Windows 7 RC escapes to Microsoft! First impressions of the new operating system

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The waiting media and does not, which was created around the new operating system from Microsoft, is truly amazing! Ben BEYOND all the most optimistic expectations of the house of Redmond: which can not rest satisfied, however, since the phenomenon is certainly one of the consequences alone widespread dissatisfaction that permeates around Windows Vista.

Leaving some of the reasons or not the technical basis of the reasoning above, it is now necessary focus on the facts: each build produced for Windows 7 has been "stolen" and circulated to hundreds of thousands of illegal downloads on torrent circuits. This download though Beta was the first free and legal: it is clearly not enough.

Consistent with this trend, then this is the last Build the long awaited Relase Candidate (RC), remember that to be the only RC that Microsoft "build", ran away with the engineers and circulates freely hours on torrent, is the version 32 bit, is that 64bit. The build is, as expected, the 7100 and for the moment it is only in English. Its official release is expected soon to more than 10 days: on 5 May.

I personally will wait to be able to download legally, a few more days I will not ruin the life course, among other things now I'm trying the last build, 7077 32-bit which is also translated into Italian with special language pack, this build I tion and not feel the pressing need of the RC. Because, although the cables myself pretty good with English, I prefer to test every part of an operating system in Italian, more familiar environment where I am better. (NDU)

Impressions are positive. The system is stable and fast, has a few bugs, nothing major (of course this is normal since the versions of the test!) Scusate the brackets but it seems that what is too often forgotten and is read around the web People who move fierce criticism entirely unjustified. Who wants to try installing an operating system at this stage is to accept the difficulties and problems arising therefrom.

On my computer a machine powerful enough to boot Windows Vista is in 2 '06 "when you load Windows 7 in 56" or so, all other passwords and a lot of programs installed. I'm testing it the highest number of programs. How compatible are we almost there, all my devices were recognized and those not recognized I could easily install the drivers for Windows Vista.

Space on the hard drive is certainly important, in fact just 7 already installed more than 10 GB of memory, I trust that this is not a problem given the current capacity of hard disks. The graphics are functional and very improved, it takes time to become accustomed to the new bar or the main menu, but then it is very easy and intuitive. Sidebar disappears, remain the single Gadgets much lighter and freely positioned on the desktop. The control panel is more crowded and complex but at the same time allows you to achieve the desired functions into fewer sub-levels, a matter of habit.

The other features are many but I intend to write a whole story not just go in the possession of the RC Journal, translated into Italian.