Clock with E-ink display Phosphor show world clock

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

E-ink Technology is becoming more and more popular. Except, of course, ?italok, screens based on e-paper watch manufacturers are increasingly used, as we have already written several times.New clock that displays provide the firm Phosphor.

Hours, World Time versions of E Ink Watch obviously can show all time zones.There are five different options for display, which can set owner. The background color to black or white, and therefore exhibit opposite colors.

Screen clock folded for comfort, taking the form of a wrist.The clock is 9.3 millimetres Thick.Also available in three versions of polyurethane strap: black and white or colour. In addition, you can purchase a watch with stainless steel bracelet.

Order watches World Time versions of E Ink, you can here Watch and their price is 150, 165 and 195 dollars depending on the material strap or bracelet.

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Samsung introduced a new Super AMOLED screen

And another in this year's promise – Samsung showed at the FPD International's new 7-inch screens with Super AMOLED.But instead of resolving WXVGA 1200h600 novelty works with WSVGA 1024 × 600 resolution.

A screen was the prototype is very similar to Galaxy Tab. Moreover, the screen plan?etnika from Samsung works with a resolution of 1024 × 600, so now began to spread rumors about possible improvements plan?etnika new screen.

The exact date of release of the new screen in the sale or gadgets with the Samsung don't call, but judging from previous promises, expected novelty stands in summer 2011.

If the screen is indeed integrated into the new version of Galaxy Tab, you will receive a brighter screen plan?etnik with saturated colors and a larger working hours on a single battery.And in any case, it won't happen soon, because the selling Tab comes only in Galaxy this month.

Electronic Spy Camera T-shirt or everyday style of James Bond

Even the famous 007 are weekends or holidays, and therefore it is not hard to imagine a situation in which the hero is no spy Tuxedo.However, jackets with multiple pockets and a hidden Office – it's not the only clothes in which to hide spyware installations, and proof of this is our present a novelty.

Probably based design t-shirts for electronic Spy Camera T-shirt was based on the idea that hide things you need most. Such camera hidden surveillance in nowinka is just for a camera in his hand a typical type of secret agent.

Novelty is capable of capturing and storing 150 color photographs with a resolution of 640 x 480. You can also use it to shoot video. To reset the material in any media in the drive is A USB cable.In turn, control over the filming is a small remote control that is easy to burrow into the pockets of trousers.Devays with compatible with any operating systems, including Mac, Linux and Windows. All electronic components Electronic Spy Camera you can take a very T-shirt BTW, if you need to wash t-shirt.

New cost buyers in $ 39 99 cents, but consider that this amount does not include the cost of three AAA batteries needed to operate the camera.

3D now in iPhone

Hasbro My3D Fashionable 3D technology and finally approached to iPhone.Company Hasbro releases new accessory for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch – Hasbro My3D that adds 3D capabilities of this popular player and telephone.

Given that Hasbro has brought together in this endeavour such media giants like Dreamworks, Discovery Network, IMAX and Sony to develop custom applications for MY3D, it looks promising.

It is expected that by Hasbro My3D can watch videos, play specialized 3D games and other 3D capabilities.Hasbro My3D appears on sale in the spring of 2011 at a price of around $ 30, and for each application will also have to pay something.

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Student planšetnik from Kno will sell by the end of the year

Tablet PC for students from Kno that company promised release before the end of 2010, seem to be really will go on sale.Today are prices for the two versions plan?etnika and plans for its dissemination.

The company announced that the sale will be two versions: a version with one plan?etniky screen version with two screens.In both cases, the touch screen 14.1. Gadgets are already widespread in 2011, but at least one device will be on sale until the new year.

Prices for new $ 899 for version with two screens and $ 599 for version with one screen. But if these prices seem high, the company announced that they will pay off for students for three semesters due to significantly lower the cost of electronic versions of textbooks.

Shop eBooks to Kno opens today at predzakaz opens today to 10 campuses (as yet unknown in any educational institutions).The first delivery of the ordered gadgets is planned for the middle-end of December of this year.Details about the new game will soon be available in the official site.