IPEVO for 54 dollars.

Aliph Jawbone Jambox – debut in portable speakers

When it comes to Bluetooth headsets, Aliph Jawbone products company takes one of the top positions in the list of leaders.Of course, at a cost of between 70 and 100 dollars these devices cannot be called cheap, but quality justifies the price tag.

However, today we will talk not about headsets, and that after four years of developing this class devices, Aliph has moved to a new type of product, namely, to external Bluetooth speakers. The recent debut of companies in this sector was renamed Jawbone Jambox.

When 15.24 x 5.7 x 4 cm and weight about 340 grams novelty can boast a surprisingly long time without having to "topping-up" battery-from 8 to 12 hours.When using a wireless connection is not possible, Jambox 3.5-mm audio connector.The novelty has a subwoofer, and a built-in microphone, the last component allows it to function as a speakerphone. To prevent dust, moisture and other unwanted things, speakers will be equipped with rubber plugs for connectors.

As was the case with the series of Jawbone icon devices can improve Jambox with Aliph MyTALK platform to support a new Bluetooth standard.

Novelty will cost consumers $ 200, which is significantly more expensive than most analogues.Those who are not afraid of such a high price to choose among several options, including blue, red and black.Pre-order the Jawbone Jambox available now.In turn, the real date columns on sale – 16 November.

Scientists are developing batteries size less salt crystal

Researchers at the University of California began work on the project, whose goal is to create a lithium-ion batteries are not larger than turn into salt.

Batteries are designed for microscopic size.According to researchers, whose work is in the early stages, but they are full of optimism. I think there is every reason to share the optimism of the American scientists: the project is funded by the Defense Advanced research projects Agency (DARPA).

The batteries that we use today is that lithium ions move back and forth from the negatively charged to positively charged electrode. The battery is being developed at UCLA, electrolyte will charge move between electrodes.This will significantly reduce the size of the battery.

Electrolyte goes hand in hand with the creation and development of electrodes.When the electrolyte and electrodes are ready, they will gather in battery and begin testing.

Bionic a wrench – universal wrench

Gadget, which will be discussed, but rather can be attributed to the tools, but it is no less interesting.If you find it hard to determine, whether the key is a 10 or 12, or just don't want to keep a dozen key, which you can replace the entire three convenient tools, original wrench Bionic a wrench – what you need.

As shown in the illustration to the text, a wrench is a hybrid Bionic wrench and needle-nose pliers, and s?imanii handgrip captures six flat sides nuts. This not only allows you to use one tool for nuts in different sizes, but also greatly facilitates the work.

Bionic a wrench is sold in three versions – 6.8 and 10 inches, each of which covers a range of sizes.These 6-inch Variant can be used as a key for 7-14 mm, 8-inch covers size 11-20 mm and 10-inch can function as key on 19-30 millimeters.

Key Cost will be $ 24.95, $ 28.95 or $ 32.95, depending on the size of the tool.More details can be found on product page and order them here possible.

Best gadgets October 2010

That's one more month behind, and we enter the final straight of 2010. Sales and holiday season starts, and manufacturers to the promises made this year. Google plans to launch Chrome OS, Microsoft has already released the long-awaited operating system Windows Phone 7 and HP are not cheated expectations and directed second version WebOS.Each system includes updated range of gadgets that combined with the festive season gives another boom novelties with attractive prices and conditions of purchase.

But back to gadgets, released in October. Choice of five new products from the entire released last month, was not as simple as the quiet summer months, but as a result, we have chosen the 5 best gadget of the month version onegadget.Especially difficult to leave out the new version dinozavrika Pleo, but it's still not got in our top 5.And here is to choose the best gadget of the month from five to be best for you.

Mirror Cybertecture

Mirror with display size is 80h50h5 centimeters and boasts a built-in speakers (10 Watt), Wi-Fi and conformity with waterproof IP41.Works all operating system Android, but the companies stated that they had used a custom build of THE OS. In any case you will have access to over email, calendar, weather information, and a variety of applications. Full article ...

Graphing calculator from Casio

The novelty is the response to the release of TI-Nspire calculator from Texas Instruments equipped with touchpad. In turn, the Japanese manufacturer decided to surprise customers innovation in a somewhat different nature, namely color screen. Full article ...

Adam Plan?etnik Notion Ink

Release new plan?etnika Notion Ink Adam Tablet ever closer, and with it gradually clarifies some of the features of the device.Learned that his battery lasts 15 hours of continuous work, that is, in theory, can survive even more. And this cannot but impress.Especially considering that with more powerful battery, the device can easily develop 20 hours. Full article ...

Nook Color

The company introduced the world & Barnes Noble Nook Color – hybrid plan?etnika and free readers, which should take the baton from less successful free readers Nook at almost 20% of the market ?italok.Full article ...

3D mouse Axsotic

To connect to a system running Windows and Macintosh computers do not need a separate driver, and for specialized applications will require plug-ins that you can download from official site or create your own using the SDK.

Solar-powered Wireless keyboard from Logitech

Very bad, I would even say annoying feature of the wireless keyboard is the fact that the battery can sit down at a time when you do a knock on keys, trying not to lose the inspiration and not to stray thoughts.

Muse – piece naughty and, as a rule, by the time the battery problem solved, it manages to completely disappear. However, not all so sad, because the next novelty from Logitech promises to put an end to the suffering of amateur wireless keyboard.

From unique new keyboard K750 distinguishes two solar panels. According to the manufacturer, to replenish energy K750 can serve not only the Sun, but also the artificial light sources, such as table lamps.If you have the habit of cleaning the keyboard when it disappears need worry about health news will still not have: according to Logitech, K750 will work even after three months spent in pitch darkness.

In addition to the unusual energy solutions in nowinka attracts attention and design. Thanks to the brand keys Incurve print using K750 will be much more convenient, because their shape facilitates intuitive from falling on the desired characters.

In order to enjoy the novelty was even easier, Logitech has developed an application that tracks the performance of solar cells and help you optimally position the keyboard toward the light source.In addition, the application will notify the user about the low level of charge. By the way, to perform the same functions in the K750 and led indicator.Applications will be available from November 15.

The keyboard, then buy it will be soon.Cost of approximately $ 80 novelties.

Quiet desktop Habey WIT-1800

Habey-WIT-1800For those who like to work in complete silence, and the preferred and save space, the company releases a new compact Habey embedded PC Habey WIT-1800 which is absolute silence with no fans inside the chassis.

The device is based on Intel Atom N450 processor or dual D410, has 4 slot mini-PCIe for connecting disk drives and other devices, and an interesting feature of this machine is a dual SIM card 3 g support, which usually tend to mobile computers.

Habey WIT-1800 can be running Windows and the Windows Embedded and Linux.At this time, cost and timing of its sales are not reported.

Flexible led lamp Flexit

FlexitFor those who often have to work hard in low light, invaluable assistance can provide flexible led lamp Flexit.

This useful, you can easily install devays with any desired place using convenient magnetic fastening, thin and flexible body is achieved the desired level of illumination precisely where it is required.

Light source lamp Flexit are bright LEDs and 16 when it is used, you can choose from three levels of illumination (high, medium, or low).The device is powered by three AA batteries.

Flexit will benefit many people, from programmers to mechanics and tourists.Price of the device is approximately 30 United States dollars, and purchase it here possible.