Nintendo 3DS will use a 3D screen from the company Hitachi

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

According to rumors coming from the game console by Nintendo get 3D screen that will not demand for extra points. Because the company already buys LCD panels manufacturing Hitachi, then it would be reasonable to assume that the volumetric display would be from the same manufacturer, especially because of Hitachi already has in its arsenal a smartphone with a three screen, WOOO, which was introduced last year by the operator KDDI. This phone uses liquid crystal panel with a system of corrective microlenses arranged in a column on the screen. Since the user's eyes looking at the display at different angles, each pixel sees a few good right and left eye, which achieves the effect of parallax.

The disadvantage of such a system is that each eye sees about half of all available pixels, and to obtain a clear image you want to use the LCD panel for high resolution. The company Hitachi has developed a 5-inch screen with 1280 x 768 pixels. For comparison, the current gaming consoles, Nintendo DSi XL have two screens of 4.2 inches. At the same time, we have already reported that 3DS will have a great diagonal and higher resolution, and therefore it may be that 5-inch XVGA screens from Hitachi. It should also be noted that for use in the microlens round to allow for looking at the screen is not only deviates from the optimum angle to the right or left, but up or down.

Currently official information about the type of screen used in the forward-looking console, Nintendo 3DS been reported.