Led device for pain

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LED Pain RelieverIf doing work or sports, you often have to deal with such injuries, bruises, sprains muscle and so on, instead of constantly buy pharmacy Fastum gel "," you can purchase such a device once as LED Pain Reliever.

This devays with developed for NASA astronauts to treatment, 60 LEDs that produce infrared radiation, which stimulates blood circulation, reduces swelling in the joints and relaxes muscle compression. Infrared radiation is deeply penetrates the body tissues, ensuring safe disposal of muscular pains.

LED Pain Reliever is easy to use – it should be kept at a distance of about 60 mm from sick.For the power adapter. The device has a size of 2 cm and weighs 19h7h3 around 140 grams.

Pain Reliever you can order the LED in the e-store Hammacher Schlemmer costs 160 USD United States.

Full-color slideshow creator with screen from E Ink will be released in early 2011

It seems that the first full-color slideshow creator with a screen-based electronic paper is not one of the biggest brands on the market, and the Chinese company Hanvon.According to column in the New York Times, new slideshow creator will be presented at the FPD International 2010 exhibition in Tokyo.

Interestingly, the screens will produce ?italky Hanvon E Ink, promised earlier emergence of colorful versions of their products by the end of 2010. In addition, it is known that the screen free readers will 9.68, gadgets will natively support Wi-Fi and 3 g and the price will be approximately $ 440 novelties.

Screen-based electronic paper will work on a single charge gadget as black and white versions, but color screen does not mean improvement in the speed of page refreshes.Video and comfortable surfing network will still be a problem, but here's a color version of the illustrations in magazines and books are clearly more pleasant looking than black and white.

Sell color free readers should appear before March 2011, and therefore it is likely that we will see new product at CES 2011.Follow the news.

Two-screen Tablet Mintpass under Android and Windows 7

Despite the fact that 7-inch Android tablet, Mintpass mentioned another company in 2009 and came into existence, it seems to already be successor. According to CNET Asia, the Korean company is working on a Tablet PC with two screens – actually, novelty will be executed in the same form factor as the famous Toshiba libretto is W100. However, it's one important difference is the ability to boot into Windows 7 and Android.The new Tablet slated for the first half of 2011.

As in the libretto is W100, Mintpass screens can function as independently or in tandem. Each display is touch-sensitive;In addition, each might display a keyboard. Users also have the possibility to open Mintpass different applications on different screens or stretch them on both displays.

Mintpass Representatives claim that the novelty will apply its own system of touch-sensitive controls, known as "space Touch". In addition, the new Tablet is supposedly going to apply for certification of the Android Market.So far not yet clear how the processor will be the novelty of the year, but there is a version that will be two: ARM for Android and x 86 for Windows 7.

iPhone Omnio WOWKeys – keyboard for iPhone

iPhone Omnio WOWKeys If you are reading our blog, you already probably know about the gadget, like the Asus Eee Keyboard PC, a full-fledged computer with a small display, hidden in plain sight with the keyboard.

Something similar design offers us its keyboard company Omnio-WOWKeys Eee Keyboard PC superficially resembles that used the iPhone screen.This allows not only to recharge WOWKey phone and sync it with your computer, but use multi-sensory features of the iPhone to control your computer.For example, the phone can serve as a numeric keypad, or for access to frequently used functions.

WOWKey offers 15 additional functions that provide sharing of iPhone and PC, in addition, application developers will be able to offer additional features.

Cost keyboard WOWKey in Korea is approximately 105 dollars, and that's when we will see in our stores, it is still unknown.

Omnio WOWKeys2

Omnio WOWKeys3

Omnio WOWKeys4