Graphics Card Inno3D iChiLL GTX 480 Black Series - Liquid-cooled, for enthusiasts of computer games

Monday, August 16, 2010

Company Inno3D has announced a new graphics card Inno3D GeForce GTX 480 iChiLL Black Series with support for liquid-cooled, designed for true enthusiasts of computer games. Water block "full coverage" effectively cools the GPU, voltage regulators, the chip I / O, memory and other important components of the system. Details on the technical characteristics of the adapter, the company has not yet published, but elaborated on the description of the cooling system.

Cooling System i-ChiLL Black Series operates as follows. The surface of the water block can send a warm flow of water in the block. Water enters the radiator through the channels. In the radiator water transfers heat to the air through the ribs. The thinner edges and more than their surface area, the higher the productivity of the radiator. Chilled water flows through the channels of the radiator and fed back into the water block CPU

Thus, the air flow is also important for the successful cooling system. The more heat is going to water flow from the surrounding elements in the block, the better the cooling system. Special pads to remove the grease with high thermal conductivity used in the field of memory and MOSFET. It also provides a short attachment for 1 / 4 "tubes that are compatible with the configurations of quad SLI.