Supports Xbox Live service for the old games will end on April 15

Monday, February 8, 2010

Microsoft is going to cancel the support of their online service Xbox Live for the old games created for the first version of the game console Xbox. The representative of the Redmond company's Marc Whitten (Marc Whitten) in his blog post said that after April 15 for Xbox Live users of the service will no longer be able to play Titlo created for the original console Xbox, for example, first-person shooter Halo 2.

Thus, Microsoft, apparently, seeks to compel the owners of the first version for Xbox to change it to a more advanced modification of the Xbox 360. This will, in particular, to develop the service itself Xbox Live, saturating it with new opportunities, using the power of the latest gaming console. In addition, Mark Whitten said the ongoing work on a new control system for the Xbox 360 called Project Natal, which should appear by the end of this year. This system will, in particular, to implement in a game console features recognition of gestures and voice commands.