Wireless audiopoduška

Saturday, October 23, 2010

???????????? ????????????We once spoke about audiopodu?ku Sound Asleep Pillow, which can help those who cannot go to sleep, not listening to your music before going to sleep or Audiobook.

And here's the Mp3 and iPod pillow Wireless Sound Pillow is a good development of the idea.Using the FM transmitter, it allows you to wirelessly connect to virtually any audio source and not disturbing others enjoy before bedtime music or your favorite TV programs.

Wireless module is compatible with standard 3.5 mm audio jacks, and its RADIUS is about 10 meters, broadcasted 107.9 MHz.

Size audiopodu?ki is 74h48 cm, are used as power supply 2 batteries type AA.Advance bookings for Wireless Mp3 and iPod Sound a pillow here are priced at £ 25, and the sale of its start on 5 November 2007.