Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 with functions 333 Onboard Acceleration, 3-Way SLI and CrossFireX

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gigabyte Technology Company launched a flagship motherboard GA-X58A-UD7. Designed on the chipset Intel X58 Express, model Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 has the capacity, demand players and computer enthusiasts, including the functions Gigabyte 333 Onboard Acceleration supports USB 3.0, Serial-ATA Revision 3.0 (6 Gbit / s), 3x USB Power Boost and work together multiple graphics adapters in modes NVIDIA 3-Way SLI and ATI CrossFireX and compatibility with the latest high-performance 32-nm processors, Intel.

Gigabyte designed board GA-X58A-UD7 in accordance with the design of Ultra Durable 3 (copper power and ground layers of double thickness, 70 microns). This helps to significantly reduce the operating temperature of critical parts of the board, greater energy efficiency and the stability of the system in the mode of Overclocking. In addition, this model is implemented in hardware and software system Gigabyte Smart 6 - a set of six utilities, providing a simple and effective control of system parameters, including higher performance PCs, accelerating the OS boot, network security management and restoration of the damaged system files with one click.

Fee Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 compatible with the processor family, Intel Core i7 (32-nm process technology, integrated memory controller, processor socket Socket LGA 1366), providing the memory at DDR3-phase mode. All this bodes well for upgrading your PC, allowing you to build the capacity of the computer as the emergence of more sophisticated CPU.

With the established on-board controller NEC uPD720200, in the motherboard Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 supports standard SuperSpeed USB 3.0 (bandwidth of 5 Gbit / s). In terms of data transfer speed USB 3.0 bus is almost 10 times faster than predecessor - USB 2.0, while ensuring backward compatibility with the protocol of USB 2.0. In addition, USB 3.0 bus can simultaneously transmit data in both directions (full duplex mode), as well as connect to the system more energemkie device.

one distinguishing feature board Gigabyte X58A-UD7 - SATA-controller SE9128 company Marvell, ensuring compatibility with high-speed interface SATA 3.0 (peak bandwidth of up to 6 Gb / s), the speed which is twice that at the interface of the previous generation. An additional advantage Controller Marvell SE9128 - an integrated RAID-processor, which allows a hardware level to create RAID-arrays, which are almost not consume CPU resources (in contrast to traditional software RAID-arrays).


Bryan said...

does any one know how this compares to the ASUS P6X58D Premium

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