IEEE begins to develop a new cellphone battery standard

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Organization of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) today announced a new standard for rechargeable batteries used in mobile phones. The new standard, reportedly will be based on existing specifications of IEEE Std 1725, approved in 2006, but no longer meet modern requirements.

Indeed, recent models of cell phones can do much of what three years ago could only dream of, for example, record video as 1080p. In addition, the flagship smartphones and communicators are increasingly equipped with processors with 1 GHz, which naturally increases their functionality.

However, there is a downside - the existing batteries can no longer cope with the increased power consumption, forcing the owners of the functional phones every day to recharge them. This prompted IEEE to begin preparations for the development of a new standard for rechargeable batteries, which will probably allow them to work longer. Ad Hoc Working Group under the name Cell Phone Battery Working Group should hold its first meeting on this issue in February. And all of us can only hope that the process of elaboration and adoption of new specifications do not extend over many years.