Smart Receiver for Internet radio

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Replacing conventional television has gradually come to digital counterparts, and radio already fairly well can be changed to webcasts and online radio stations.Well, replace the antenna, consoles and radios are small gadgets that performs the same function.

The company reported yesterday "Sagemcom radio" RM50 to listen to Internet radio stations with equal ease, the sooner you listened to a normal radio. However, the gadget supports and FM.

Connected to the network via a secure channel Wi-Fi (WPS), you can control the novelty buttons beneath the LCD screen or remote control. If you, like me, always confusing variety of stations in the network (choose one among the thousands available is not simple), then you can use the "smart" Random ", which automatically creates a channel that corresponds to the genre of those stations that you listen to most often.

Selling novelty should appear in the UK until the end of the month, and its recommended cost will be $ 156.


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