Android Smartphone Motorola BACKFLIP come from AT & T March 7

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Motorola has announced the smartphone BACKFLIP. However, so far only from U.S. operator AT & T. The device will appear in his March 7, as the online store, and in the sales centers in all regions of the United States. Motorola BACKFLIP Cost is $ 99.99 with discounts given when ordering by mail ($ 100 after paying $ 199.99 will be credited to a special card AT & T). Thus, a prerequisite, as is easily guessed, is the conclusion of a two-year maintenance contract with the operator.

Recall a zest smartphone Motorola BACKFLIP is its form factor. This is the flip clamshell, that is, in the opened condition QWERTY-keyboard is not located inside and outside. Apprat running Android operating system interface MOTOBLUR. And among the characteristics of Motorola BACKFLIP - 3,1-inch touchscreen display, 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS-receiver and so on. It is not clear when this model goes on sale in other regions, and without reference to the operator.