Samsung prepares XDR DRAM memory with a density of 1 Gbit

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Following the Japanese company Elpida, from last spring is releasing XDR DRAM memory with a density of 1 Gbps, the prospects for this type of memory assessed and Samsung. Firm Rambus, is the creator of the standard memory XDR, announced that the South Korean electronics giant in the near future to provide their own XDR DRAM memory chips with a density of 1 Gbit.

Due to its high performance and energy efficiency of new XDR DRAM memory with a density of 1 Gbps can be used in game consoles and high-end computers, as well as in consumer electronics, for example, a Full HD TVs and Blu-ray players.

In addition, the emergence of XDR DRAM market as a serious player, like Samsung, will ensure sufficient supplies of this type of memory. This is particularly important following the collapse earlier this year the company Qimonda, which was the largest producer of memory XDR.