3 ways to save YouTube videos to MP4 to watch them offline on iPhone

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today we present 3 fast ways to save YouTube videos to MP4 and then be easily viewed offline on your iPhone wherever you are without an Internet connection. These procedures do not require you to install any software for converting video.

First option: Use the online application KeepVid:

  1. enter the url of the video for Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, iFilm and many others in the URL field.
  2. press download
  3. automatically have the option to save the video in MP4 format or flv

The second option is to use the online application kickyoutube in this case is simply the URL of the Youtube video to replace the word youtube and kickyoutube to be routed directly to the site kickyoutube with the ability to save specific video in many formats.

here's a video demonstration.

The third option is to use a bookmarklet by dragging the bar of the browser link as described in:

This fact is sufficient if we show a video on, click on the bookmarklet and it automatically will give us the ability to save the video in MP4 format

Once the files are saved in MP4 on your PC or MAC you must drag the video into your iTunes library and then in the movies dell'iPhone.


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